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Appliances and electronics for pleasant outings & family trips in UAE winter

Planning to hit the road for a short trip in winter? Make sure you have everything you need to keep your electronics powered and running efficiently. A smartwatch, camera, headphones, portable chargers and a backpack are a must for any outing. Read on to know Sharaf DG’s best finds, which you can buy at modest prices to enjoy your holiday!

Top 5 things you can buy to make your road trip memorable this winter

Road trips are always fun and exciting. Here are a few amazing electronics and gadgets you can purchase to make your road trip more memorable.

Speakers to ensure you have great music to listen to

What’s travelling without some great music, especially when you are with your family? Listen to songs of different genres like Cyndi Lauper’s ‘I Drove All Night’, Bob Dylan’s ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ and Cake’s ‘The Distance’. Never miss out on your favorite music, especially on your next road trip.

A tablet to beat boredom

When there is time to chill out, there is definitely time to play games! When you are tired of exploring or having enough adrenaline rush on your holiday, just sit back in your room and let your online gaming avatar take the lead!

A laptop to watch your favorite shows/movies

Watching movies while you are travelling can always be fun. Your dear ones are together to make your movie marathon more fun! We are sure you have movies like Fast & Furious, Die Hard, and the James Bond series to make your trip action-packed and entertaining.

Cameras to capture special moments

Unleash the photographer in you on this road trip. Make sure to capture some incredible shots and create some beautiful memories. From capturing the tiny veins on leaves to the breathtaking skylines on your camera, relive those moments through your pictures.

A radio to keep you informed

The regional radio stations always pack your trips with the latest and exciting buzz in town. These also help you discover the underrated places to visit while you are there! Next time, tune into one of those radio stations for the local titbits, which can add value to your trip.

Eight smart electronic gadgets for your family outing this winter

Sharaf DG has a list of small, but significant things which you may need to pack for your upcoming road trip with your family. They are…


You have tablets when you want something smaller than a laptop and more prominent than a smartphone for your travel! Perfectly designed to read books, make video calls and even shoot pictures and videos. A travel-friendly tablet should be lightweight and easy to carry. This includes:

Apple iPad mini

The battery lasts ten hours, and you can fast-charge it with a 20W USB-C charger. The 12 MP and
ultra-wide cameras will perform better for your outdoor photography. With its 5G support, you get great network connection even while on the move. Buy this on Sharaf DG immediately so you can get a flat 19% on it!


If you are not a tablet or smartphone fan while travelling, go for a mini-laptop.

Dell XPS 13

The startling feature of this laptop is its thin bezels. Having distinct color variations, Dell XPS 13 is the one to accompany you for travel. It packs the latest Intel’s 11th generation i7 processor with all the advanced features. It has only two USB-C ports due to its size. Although, it scores better on its keyboard features, webcam and other functions. Get Dell XPS 13 on Sharaf DG for a 25% discount, and enjoy your trips!

Speakers & Soundbars

Your on-the-go party hits differently than your regular one. Imagine playing your favorite songs when you are racing through the mountains! Sharaf DG has a suitable speaker/soundbar for an enriching outdoor experience.

Anker Soundflare speaker 

Despite its small size, Anker’s Soundflare Bluetooth speaker has a 360-degree sound feature. The lights under the speaker change according to the type of songs played, which is attractive. The battery life lasts up to 12 hours, which is suitable for long-distance trips. Buy this fantastic speaker from Sharaf and save 53% on its original price!

Cameras & tripods

A camera tops everyone’s essentials for travel! Here is how you can enjoy your trip best with this camera and a tripod stand!

Peak Design travel tripod

Although this aluminum tripod is expensive, it can be wrapped in the center, making it easy to carry around. This tripod’s head enables an easy setup and is versatile in its performance.

Fujifilm X-T30 mirrorless camera

The X-T30 has excellent autofocus and shoots images as quickly as it can. It also comes with a 26.1MP APS-C sensor and XF35mm f/2 aperture, which is really handy for street photography. This is why you need to own a Fujifilm X-T30 for road trips!


Well, if there is another thing that is equally important for a trip other than a camera, it is headphones! Enjoy the beats along with the window seat on your journey with headphones from Sharaf DG.

Anker Soundcore Q20 wireless

The Q20 wireless headphones have an ANC system at the most affordable price, which no brand has on the market. They have excellent sound quality that is apt for genres like rock and pop. The headphones are really light and comfortable to wear for a long time.

Power banks & chargers

Make sure you never run out of power by stocking up on power banks for all your electronic gadgets on travel.

Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 mAh power bank

Even though Anker’s PowerSlim power bank has one USB-A port and is bulky, it charges all your devices in no time. It will juice your smartphone in just one hour, which is great when you are on the road.


Enjoy your family holiday with Panasonic 2400 D radio with excellent frequency and sound system! It is also suitable for mountainous or hilly areas, delivering exceptional high and crisp sounds with bass.

List of accessories to accompany you on your road trip

Sharaf DG is here with the must-have things for an excursion. They are:


Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sun and dust, they also enhance your leisure fashion. These shades are perfect to block the sun and look cool on your trip. They are…

Ray Ban Wayfarer blue sunglasses

Wayfarer is one of the classic shades available. While black Wayfarer is standard, it looks stylish in this blue colour. It completely covers your eyes and is light too. Enjoy your holiday with this timeless RayBan that protects your eyes and gives you a glam look.


Ensure you have a great backpack that is big enough to accommodate everything you need while away from home. Bring home the Peak Design’s 30L bag that is revamped for your short distance travel plans. It has an expandable pouch for placing your bottles and tripods. The material of the backpack is recycled and withstands all kinds of weather.


Travel candles can help create a relaxing mood. Buy these mildly scented vanilla bourbon candles on Sharaf DG’s website to light up an otherwise dull hotel room!


Spice up your family trip with Dior’s Christian Rose perfume, rich in rose, sandalwood and cedarwood mix, on a sunny day!


Earbuds are as impressive as wireless headphones when you are travelling. Filter all the unwanted background noise with a brilliant ANC system that Sennheiser Momentum II earbuds have. These are well-suited for EDM and hip-hop songs and comfortable for extended utility while on tour.


The best smartwatch to have when you are away for a vacation is one that offers a better GPS tracking feature. Buy this Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with excellent GPS sensors and light on your hands, perfect for hiking or trekking.


You might have to travel long distances, which demands powerful on-the-go chargers.

Anker 26800 mAh charger

Anker 26800 mAh  charger even though expensive, delivers impressive capacity. It does not take more than three hours to recharge. You have separate ports for laptops and mobiles of 45 W and 15 W each, respectively. The battery also lasts longer.

We hope you have noted all these essentials for your next big trip! Before you plan to travel, do not forget to add these to your Sharaf DG cart on this clearance sale.  Save more and get the best deal on a range of electronics and cool gadgets that are bound to make your trip a memorable one.

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