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Importance of Fitness and Easy-to-Use Home Equipment

In today’s fast-paced life, we hardly get the time to take care of our health. There have been tremendous lifestyle changes in the past few decades that have significantly reduced life span and given rise to multiple sicknesses. With the world turning majorly to technology, our everyday life has become sedentary, thus leaving no room for much physical activity.

Staying physically active is the key to keeping long-term illnesses at bay. So, whether you choose to work out at home or join a gym, ensure you take steps to stay fit and healthy today!

Highlighting the Importance of Physical Fitness in today’s fast-paced life

Save money on healthcare costs

You can lower the risk of developing lifestyle diseases by making healthy changes to your diet and sticking to a regular fitness routine. This in turn will ensure you cut down on expensive health costs in the long run.

Increase life expectancy

Truly, 70 is the new 60… but only if you’re in good shape. A healthy weight and physical activity can extend life expectancy by roughly seven years compared to obesity and inactivity. Maintaining an active lifestyle helps postpone or avoid chronic illnesses and disorders linked to aging, increasing overall life expectancy.

Improves quality of life

Anger, depression, anxiety, and stress can all be reduced via regular exercise. You know that “wonderful feeling” you have after working out physically? Imagine it as a pleasant drug without any negative consequences! Most people discover that as regular exercise becomes a daily part of their life, they gradually start to feel better. This also contributes to an improved quality of life.

Ensures better sleep

Over the years, there has been a great deal of research done on the connection between exercise and sleep. Previous research has shown that regular exercise helps improve sleep-related issues. Insufficient or poor-quality sleep, according to recent studies, may also result in less physical activity the next day.

Because of these factors, modern scientists concur that there is a reciprocal relationship between sleep and exercise. In other words, improving your exercise regimen may help you sleep better, while obtaining enough sleep may encourage healthier levels of physical activity throughout the day.

Improves overall health

Your body gradually loses its strength, endurance, and capacity for effective functioning when you don’t engage in regular exercise. It’s similar to the proverb that states, “You don’t get old from moving; you grow old from stopping moving.” Your ability to perform other physical tasks grows as a result of exercise-induced muscle strength gains.

Reduces risk of injury

Engaging in regular exercise improves bone density, flexibility, stability, and muscle strength. As you age, being physically fit can help to lower your risk of suffering accidental injuries and increase your resistance to them. For instance, having stronger muscles and greater balance will make you less likely to trip and fall, and having stronger bones will make you less likely to get bone injuries.

The top 5 ways to make your fitness a success

Exercise daily

Workout for at least one hour daily. Do a more intense workout if you want to lose a few pounds quickly. Take hour-long brisk strolls whenever you can. Alternatively, you might jog while timing your sprints throughout the hour. Make sure you’re not in a lot of pain while working out. Just a heads-up: after a vigorous workout, your muscles may ache. Although it may be inconvenient, it indicates that your body is improving. After each workout, make sure to keep hydrated, stretch, and consume some protein-rich foods. The protein will support further muscle growth rather than fat storage.

Eat the right foods and portion your meals

Try to avoid sweets and consume more nutritious food. You cannot lose weight by eating sweets. If you are trying to lose weight it’s best to eat more fruit and vegetables. For instance, apples are effective at sustaining a feeling of fullness in the stomach for three to four hours. Green veggies like broccoli and green beans help to maintain a healthy digestive system. So, a balanced meal with a good amount of leafy green vegetables and a variety of fruits is a good way to stay fit and healthy.

Stay motivated

Setting objectives and maintaining a positive outlook are crucial to staying in shape. It will help you push yourself to achieve the healthy body you’ve always desired.

Track your calories and food intake every day

Planning your physical activity will be easier if you keep counting the number of calories you consume each day. Ever wonder why bodybuilders have such large body masses? They prepare their meals in advance and consume more (good) calories than the average individual. On the other hand, burning more calories through exercise than you consume is necessary to lose weight and have a leaner shape.

Ensure proper sleep

Even though the majority of us work eight-hour shifts throughout the day or night, it’s still important to obtain adequate rest to refuel the body. It needs six to eight hours of sleep to function well during the day, but if you start to feel weary after returning from work, by all means, take a quick nap before working out. Only take a maximum of a 30-minute nap. This way you won’t end up staying up late.

7 Easy-to-Use Home Gym Equipment to Work out Regularly


If you don’t want your treadmill to take up a lot of space but still work for you, the Sparnod Fitness 2 in 1 Foldable Treadmill is your best bet! You can use it in an open space or do some under-the desk walking in between work breaks.

Indoor exercise bikes

The Skyland 5-in-1 Orbitrek Exercise Bike with Stepper, Twister & Dumbbell For Home is an excellent choice. Not only do you get to work out indoors at your convenience but also save up on gym membership costs! This model gives you an intense workout for the upper as well as lower body.

Exercise ball

The Liveup Exercise Ball helps your muscles work harder and stabilise your body. This exercise ball can be used both for fitness activities as well as physical therapy activities. It helps you activate all your muscles and thus burns more calories.


When you want to avoid going to the gym but still want to get a gym-like workout at your home or office, the Adjustable Dumbbells Set 20kg with Multifunctional Weights Dumbbell, Kettlebell, and Barbell Set, and Push Up Stand is your solution. If you’re new to working out, you can start gradually with smaller weights and increase the weight as you become consistent.

Exercise Resistance Bands

The ULTIMAX Resistance Bands Set has 11 pieces of exercises bands, five stackable workout bands with handles, a door anchor, carry bag & leg, ankle straps. They are perfect for physical therapy, gym training, and home workouts. You can use these stackable bands together, and the maximum resistance level can be adjusted up to 100 pounds.


The Multifunction Elliptical Cross Trainer Orbitrac with Seat/Dumbbell/Twister/Stepper for home use is a super useful exercise equipment. It has five functions: scan, speed, time, distance, calories. You get to work out your lower body and also do a full cardio strengthening.

You can order any of this equipment from Sharaf DG at the best prices and deals. You can also avail the free installation services on some products. Browse through the myriad of fitness equipment on Sharaf DG and get started on your fitness journey!

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