Celebrate thy mother

Does Mother’s Day have you all confused just like every year?

Still wondering what to gift this very special lady on 23rd March?

We have some suggestions on how to make this Mother’s Day very different and unique.

Mothers dedicate all their time and lives to their families leaving them with very little time and energy for themselves. Be innovative this Mother’s day by doing activities or running errands for them so that they can also relax and slow down a bit.

To help her relax a great idea could be to do the laundry and iron all her clothes. She can just sit back and be comfortable as you arrange her wardrobe for her.



When was the last time you enjoyed movie night with her? Prepare some easy breezy popcorn in the microwave and light snacks in the airfryer, grab some cola and invite her for movie night in the comforts of her own home. Maybe this is the best time to watch Mamma Mia again together.


Make her day a bit lighter by telling her to rest and vacuum the house yourself. Watch out for all the corners because she is sure to point out if you miss!


Massage her overworked shoulders and back but in case you feel you are no massage expert you can also gift her this massaging chair or Portable Rechargeable Wireless Smart Massager.



The best of all, gift her your time and love by spending a few moments with her to make her feel appreciated and loved.