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Exploring LG’s Cutting-Edge Washing Machine Technology from Sharaf DG

No matter what kind of laundry you have, LG has the perfect washing machine for you. Keep reading to know how to pick the best one for your home. In this blog, you can look into their assessing size, energy consumption, features, and capacity. You can also explore the awesome technology of the LG washing machine that offers an effective and easy wash every time.


Sizes Available in LG Washing Machines

Most washing machines have standard dimensions, but what really matters is how much laundry they can handle. The drum capacity shows the maximum weight of clothes it can wash. You can find the ideal LG washing machine right at Sharaf DG that fits your needs. Check out a small guide on sizes below.

  • The washing machine that weighs 8 kg is perfect for single households and it can wash up to 30 shirts.
  • The washing machine that weighs 9 kg is good for small families as it can wash up to 45 shirts.
  • The washing machine that weighs 10.5 kg can wash between 50 to 55 shirts and hence, it is ideal for average families.
  • When it comes to a 12 kg washing machine, it can hold up to 60 shirts and it is better for larger families.

There is also an LG 2023 VIVACE 11kg Washing Machine that comes with a bigger drum in the same dimension.


Color Choices

Going for the classic white look gives your LG washing machine a timeless style and makes it easy to match with your other appliances at home.

Features and Performance

Once you figure out the size and how much laundry your washing machine should handle, it is time to check out different models. Look at their performance and features to find one that makes doing laundry easy, quick, and maybe even a bit smarter.


Combo of All-in-One Washer Dryer

LG Washer Dryers can be a good alternative to the standard washer plus dryer management as they save space and do both washing and drying in one go. Instead of using two machines, you get it all done in one. You will not need to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer. Just keep in mind that they might have differences in how much they can wash and dry. 

The dryer part of a Washer Dryer can usually handle a lower load than what you can wash. That is because drying needs more space for hot air to move around and dry things properly. When you choose one, you should check that the dryer’s capacity can meet your drying needs. Before you switch from washing to drying, you should either remove some times or reduce the washing load.


Comes with TurboWash 360˚

LG’s swift TurboWash™ 360˚ technology washes your clothes super clean in only 39 minutes, and it is designed in a way to tailor your clothing needs. It has an amazing 3D Multi Spray that shoots water from all sides and a smart Inverter Pump that controls how strong the water sprays. They work together to find the perfect mix of water, detergent, and cycle motion. It simply means that your clothes get really clean and fast, without compromising on fabric care or wash quality.


Smart Fabric Care with AI DD™

LG’s AI DD™ washing machines come with smart technology. LG 2023 VIVACE 11kg Washing Machine is one of them. They check how heavy your clothes are and with what fabric they are made of to get the perfect cycle. This feature offers 18% better fabric protection which further helps your clothes to stay longer. Also, they use DirectDrive™ motors with 6-motion technology for an efficient wash with fewer moving parts. It will help the washing machine last longer in the years to come.


Steam Out Wrinkles and Allergens with Steam+™

LG’s amazing Steam+™ technology has the ability to get rid of your clothes’s wrinkles and allergens. The Allergy Care feature uses steam at the beginning of the wash to loosen up fibers and get rid of allergens like pollen and up to 99.9% dust mites. Then, after the spinning part, the Wrinkle Care gives another burst of steam that makes wrinkles go down by 30% which further leaves your clothes looking crisp and clean. You can buy an LG 2023 VIVACE 11kg Washing Machine from Sharaf DG that has the same steaming feature.


Includes LG ThinQ™ App for Smart Laundry

If you ever forget to start your washing machine, there is nothing to worry about as LG’s ThinQ™ app plays the role. It links up with your Smart Washer, no matter where you are. You can start it from your phone with just a tap or even use your voice assistant. It will let you know when your washing is done and can even figure out problems through Smart Diagnosis. You can even download bespoke pre-set cycles via WiFi, anytime and anywhere.

So get ready to buy the best LG washing machine from Sharaf DG for your home.

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