Come, experience the world’s leading Hi-Fi brands under one roof!


Home to the world’s most elite Hi Fi brands, DG+ takes the audio video experience to a whole new dimension. The DG+ boutique at Times Square Center boasts a state of the Art Home Cinema and Audio listening lounge which is designed to cater to your every whim and fancy and displays some of the finest award winning equipment that will enthrall your senses.
A wide range of the latest AV technologies from Network Media Players, Home and Office Automation systems, AV distribution systems and Accessories can be experienced firsthand with a fully functional demonstration on display in various zones within the store.

DG+ believes in providing the best products and service to their customers and hence has the finest team of Experts who will guide you through your decision making and engage you all the way till you are completely satisfied with the final installation and training program executed by the finest team of our experienced Installation Engineers

Come and experience a whole new dimension at DG+ located at

Address: Level 1, Times Square Center, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.
Tel No: 04-315 6857 Email:


Complete Home AV Solutions
  • Home Cinemas for Villas / Flats & Automation
  • Audiophile Stereo Systems
  • Lifestyle Home Theater Systems
  • Universal remote Controls
  • Channel Music
  • Media Center Solutions
  • Multi Room Audio Video
  • Professional Consultancy
Complete Corporate AV Solutions
  • Complete AV Setup for Conference/Media Rooms
  • Auditoriums &Cinemas
  • Channel music &PA systems for offices and retail stores
  • AV &Lighting for Discotheques &Clubs
  • Place of Worship &Outdoor Public Address Systems


“I was looking for a stereo set up and happened to visit DG+ at Times square. The team was very enthusiastic, visited my home and recommended a system within my budget. Today, I’m convinced that I’ve made a sound investment. Music comes alive and at times I feel right in the middle of a live performance”

John Charles – Deputy Commercial Director – AMG

“I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service I received from you personally and your store in relation to the complete purchase and installation of the sound and vision system in my house. The product knowledge of your team was far superior to that I have experienced with your competitors in Dubai. I would like to also make special note of the installation team for their extremely clean work during the installation of the 3 televisions and 2 sound systems. The quality of their work was exceptional!”


“Many thanks for your email and in particular, many thanks to Maxine and his right hand man who knew precisely what they were doing and were unfailing in their desire to complete a professional job. As the gypsum board for the projector and the grill for the screen have yet to be completed by the sub-contractor, may I reserve my right to ask Maxine back some time next week for final adjustments to both the screen and the projector once the sub-contractor completes his works – some fine adjustments will be necessary as it is expected that when doing the works, the sub-contractor will have mess up the alignment.

Also special thanks to you and Sajid for helping me complete the project and pushing for professional job.”

Kind Regards


“DG+ bought me closer to my passion for movies. Earlier I used to watch a movie once a month but after DG+ installed a Home Theatre at my home. I watch atleast 3 movies every week. The experience is incredibly out of this world and the team at DG+ has indeed done a fantastic job”

Rahul Kantharia
Associate VP- Partnership Advtg

I wanted to take a minute to thank your team for the excellent service and the expertise.
They installed my home entertainment system last week. Upon arrival they first had a look at the location and instead of just installing the system, they advised me that the system was not exactly designed for this kind of usage. They instead suggested to use it with my TV set and buy another system for the living room, and they also recommended a setup in white to match the room decoration. As a result I now have two very good set-ups and I am very happy with both systems.

Additionally having lived all over the world, I have never come across any technician (not even in Europe) that matched the exactness and tidy approach. They even left the rooms in nicer shape than they were before their installation. This is the First time for me during my stay here in UAE, that any installation person has asked from vacuum cleaner when drilling holes in the wall.
These guys are gems!

Thank you from a very happy customer.”


“I just wanted to pass on a big thanks to you and your staff for a great experience I had purchasing a home theater system… The Salesman Mani was fantastic… I did my research and shopped around for over 1 year and found him to be the most knowledgeable sales person I could find in Dubai… Together we worked at designing the system and when I had my money ready we went ahead and had the system installed… Your installers were very professional, courteous, and clean… The install took 1 day and your staff returned another day to complete the tweaks that made the system the envy of all my friends. Thanks again for the great service, I will strongly recommend your store to all my friends…”

Ray Hargrove

“First of all, I would like to congratulate you and your team on a very professional conduct of the work on my villa so far. I was there in early morning today, and as usual I do check independently, as mystery shopper, on all parties concerned in my villa project and how they coordinate with different parties. I must say that your professional team has successfully coordinated with all parties including ALUBAT, the gates company, as they have told me that you have already got in touch with them and tomorrow you meet them for wiring issue with regard to security. I do congratulate you on that and I hope that you will remain in same spirit until we finish our beloved project.

On additional note, I would recommend all other parties to learn from you on how coordination should be made.
My sincere best wishes to your kind self and your team, Madan, Sajid and the rest.”


Dr. Mansoor Al Awar