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Get Best Quality Grocery Delivered to Your Home Safely in Dubai, UAE

Do you need to do last-minute grocery shopping and do not have enough time at hand?

With Sharaf DG by your side, you do not have to make a trip to the supermarket and can instead order grocery online in the UAE.

Whether desserts, tea, popcorn, juices, snacks, beverages, condiments, confectionery, dressings, marinades, kunafa, or any other product, we have multiple grocery brands and items to help you shop for all your grocery requirements and get it delivered right to your doorstep.

Why Buy Groceries Online at Sharaf DG?

Need a reason to buy groceries online? Here are the top benefits of online grocery shopping:

Shop from Home or On the Go

Whether it is to get some essential items delivered to your doorstep or to save a trip to the supermarket on your way home, with online grocery shopping, you have the flexibility to shop from anywhere and at any time.

Save Money With Price Comparison

Buying grocery online helps you compare prices of multiple products and brands, enabling you to get the best deal in the market.

Save Time

Research indicates that an average grocery shopping trip takes 41 minutes.

Online grocery shopping saves valuable time otherwise needed to drive or walk to the store, browse items, and wait in line for billing. Online, you can quickly pick and choose the items you need, and that’s it!

Shop by Using History

Don’t remember that brand or product you purchased a few months back? With online grocery shopping, you can easily look at your order history, reorder items or even subscribe to get a monthly restock of your most used grocery items.

Check for Deals and Coupons Online

Missed out on a deal or offer at a grocery shop?

When shopping online, all you need to do is check the deals and coupons section and apply it to your order, helping you know precisely the amount saved and the offers available.

Avoid Impulse Buying

Shopping for grocery online is easier as you do not need to walk past multiple aisles and get tempted to buy items you may not need.

With online grocery shopping, you can directly search and find the products while exploring numerous sections to find things you need.

Buy in Bulk with Ease

Want to buy particular items in bulk? With an online grocery website, you can add any number of items that you need and get them delivered at home.

No need to worry about your bulk ordering weighing you down!

Revealing the List of Grocery Items You Can Buy at the Sharaf DG Supermarket

Want to know precisely which items you can buy at SharafDG online supermarket? Here is a quick list to help you out:


Biscuits, chips, nuts, dates, dried fruits, popcorn, cereals, and so much more, find all the items you can munch on and satisfy your cravings!

Fresh Food

Need to restock fresh vegetables and fruits? With our online store, you can buy fresh foods and get them delivered within minutes, as fresh as possible!

Condiments, Dressings, and Marinades

Get it all instantly at our online store, whether it’s honey, pickles, salad dressings, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, salt, or any other condiment you want!

Desserts and Confectionery

We have ice cream, whipped cream, chocolates, custard powder, candy, and all kinds of confectionery items for your sweet tooth!

Frozen and Canned Food

Get canned and frozen food items like burgers, wings, chapatis, wraps, frozen seeds, frozen vegetables, samosas, and more to quickly whip up a meal in seconds!

Meat, Poultry, and Seafood

For meat lovers, we offer fresh and halaal-certified meats like chicken, lamb, beef, fish and all kinds of poultry and seafood items – all under one roof!

Pulses, Grains, and Pasta

Our store has it all: rice, grains, pulses, herbs, dal, chia seeds, cooking oil, or pasta!


From cakes, cupcakes, swiss rolls, bread, buns to dairy products, milk, butter, cheese, and eggs – we have the freshest bakery items for your everyday needs!

Some Popular Grocery Brands of 2022: A Must Try in the UAE

While there are thousands of brands associated with SharadDG, some of our top recommended brands include:

Green Farm

Based in Dubai, UAE, Green Farm provides the best of traditional and fresh food products, including rice, spices, pulses, breakfast powders, blended masalas, etc.

Fresh fruits

As the name suggests, Fresh Fruits is a premium brand offering fruits and vegetables, and its in-house brands like Breeze, BlueWhale, Grapery, Hello Fruits, Mafa, Dole and Pink Lady provide wholesome and fresh food items.


Based in Dubai, Madhoor is a retail brand renowned in UAE, India, and Southeast Asia for its wide range of products, including canned food, biscuits, snacks, organic items, pulses, spices, and many other grocery items.

Super Chef

SuperChef is a premium food and grocery manufacturer that provides a range of food items like canned products, cooking oil, peanut butter, bakery supplies, condiments, etc.


Kellogg’s is an American multinational food company that’s best known for its breakfast cereal. They have various other food items like muesli, cornflakes, cereals, and many breakfast snacks.

American Garden

A premium brand that’s best known for its mayonnaise, frozen food, condiments, desserts and spreads.

Let’s Popcorn

If gourmet popcorn is what you need, check out Let’s Popcorn, which provides oil-free, air-popped popcorn in 90+ unique flavors.

Budget-Friendly Tips for Grocery Shopping in the UAE

Ready to do your grocery shopping online? Here are a few simple tips to help you out:

Shop Non-Perishable Items Online

It is ideal to buy non-perishable items from online retailers as it helps save on costs.

Buy Perishable Foods in Limited Quantities

For non-perishable items, we recommend buying in small quantities. At our online store, we allow our customers to opt for monthly subscriptions, ensuring you get fresh and healthy fruits and veggies at all times.

Buy Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

At an online store, you will find a range of fruits and vegetables. We highly recommend exploring our seasonal fruits and vegetables, which are fresh and organic.

Buy Cereals and Meat in Bulk

Customers can go for bulk quantities of cereals and canned/frozen meat products. This saves on your overall bill as you get discounts and offers on bulk purchases.

Be an Informed Shopper

When buying groceries, often customers can go beyond their budget.

Online shopping helps you understand exactly what the amount is, and you can easily add products to your wishlist to be bought later on.

Ration Your Purchase of Readymade Foods

When it comes to readymade food products, customers often purchase more than their needs, with the items ending up lying in the freezer for months.

Instead, we recommend buying readymade or ready-to-eat foods in batches, so you only use as much as you need.

Use Coupons with Caution

Instead of focusing on deals and discounts, we recommend that customers focus on their needs and then opt for a coupon or discount that is apt for their chosen items.

At SharafDG, we recommend coupons and deals to help customers know the best offers on their purchases.

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