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Samsung offers a wide range of innovative products which push the limits of what technology can do to make your life smarter and more entertaining.

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From the smart design of the new Galaxy S7 edge to the hybrid utility of the Galaxy TabPro S, find the device that’s right for you.

Samsung Mobile S7 Edge
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TV & Audio/Video

The curved SUHD Quantum dot display delivers unbeatable colour, brightness and depth for the ultimate UHD Premium viewing experience.

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Beautifully designed home appliances working around you and your home. Customisable to fit in perfectly with the way you want to live.

Refrigeration Microwaves Laundry Vacuums Cooling
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SmartThings let you monitor, control and secuyre your home from anywhere. Simply set up your SmartThings Hub and free app, add in your favourite products, and take control from another room – or another country. It’s simple to set up too, meaning you can start making your home smarter in no time. Shop all
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