Game on with the PlayStation Vita!

The Playstation Vita, which was officially launched on February 22, is the latest and biggest upgrade to Sony’s portable console range to date. With this portable gaming console, the Japanese giant is hoping that more and more gaming enthusiasts will play more video games on dedicated devices than on the internet and mobile phones.

With a stunning screen and dual analog sticks, PS Vita is every gamer’s dream come true. Further, it is fitted with a jaw-dropping 5-inch OLED display with 960×544 resolution and multi-touch capabilities into the chassis. This is the outstanding feature of the device and goes a long way towards helping it replicate console quality graphics.

Through technologies like the front multi-touch screen and the rear multi-touch pad, motion-sensors, and augmented reality, PS Vita brings the biggest and best games to life in a whole new way. Coupled with the rich graphics and new social gaming features play your favourite adventures with an all-new spin.

The Vita is powered by a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore chip that fanbois will no doubt be eager to overclock to the touted maximum frequency of 2GHz. This is backed up by a PowerVR Series5XT SGXMP+ GPU, 512MB of RAM and 128MB of virtual RAM. It is also equipped with a front-facing VGA camera that allows users to interact with games, by taking their photos. There is also a rear-facing camera that is able to take pictures and record video at up to 640×480 resolution.

The wider ranges of controls on the console are supplemented by the huge launch lineup of games that will come on the PlayStation Vita. Some of the most thrilling names that you can enjoy on the Vita include Ridge Racer, Everybody’s Golf, Marvel vs. Capcom, Virtua Teniis. You can also enjoy the latest installment of Uncharted or the Army Corps of Hell where you would be using an army of goblins to defeat your enemies. Other games on the list include Little Deviants, MotorStorm RC, WipEout 2048 and Gravity Rush. Gravity Rush is a fascinating action game developed by keiichiro Toyama.

The next generation portable entertainment system also has Wi-Fi support and 3G, and thanks to its GPS function, it will allow you to locate nearby friends who also own one, for impromptu gaming sessions. The Vita also has a couple of built-in social apps. “Near” lets you see what other Vita players in your neighbourhood are up to, while “Party” lets you chat with friends over the PlayStation Network — even if you’re playing different games. More popular apps like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr are on the way.

Overall, the PlayStation Vita has a better and bigger screen, high-quality sound, a powerful camera, a pair of analog sticks, high-end touch-screen technology, back touch pad and lots of other things that make it a powerful gaming platform. So, will you join the handheld gaming revolution with the PS Vita?