What is the Solution Bar?

The Solution Bar is a space within Sharaf DG that enables you to find innovative products from around the world.
Giving you an environment to touch and feel solutions that can truly benefit you.
Try it to believe it.
At the Solution Bar, we encourage you to sync these products with smartphones and experience them for yourself.
Our team will be happy to demo the products to you while highlighting unique features.
Interact with products they way they are meant to be used in daily life.

How to get the full experience at Solution Bar?

Visit Sharaf DG in Times Square Center, Deira City Center, Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall
View and try products at the Solution Bar
Request for a Demo
Purchase (if interested)
Visit again for new discoveries


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Awards of Products at the Solution Bar

Where is Solution Bar?

Solution Bar is live at Times Square Center, Mall of the Emirates, Deira City Centre and Dubai Mall

Coming soon at Abu Dhabi Mall, Sharjah City Centre and Ibn Battuta Mall.

Reach us on : solutionbar@sharafdg.com