Layla High Mat Lipstick 147

Model: 8010720221472

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Layla High Mat Lipstick 147
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Layla High Mat Lipstick 147
Layla High Mat Lipstick 147

Layla 8010720221472 Lipstick

Mat Lipstick – 147

A new alternative to traditional lipstick. The LAYLA matte lipstick formula is completely revolutionary. LAYLA research laboratories have developed LAYLA MAT LIPSTICK a lipstick that has a quick and opaque effect on the application. More hours of the day passed perfectly in order. The formulation is able to offer on the one hand a truly amazing and impeccable aesthetic effect and on the other hand a special eudermic action. In fact, the presence of a wide range of natural waxes and esters guarantees plasticity and flexibility to the stick and promotes the adherence of lipstick on the lips for a longer lasting hold. Vitamin “E” anti free radicals and lecithin released by porous microspheres ensure an emollient action, effectively protecting the lips from dehydration and skin aging.
While the opaque polymer micro-particles ensure perfect color homogeneity. The skilful dosage of the aforementioned components makes the LAYLA matte lipstick a unique and precious product that envelops the lips with beautiful harmonies.

Brand Layla
Type Lipstick
Shade Number M147