All You Need To Know About SmartWatches

Smartphones – did you ever imagine these one of these extremely useful, powerful and convenient devises ever being created? Yes, the best ‘screen size’ for your smartphone is a topic of never ending debate but really is a matter of personal choice.


These beautiful devices can be used for calls and texts, no doubt. However, more than that smartphones have now successfully replaced computers, televisions, cameras, watches, alarms, scales, compasses, calculators, calendars, floppies, CDs, MP3 and almost everything else you can imagine. With Siri, Cortana and Google voice you may even be able to move on in life without a friend!


And just when you thought that this was the biggest leap researchers and innovators could take, they threw another ace rolled up their sleeve – ‘Smartwatches’. No we are not talking about the infamous calculator watch which has been lurking around since 1970s. Make no mistake, Smartwatches may look like normal watches but can do almost everything your smartphone can, yes, even calling. However, smartwatches are currently being developed keeping the aspect of human fitness in mind.

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Apple, Microsoft, Google, Pebble, LG, Sony, Alcatel – there are many players in the smartwatch market. Before you make up your mind to buy one, there are few things that you should keep in mind.

  • Your phone’s OS: You need to check if the smartwatch you like, is compatible with your phone. Though mostly these devices are compatible with iOS and Android run smartphones, some support only either of these operating systems.
  • Battery Life: Be very careful when you look at this aspect of your smartwatch. Each brand offers a different battery life that can range from a few hours to almost a week – if not more.
  • Display Type: If you are a person who dislikes certain types of displays then be careful while buying your smartwatch. The various types of display currently available are E-paper, OLED, P-OLED, Backlit, LCD and Transflective
  • Fitness Features: These will depend upon the sensors your watch is equipped with – accelerometer, Heart Rate Monitor, GPS etc. Again, a watch that you choose to buy may or may not contain all these sensors, so be wise.
  • Processor: The smartwatch market surely knows how to spoil customers for choices. Depending upon the hardware you buy, a plethora of processor options are available – OMAP 3, S1, M3 CPU, Snapdragon 400, STM429 and ARM A7
  • Price: A decent smartwatch can cost you anywhere between $149.00 – $699.00 What? You didn’t think it would come cheap, did you?


You are now ready to start your smartwatch-purchase journey. Choose wisely. For those who are yet not convinced and are looking for something more luxurious and powerful, we have news that will make you jump with joy. Imagine a Swiss watch making giant partnering with a Silicon valley giant and another giant who is in its own league, and then imagine their devil lovechild – that’s what you will get. Confused? Let us spell it out for you. Tag Heuer has partnered with Intel and Google to give the world a much needed Swiss Smartwatch. But it will be quite some time before you can lay hand on one of these. Stay tuned!