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Samsung Galaxy S23 Guaranteed Buyback

1. The Program

Assured Buyback Guarantee is an offering by Sharaf DG which assures Customers a buyback percentage up-to 75% of the invoice value for any Samsung S23 series devices purchased from Sharaf DG. The Plan protects the value of the new device against market fluctuations and ensures an assured buyback value. This guaranteed buyback value should be redeemed against a purchase of a new device during the Samsung New Product Introduction (NPI).

2. Definitions

  • Eligible Device means the device (referring to the IMEI) for which the Plan ( ABB plan)is activated by Sharaf DG
  • New Device means an upgraded Device of the same original equipment manufacturer (OEM) bought by the customer in returning the eligible device covered under the Plan and paying the difference between the price of the new device as offered by the Sharaf DG
  • Plan Fee This Plan is being offered to the customer at a one-time subscription fee of AED 300/- and is subject to change without any prior notice (Item code for Assured Buy back 6008364)
  • NPI (New Product Introduction) New product/model launched by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
  • Benefits Value means buyback value at the time of redemption will be determined as described in the table below.

3. Plan Terms

The validity of the offering is from 15th February 2023 till 31st March 2023. The benefits under the Plan shall be effective from the date of purchase of the device until 365 days.

4. Plan Eligiblilty

The program applies to customers for selected devices and on payment of the one-time plan fees during the purchase of the product. ( 75% for a device upgrade within 6 months and 60% for a device within 12 months of the date of purchase)

Model Tenure Buyback Redemption Period
S23 Ultra 6 75% Within 30 days from Fold/ Flip Launch.
S23 Plus 6 75% Within 30 days from Fold/ Flip Launch.
S23 Base 6 75% Within 30 days from Fold/ Flip Launch.
S23 Ultra 12 60% Within 30 days from S24 Launch
S23 Plus 12 60% Within 30 days from S24 Launch
S23 Base 12 60% Within 30 days from S24 Launch


  • A. Activation

    • ● During the Invoicing of the device (Samsung S23 series devices) either pre-booking or regular purchase, the customer will confirm with the sales executive about the plan.
    • ● The sales executive will add the plan to the sales order.
    • ● The cashier must invoice the device with the IMEI number, plan article code, and the customer's name and mobile/email ID.
  • B. Raising a Buyback Request

    • ● In the event of the NPI of the same OEM and to avail the buyback benefit the customer must complete/pass the quality check (QC) procedure.
    • ● An online quality / diagnostic check will be conducted while raising a Buyback Request.
    • ● The DG Help tech-bench executive at Sharaf DG to validate the device IMEI with the Invoice and if the device matches the requirements the tech bench executive performs the QC on the partner application.
    • ● The tech-bench executive at Sharaf DG will follow the instructions given on the application to complete the quality check (“QC”) procedure and provide all the details asked in the process. This quality check procedure will undergo at SDG store and in case it does not pass the QC specifications or the terms, the request may be denied.
    • ● On confirmation of the Buyback Request, the customer will hand over the previous Device and original accessories to the DGH Tech-bench executive.
    • ● The DG Help tech-bench executive to confirm the acceptance on the partner portal, based on the acceptance on the portal, they will provide a redemption voucher.
    • ● The customer will present the buyback voucher at the cash counter for redemption.
    • ● The Customer can choose a New Device to be purchased as part of the Buyback Request. The Buyback value will be discounted from the price of the New Device being purchased. At the cashpoint, the customer will make the payment of the difference amount and redeem the Buyback Value.
  • C. Quality Check Specifications

  • ● The original charging cable of the Device needs to be returned in working condition along with the original Device while availing of the Assured Buyback Plan, without any body damage or missing parts
  • ● The Device is switching on and remains in the on mode for a minimum of 10 minutes without being connected to a charger.
  • ● The IMEI of the Device must match the IMEI of the Device at the time of handover. In-case the device was swapped by the Authorized Service Provider during the warranty period the customer must provide evidence of the change in IMEI.
  • ● The device screen and the body of the Device are not in damaged or broken condition and the original Device is in working condition
  • ● There are no cracks in the body of the Device or on the screen.
  • ● Screen lock is not active (all forms of screen locks like pattern, pin, password, fingerprint, face recognition, smart Lock, etc. need to be deactivated).
  • ● The operating system of the original phone isn't rooted or modified.
  • D. Transfer Of Plan

    • ● The transfer of ownership of the Device to another party is only applicable if the customer is carrying the original Invoice of the product and the IMEI is matched.
  • E. General Terms

    • ● The Plan can be opted by the customer during the purchase by paying the plan fees.
    • ● Sharaf DG Team will notify the customer through calls/SMS about the offering one month prior to the date of NPI.
    • ● By completing the Opt-In process for the Plan, the customer also consents to the information such as Mobile Number, IMEI and IMEI activation date being stored in the system and allows it to be used by Sharaf DG and partner for the purpose of Plan Activation, Redemption, and associated communications.
    • ● By agreeing to avail the Plan, the customer hereby represents, warrants, and covenants that:
      • a) The customer is the sole, absolute and lawful owner of the Product.
      • b) The Product has been used by the customer in accordance with the applicable laws of the land.
      • c) The Product along with all its accessories, wherever applicable, under the Plan, is genuine and is not counterfeit, free from all encumbrances, liens, attachments, disputes, legal flaws, or any agreement of sale, etc.
    • ● Failure to provide the requirements will lead to the cancellation of the Plan for the customer and in the sole discretion of Sharaf DG or the partner.
    • ● This Assured Buyback Plan cannot be clubbed with any other offer/campaign/plan, at the time of availing the same.
    • ● The Customer shall not be entitled to receive any cash or any other form of compensation in lieu of the Assured Buyback Value.
    • ● If the original Device invoice is canceled, the Plan shall also stand canceled, and a refund of the Fee shall be made to the Customer in the form/medium Customer used to pay the Fee for purchasing the Plan.
    • ● This Plan and T&C shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates. Any dispute arising out of this Plan and T&C shall first be attempted to be resolved amicably through negotiations.
    • ● The Customer shall not have any claim/ownership over the original phone and the accessories after the buyback voucher is provided.

F. Illustration

Model RRP Buyback Value % Buy Back Price (Below Price basis flawless condition) Tentative New Model Tentative RRP for New Model Customer will Pay After Trade in Scheme
Case of New Fold Purhcase S23 Ultra 4949 75% 3.712 Fold NPI 256GB 6.799 3,087
Fold NPI 512GB 7.249 3,537
S23 Plus 3899 75% 2.924 Fold NPI 256GB 6.799 3,875
Fold NPI 512GB 7.249 4,325
S23 Base 3199 75% 2.399 Fold NPI 512GB 6.799 4,400
Fold NPI 512GB 7.249 4,850
Case of New S24 Purchase S23 Ultra 4949 60% 2.969 S4 Ultra 4.949 1,980
S23 Plus 3899 60% 2.339 S4 Plus 3.899 1,560
S23 Base 3199 60% 1.919 S4 Base 3.199 1,280
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