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Efficient Cooking Appliances To Save Time During Ramadan

What is on your iftar menu this Ramadan? Are you are considering making vegetable fritters, cheese rolls, cool smoothies, and creamy soups? With convenient Sharaf DG appliances that rapidly prepare meals for the entire family, you can enjoy a far more productive cooking experience this Ramadan.  

Nowadays, the inclination towards having Iftar and Suhoor in restaurants has changed dramatically due to the coronavirus pandemic, which restricted our movement. Thus, everyone has to eat their meals at home. But cooking meals at home can be a difficult task. However, if you have the right kitchen appliances, you can make your favorite Iftar and Suhoor meals at home without much stress and effort. We will be with you to make the best choice from a wide range of options from the Sharaf DG Ramadan sale:  


The instant pot can is versatile and can serve your cooking needs. Sharaf's top-selling electric cooker brand Ninja's even-in-one multicooker is premium, yet it serves many purposes in the kitchen. An appliance with seven functions can save you time, space on your counter, and effort. Choose from a rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt maker, cake or egg maker, sterilizer, or food warmer. It can cook up to 70% faster than the conventional hob method.  

    Microwave Oven:  

A microwave ovenis one of those appliances essential in the kitchen for making different foods. Additionally, a microwave oven helps to heat food if you are running behind schedule for Iftar or want to grab a quick bite before or after Taraweeh prayers. Use it during Suhoor to heat any food.  

You can buy microwave ovens online from brands like LG, Zanussi, and Samsung. You could rely on Sharafs' Panasonic Microwave Oven, which costs AED 444. You can also browse through different models of microwave ovens with prices ranging between AED 499-12,900.  

    Hand blender:  

Hand blender quickly whips up any of your favorite snacks and meals. The advantage of this appliance is that it requires less energy and time to whisk or whip anything. A stand mixer can also perform the same functions as a hand mixer, but if you want to utilize your cooking station efficiently, a hand blender would be the one to opt for. You can check various types of Hand blenders on Sharaf DG at a price ranging from AED 500-2,349. You can purchase it online from Sharaf DG's website.  

    Rice cooker:  

Do you like a one-pot meal? This rice cooker by Gastroback has you covered. It lets you steam meat or veggies in a tray while making rice. This smart gadget switches off when the rice is cooked, so you may go about your day without worrying. With its 1.8 liter depth, the cooker bowl can hold 10 cups of rice at once. You should fluff up your rice and use the "keep warm" mode to reheat leftovers. The steamer/cooker comes with a measuring cup and a spatula.  

    Air fryer:  

The Philips Air Fryer, our top pick for busy cooks, makes everything. With ten customizable presets, prepare various snacks and meals, from fries and cakes to pizzas and fish, and make sure they're delicious and nutritious (they have 85% less fat). Its preheating feature reduces cooking time while enhancing food texture. The actual 5.5-litre basket is dishwasher friendly and features a BPA-free non-stick coating. Many reviewers praise its elegant appearance and how quickly they can provide nutritious alternatives, especially with preheating.  

With the recommendations mentioned above, we've handpicked must-have units for the kitchen. To prevent falling back on fatty foods—which are simpler to reach for when things become tough—we advise creating meal plans in advance. There is no better time to visit Sharaf DG for all your kitchen requirements. We have a site-wide Ramadan Sale running across all categories until April 23.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

Are air fryers a good option for healthier and faster cooking during Ramadan?  

Using air fryers is the easiest way; just set a temperature and duration, then leave your food until done. As well as, you do not have to worry about fats as they reduce your food fat to 80%.  

Can I use a toaster oven for quick and easy Ramadan snacks?  

Yes, you can use a toaster oven for Ramadan snacks because a toaster oven cooks faster and with more control than its full-size counterpart—and it's the perfect size for preparing micro-batches of freshly baked treats.  

What are the most efficient cooking appliances for Ramadan meals?  

Pick from a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, yoghurt maker, cake/egg maker, sous vide, sterilizer or food warmer from Sharaf Dg's Ramadan Sale.  

What are the kitchen appliance brands in UAE?  

LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, Super General, Terim, Wolf, Gorenje, Zanussi, and many more are the kitchen appliance brands available in UAE.  

Where to buy cooking appliances online in UAE?  

You can buy cooking appliances online from Sharaf DG in UAE. We currently have a Ramadan sale, with 40% off on many products.

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