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Buy DJI Avata 2 Grey Fly More Online at Best Price in UAE

The DJI Avata first came out in 2022 and its nimbleness and safety-conscious propeller guards for people instantly made it a hit, particularly with video professionals and content creators. Now, the company has unveiled its successor- DJI Avata 2. The camera is now equipped with the identical 1/1.3-inch sensor, also used in its predecessor, the Mini 4 Pro, so video quality has been greatly upgraded. The Goggles 3 feature passthrough cameras that reveal what's happening around them. The Avata 2 can now maneuver much like an actual FPV drone. With the increased battery life and other exciting features, the device has become affordable. Sharaf DG offers the best DJI Avata 2 price in Dubai.

DJI Avata 2 Overview

FPV (first-person view) drones are driving the world with great excitement. It was first introduced over 15 years ago, requiring talented and determined people to assemble parts and build the drones. However, now it has become a mainstream option accessible to more people than before, and all thanks to the market leader, DJI. Sharaf DG offers exciting DJI Avata 2 offers Dubai.

DJI offers a straight solution for those who want to fly drones using immersive FPV without the difficulty and steep learning curve of flying traditional self-built FPV drones. Some may find DJI Avata 2 easy and surprising to use; however, some may find it a little challenging. However, since DJI Avata 2 features Dubai are outstanding in every way, you’ll love purchasing this combo. Beginners can fly comfortably with Normal Mode. It comes with a user-friendly DJI Motion Controller 3 and all the features that DJI offers, including auto take off and obstacle avoidance sensors and an automatic return home. 

So, no matter what experience you have, by purchasing the DJI Avata 2 combo you can have a thrilling immersive flight while taking videos or photos. However, it's more about the experience of flying and videography.

DJI Avata 2 Design and Controller

The DJI Avata 2 emerges as a completely redesigned version of its predecessor as it offers better durability and power. It features an increased wheelbase with wider frame to improve aerodynamics. Being surprisingly lightweight, the device is designed to survive repeated crashes. However, the likelihood of such accidents must be prevented by choosing built-in obstacle avoidance and detection.

Avata 2 comes with controllers: The newly released DJI Motion Controller 3 is included in the Fly More Combo, while for those who prefer more gaming, the DJI Remote Controller 3 is available separately. This DJI Motion Controller 3 is a simple method of controlling your drone that lets people with no prior experience fly in a relatively exact and controlled manner. For experienced pilots, however, it may seem like a less appealing option rather than a gaming controller that allows full controls in manual mode, letting you perform aerobatics. Buy DJI Avata 2 Dubai at the most discounted prices at Sharaf DG.

Features and Flight

DJI Avata 2 brings FPV flight to all, offering everyone the chance to take part in this often complex and technical activity. You can begin flying right away following the quick setup procedure, and fully immerse yourself in the flight with DJI Goggles 3.

The DJI Avata 2 features three flight modes: Normal, Sport, and Fully Manual.

The normal mode offers the greatest safety and the most comfortable flying experience that lets you fly with a high degree of precision and reverse flight. It's ideal for beginners and anyone who has never flown a drone before can begin flying without any assistance.

The sports mode is for people who wish to experience more excitement from the FPV experience. It has higher ascent speed, descent, and forward speed, with no obstacles to avoid.

Lastly, the full manual mode that is only available on DJI Remote Controller 3 is meant for skilled FPV pilots as it eliminates all flight assistance and stabilization. You're in complete control and can fly, dive, and perform aerobatics as a bird. Grab the best DJI Avata 2 offers in Dubai at Sharaf DG.

Why Pick DJI Avatar 2?

Listed below are a few reasons to buy DJI Avata 2 Dubai at Sharaf DG:

  • An overall more immersive flight experience that gives you an authentic experience of flying.

  • Fantastic image quality, enhanced dynamic range

  • It is easy to fly from the box and loaded with safety features.

  • Longer flight durations than the original Avata.

  • Quieter motor noise for less obtrusive flights.

  • The best fitting goggles 3 offers less leakage and a more comfortable fit.

  • Larger image sensor for better quality videos and high-quality images.

  • Motion controllers are more user-friendly and easier to master, which makes them an easier entry point for beginners in FPV flying.

Who is it for?

DJI Avata 2, like the original Avata FPV drone, focuses on the excitement of watching the camera feed as though you were inside the cockpit. 

DJI Avata 2 is the perfect drone for those who: 

  • Are looking to cross between standard GPS drones, and move to flying FPV. It's less difficult flying than the Cine Whoop with a better video feed.

  • Those who love Avata; however, have a few concerns about how they fit, or about the transmission slowness. The Avata 2 combo addresses those concerns.

  • Looking to upgrade the image sensor used to create FPV images for specific projects. The camera is an improvement from the initial Avata and handling has become more manageable than the larger DJI FPV drone.

Frequently Asked Question - 

Ques. Can I use DJI Avata 2 without the goggles? 

Ans. No.

Ques. Is DJI Avata 2 easy to fly?

Ans. With the outstanding DJI Avata 2 features Dubaithe device is a great pick for anyone from a beginner to a professional. Avata serves various modes suitable for everyone’s preference.

Ques. Where Can I Grab the Best DJI Avata 2 Offers in Dubai?

Ans. You can grab the DJI Avata 2 best price Dubai at Sharaf DG.

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