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LG: The Best Brand for Home Appliances in UAE 

LG'S 'life is good' tagline resonates with their outstanding range of home appliances. This consumer electronics brand has always prioritized its customer's needs, making LG the first in the market to win a great deal of appreciation from people from all walks of life. If you are looking to revamp or upgrade to the latest appliances for your home visit Sharaf DG LG Products. It has various appliances, including LG's front load washing machine, dishwasher, OLED TV, air purifiers and many more. Follow this article to know why LG is still the best brand for electronic products for your home.   

Discover a range of LG Products at Sharaf DG, UAE  

Sharaf DG has a wide range of LG products. These are designed by implementing the latest technology available in the market. Read on to know how their specifications differ from the rest.   

Washing Machines

LG introduced Twin Washing Technology, which has two drums for heavily soiled and less soiled clothes. According to every fabric, its 6 Motion DD Technology changes its washing process. Its Rat Away mode uses a plastic sheet with anti-rodent chemicals that keeps them away.


LG televisions have an Aplha9 processor that delivers ultra-clear images with more clarity and vibrancy. Its nano-cell display gives uniformity to the colours, which does not get disturbed from any angle. The high-end LG TV models also have anti-mosquito technology as well.


LG's refrigerators have sleek and strong doors made of platinum. They are durable and scratch-resistant. The freezer in many advanced LG models can be converted to a standard refrigerator for additional storage. Its Auto Open Door technology recognises your presence and opens the door without any touch. With solar panels in LG's fridges, you do not have to have a stabiliser for its function.   

Air Conditioners

Its 6-in-1 cooling system senses the room's temperature and automatically changes the cooling conditions. With its Monsoon Combat Technology, you can reduce the humidity during the rainy season. Its double-protection filter helps the AC keep dust and microbes at bay. You do not have to worry about climate crises, as LG ACs are eco-friendly.


LG dishwashers are known for their robust build and no-noise operation, and LG products are durable and affordable for everyday use compared to their competitors.   

Microwave ovens

Microwave ovens from LG are flexible when compared to other models. These have 10+ cooking modes and even heating technology which other brands do not offer at reasonable prices.   

Sound Bars

The auto-calibration feature in the LG sound bars plays audio, sensing their surroundings. These sound bars are an excellent option if you are planning for a home cinema experience, as they support Dolby Atmos and Meridian Auto.  

Air purifiers

The air purifiers from LG are not confined to a room alone, as they can also be used on the go. The latest air purifier from LG is wearable, and you can take it anywhere to breathe clean air.   

Unveiling the bestselling LG Refrigerators in Dubai, UAE  

LG Side by Side Refrigerator InstaView Hygiene FRESH+ ThinQ 870 Litres GR-X39FMKHL

ThinQ technology regulates the temperature of this refrigerator automatically to your surroundings. It tells you when you need to refill water in your cleaner and alerts you when you leave the doors open. The transparent covering on the right side allows you to spot what is inside. The folding shelves will quickly adjust to your vessel or bottle sizes. You can control it with your smartphone, even if you are not at home. The LG Insta View refrigerator saves energy by 30%, and you do not have to worry for another 20 years if you buy it now.   

LG Side by Side Fridge Slim French Door Refrigerator 570 Litres GRX29FTQEL

This model's temperature fluctuations are sporadic and can easily fit anywhere in your home. The air vent on the top of the fridge allows an even airflow throughout its body. It has a feature called Hygiene Fresh+, which keeps the food fresher for a long time with five filters. The compressor is less noisy and lasts for more than ten years.

LG Top Mount Refrigerator 547 Litres GN-C782HLCU

With its movable ice tray, the freezer compartment is all for storage now! This model's even airflow technology ensures all the items are fresh equally. Even though the LG GN – C7 is not a high-end version, it works fine for storing essential food items with its lasting LED light panels.   

LG Top Freezer Refrigerator 393 Litres GN-B492SLCL

LG's CL model is a treat for vegetable lovers with its 28 L storage! The bins on the door are adjustable, so you can store bottles of all kinds by just moving them around. If there is any issue with your fridge, you can detect it with the app on your smartphone. If you have a large family, pick this model up today!  

LG 372L Double Door Refrigerator Inverter Compressor Silver Color Model-G372rlbb

The linear cooling system in this fridge ensures fast cooling of food items. The door cooling in the LG 372L fridge keeps the food on the lower shelf fresh for 14 days. The Smart Auto-Connect system connects directly to your inverter when there is a power cut and uses minimal current.    

Revealing the best-selling LG Televisions in Dubai, UAE

LG UHD 4K TV 65 Inch UQ91 Series

The AI feature in his LG UQ91 lets you zoom in on the screen, and it upscales 1080 pixels quickly to 4K. The latency is 10.3 ms, so that you will have a fantastic gaming experience. With the new software update, the user interface is incredibly fast. It has two search assistants, Alexa and Google Assistant. It has an updated sound pro feature that gives maximum audio even without rear speakers. The model is perfect for your weekend gaming and movie marathons.    

LG 86UN8080PVA 4K UHD Smart Television 86inch

With the α7 Gen3 Processor 4K, this smart TV sends a Sports alert if you are into it. It reminds you of the necessary notifications that are going on in this field so you do not miss out on anything. This model has a software update, which lets you control everything on the TV through your voice. This model is built to meet your gaming needs and HDMI 2.1 specifications. With Dolby Vision IQ and Ultra Surround features, enjoy your movies with a superior viewing experience with extraordinary sound quality.

LG UHD TV 4K Smart Television 86 Inch UP80

LG UP80 is an entry-level 4K TV in its series. Since this is a basic model, you cannot expect LG UP80 to assist in high-end games. However, it is much better when compared to its predecessors in terms of wide-angle features. The interface is quick, and there is no delay in response. You can enjoy watching sports and games, and it is best for some everyday recreation.

LG 50NANO846QA 4K UHD Nanocell Smart Television

It performs best as a gaming TV or PC monitor thanks to its low input lag and good response time. An IPS panel has a decent wide-angle feature; hence, several people can enjoy watching content simultaneously. The colour accuracy is brilliant, and the screen has a minimum reflection in bright surroundings.   

LG 75UM7180 4K UHD Smart Television 75inch

The LG 75UM gives the best audio quality with its DTS Virtual: X support. The active 4K pixel performance is consistent with the help of its new scene-by-scene adjustment technology. The latest AI feature customises your needs, and with AirPlay 2, you enjoy what's playing on your iPad and iPhone anywhere, anytime.    

Highlighting the best-selling LG Home Appliances in Dubai, UAE  

LG Air Purifier AS60GDWV0

This is suitable for large rooms at home and the office. Its 360-degree purifying technology has an Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 430 m³/hr. It has six different colour displays that indicate various pollution levels. The six-step filtration ensures the cleaning of all the bacteria and mould, along with gases like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. The inverter motor has ten years warranty, so you can invest in this LG air purifier for use in the long run.   

LG Sound Bar 3.1.2 Ch Surround System SN7Y

 It is a 3.1.2-channel soundbar system with support for various audio formats – Dolby Atmos and DTS. The setup is simple, as there are no wires and a rear speaker, and you can place the subwoofer wherever you wish. The soundbar can also accept FLAC, WAV, and AAC formats, among others, via USB. There are many preset modes like AI Sound Pro, Standard, Music, Bass Blast etc. The audio quality is exceptionally cinematic without the rear speakers. The only downside of this product is the lack of Wi-Fi compatibility. Otherwise, LG's Sound Bar SN7Y is highly recommended!  

LG DUALCOOL Inverter Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton I23TCP

The dual inverter converter constantly adjusts the compressor's speed to maintain the desired temperature levels. The skew fan present in this AC allows its functioning without any noise. There is a minimal fluctuation in temperature level due to the presence of dual inverters. The swing action from the LG AC spreads cool air to every corner of your room, and you can choose the vertical vane direction you desire. The gold fin's presence makes the surface corrosion-resistant, which makes it durable. With its auto-cleaning mode, you can be free of bacteria and microbe growth.   

LG Solardom Convection Microwave Oven 38 Litres MA3884VC   

Your food gets extra heat from not only the back of the oven, the heat produced at the bottom also makes your dishes delicious. The charcoal heating system in LG solardom oven adds more flavour; the outside of your food will be crispy, while the inside is juicy. The unique round design accommodates larger containers if you cook for several people. There is no pre-heating process in this oven, so that you can save up to 30% of energy.   

LG Freestanding Dishwasher DFB325HM

Setting up this dishwasher will be one of the easiest things. If you are in a busy household, this will not consume a lot of your time. It is a super sleek machine at 38 kg. The washer's dual wash zone technology is ideal for cleaning delicate kitchen items and glass vessels in separate racks. It barely makes noise and does not vibrate a lot. The four-arm blade spins clockwise and anti-clockwise and is always up for a thorough clean!  

After reading this, we are sure that you will want to buy LG, for all your electronic appliances at home! Invest in one of these today and do not worry for another 15 years.  

Frequently asked questions

What is LG best known for?  

Ans. After Samsung, LG is best known for innovating washing machines and refrigerators.   

What are the products of LG?

Ans. The dynamic range of LG products includes washing machines, dishwashers, water and air purifiers, refrigerators, dehumidifiers and beauty appliances.   

Is LG a good brand?  

Ans. LG is one of the brands that stand tall in customer satisfaction. Hence, you can trust it and go for LG's home appliances.   

Which model is best for the LG washing machine?  

Ans. LG's top-loading washing machines are popular among consumers. A few models include T80SJSS1Z and THD12STB so far.   

Are LG home appliances good?  

Ans. Yes. Almost all LG home appliances are known for their durability and outstanding performance.  

Is LG a good brand for TV?  

Ans. LG's exclusive range of OLED TVs is an excellent choice for television enthusiasts.   

Which LG fridge model is best?  

Ans. LG 725L French Door Refrigerator (GR-B24FWSHL), LG 889L Door-in-Door, Side by Side Refrigerator (GR-J31FWCHL), LG 889L, Inverter Linear Compressor, Multi Air Flow Cooling (GR-J31FTUHL) are some of the moving refrigerators in LG.   

Which is the best model of LG Smart TV? 

Ans.  LG 32LM560BPTC – 32 Inch HD Ready Television, LG 43LM6360PTB – 43-inch Full HD LED Smart TVs are a few good models and affordable smart TVs of LG.   

Which is the best model of AC in LG?  

Ans. LS-Q12CNXD 1 and JW-Q18WUXA are some of the best AC models LG.

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