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Shop for Remington grooming appliances in Dubai

Home styling and the best grooming appliances come to your rescue for quick and easy go-to looks. Remington’s the right brand for you, and here’s a list of what you can find on Sharaf DG for your next purchase.

Discover a range of Remington grooming appliances in the UAE

Hair dryer

For a salon-style blow dry look, Remington hair dryers are always the influencers’ top recommendation for the best and quickest results at home.

Hair curler

For a reasonable price and stunning and bouncy curls, you can always invest in Remington curlers, which are healthy too.

Hair straightener

Remington straighteners are best known for quality and quick heating features, with high-quality ceramic plates which are healthy for your hair.

Hair clipper

All the Remington clippers, especially the Remington Virtually Indestructible model, are suitable for adults and kids for a quick cut at home. These are rigid and have a firm grip, with no noise.

Beard trimmer

It would help if you had Remington beard trimmers for the finest and closest shaves you can ever have. You can get these at the most reasonable rates, performing just as they claim.

Hair trimmer

Remington’s smart trimmers are better than the normal ones, as you can select the trim length in these models. It can automatically redirect you to the last setting, which saves you lots of time. Remington trimmers are also known for long-lasting battery life, which lasts up to one hour.

Highlighting the best-selling Remington appliances in Dubai, UAE

Remington keratin therapy pro hair straightener S8590

After straightening, the ceramic plates are coated with keratin to ensure shiny and healthy hair. It heats up quickly but changes the temperature according to your hair type, and it applies even pressure so that your hair looks even. This model is also light on hair, so it doesn’t affect your hair, even if you use it daily.

Power dry hair dryer 2000W D3010

With a higher wattage option, this Remington dryer is powerful. You don’t have to use any sprays for this dryer, as it can perform well, giving a sleek and professional-like look. You can always rely on this power hair dryer from Remington for a luxe- blow dry.

Sleek & smooth ceramic straightening brush CB7401

Would you believe it if we said there’s only one button to make this brushwork? Also, it’s super-quick and heats up in 30 seconds. For the desired heat, you must push the power button, which is essential. For daily and quick hair straightening, this brush is excellent. Since the brush base is more extensive, you can straighten more hair in less time. With a three-year warranty, this brush is good for its price.

Hair clipper HC3000

With an ergonomic design and an anti-grip handle that can run for 45 minutes without a chord, this hair clipper is everyone’s favorite. You can wash the clipper without affecting its performance, and it has a long charging period, of 16 hours, with an LED indicator to let you know of the draining battery. With its 24 cutting-length blades, you can create any desired style!

Durablade hybrid beard trimmer/shaver MB050

If you are looking for a trimmer/shaver when you travel or want one for a quick shave, Remington’s model would help you immensely. It gives you a close shave like most electric shavers, with a grippy handle and blades you never have to replace. It remains sharp for up to five years, comes with a USB charger, and has a compact design.

Sharaf DG is where you can buy all the Remington grooming appliances at the best prices! Head to our website and add these to your cart!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Remington a good brand?

Ans. Remington is prevalent in the market due to their economic and ergonomic designs, daily-use features, and the most affordable brand for everyone globally.

Which Remington trimmer is best?

Ans. Start beard trimmer, the BT7240, Lithium ion+ stainless steel grooming kit, beard and stubble trimmer with a vacuum chamber, Omniblade hybrid stubble trimmer, and shaver are a few of the best ones from Remington. All these emerged as the winners based on their trimming ability, precision, battery life, irritability and ease of cleaning.

Which is better, Remington or Braun hair dryer?

Ans. Remington is reasonable when compared to Braun. That’s because of the longer cables for extension, use high-quality ceramic plates, and this hair dryer uses low wattage so that you can use it anywhere you want without any disturbances in the electrical supply.

Is Remington hair curler good?

Ans. Remington curlers are known for various reasons, like being inexpensive, swift, easy to use, and lightweight. Many have also reviewed that the curls are tight and bouncy curls and waves, even without setting spray.

How much is the Remington hair dryer in Dubai?

Ans. Remington has different hair dryer models in Dubai with varied price ranges. It includes AED 85 – AED 400 for the features they have. High-end models from the brand with ceramic plates, specific models meant for keratin therapy, and shine treatment are all priced at high ranges.

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