About SolutionBar

Imagine your product at a prime location inside the No.1 Electronics Store of UAE! This space is dedicated to enable customers touch, feel, and experience your innovations taking you a step closer to becoming the next big thing.

The plan

Who is Sharaf DG ?

Why participate ?

Some of the marketing activities carried out for brands

Offline media:

  • In store radio
  • In store digital screens
  • Strip ads in print media
  • Catalogues
  • Strip ads in fliers

Online media:

  • Presence on website
  • Post on social media
  • Strip ads in emails

Receive reports


Getting indepth reports about your product’s performance is one of the greatest feature of Solution Bar. Be informed about the sales, inventory, product demo, customer feedback, sales executive’s feedback etc.

Download sample report

“The daily reports are of great help to our team due to their frequency and depth. We are able to get real-time feedback from visitors of the store on the things they appreciate about our product and the things they would potentially like to see improved.”

– Ayo

“It’s really detailed.”

– Square Off

We like the detailed insights from the daily reports”

– Anyware

“We receive plenty of valuable information from the daily reports. These are truly something that you base decisions on.”

 – Humu