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Shop Solar Components & Solar Kits at the Best Price in Dubai, UAE

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Shop Solar Components & Solar Kits at the Best Price in Dubai, UAE

Countries worldwide are switching to solar energy since its renewable and cost-effective. But it’s not only beneficial for the environment; it can also directly impact your life!Now, you can get a solar energy system attached to your home to make your own electricity! People across Dubai are taking advantage of this opportunity to install their own electricity generators. Here is a guide to various solar energy system components, such as the best solar panels, inverters, electricity panels, electric meters, and so on.

Highlighting the Main Components of a Solar Panel System

Before you purchase a solar energy system, let’s find out exactly what goes into your solar kit!

1.Solar Panel

When you look at a solar energy system, you can see large sheets of glass. That is the solar panel. The solar panel is the most important part of your solar kit. This component converts solar energy into electricity. It consists of small photovoltaic cells which can generate large amounts of power when working together. The solar panel can be of various capacities, such as 100 watt solar panel or 200 watt solar panel. It also has mirrors to concentrate the sunlight and make capturing the energy easier.


The inverter charger is the device which makes the electricity generated by the solar panel usable.
The flexible solar panel generates direct current (a type of electricity). However, every appliance in your house needs an alternating current. The inverter charger is the component which converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC).

3.Electrical Panel

The electricity panel is the control centre for the electricity generated by the solar panel.It’s used to handle electricity distribution, electricity transmission, and electrical system protection. The electricity panel is responsible for dividing the electricity and sending it to various circuits. It also contains a fuse, which safeguards against any damage.

4.Electric Meter

The electricity meter measures the amount of electricity consumed by all the electrical appliances in your home. The electricity meter is attached to the electrical panel and allows you to gain a sense of how much electricity is being used. You can connect your solar panel to the electricity grid of your city. The meter can measure the amount of electricity your panel contributes to the grid.

5.Electric Meter

The battery charge controller is a small but essential component of a solar kit. The charge controller regulates the amperage and voltage of the electricity transmitted from the solar panel to the battery. It helps protect the battery against being overcharged or overheated.

6.Deep Cycle Battery Storage

The deep cycle battery storage is the component in which the electricity generated by the solar panel is stored. It is usually a lithium ion battery or lexco battery. The larger the lithium ion battery capacity, the more electricity can be stored for later use. The battery is connected to the electrical system of your apartment and supplies the electricity to run your appliances.

7.Backup Power

You should connect your solar kit with a backup power generator. This generator can be kept charged by the solar kit. The electricity that is stored in the backup power can then be used whenever the need arises. The backup power can be especially useful when the weather is cloudy. Overall, purchasing a solar kit to power your home is a great idea. You can save money on electricity by having your own solar energy system, making this solution cost-effective and environmentally friendly!You can choose a suitable solar kit on the Sharaf DG online portal, and we’ll deliver it straight to your doorstep. The best part, we can also install it for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a solar kit?

Ans. A solar kit usually includes flexible solar panels, the inverter, the battery, and the battery box.

Which solar panel kit is the best?

Ans. Jinko Solar makes some of the best solar panel kits.

What are the five parts of a solar panel?

Ans. There are five main solar panel components: the photovoltaic cell, toughened glass, extruded aluminium frame, polymer rear back sheet, and junction box.

How does a solar kit work?

Ans. A solar kit works on a very simple principle. The solar kit has a solar panel which absorbs energy from the sun and turns it into electricity. This electricity is stored in a battery which you can then use.

What are the components of a solar inverter?

Ans. A solar inverter has several components, which include field effect transistors, control circuitry switches, inductors, and capacitors.

What is a 5 KW solar panel?

Ans. A 5KW solar panel is an electricity generator which can provide enough electricity to power an apartment, an office, or a shop.

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