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Home Decor Ideas for a Festive Makeover During Ramadan

Decorated houses mean two things: festivals or family functions. Tapestries, lanterns, and more are signs of celebrations in the UAE during Ramadan. If your children are looking forward to Eid this year, here’s what you can get from Sharaf to have fun while preparing for it!    

Festive Home Decor for Ramadan  

1. Wall-hangings   

Tapestry can go a long way to make your home look bright, happy, and festive. To liven up the interior design in living and dining rooms during Eid, add yellow, violet, turquoise, and green colors to represent wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Discover the wall handings at offer price at Sharaf DG,

2. Themed calendars   

Children love to keep count of the days till Ramadan. If you have kids at home, hang customized calendars that reveal meaningful stories and legends about Eid al-Fitr to help them keep the traditions alive in the future as well.   

3. Gold balloons   

Whatever the festival, people of all age groups love balloons. To make your Ramadan celebrations kids-friendly and simple simultaneously, get the gold balloons from Sharaf for this year.   

4. Ramadan wall/door signs   

To spread positive vibes around your home during Ramadan, add a ‘Happy Ramadan’, flower wreath or anything from the holy Quran on a wooden board to keep the festive cheer alive.   

5. String lights   

Opt for traditional Arabic-style lanterns and string lights to add a touch of warmth to your home. You can hang these on your mantle above the fireplace or on your dining table, which your children will enjoy.       

6. Lanterns  

If you want a traditional Ramadan decoration like you had in your childhood, you can always add lanterns during your prayers. There are many kinds of lanterns, with several new finishes for a grander look.  

7. Cushion covers  

Pick sofa and swing cushion covers with the crescent moon, ornamental lamps, and Arabic scripts. When you change the cushion covers and sofa spreads, your living space will finally bear a festive ambience and appearance.  

8. Ramadan table settings   

Dried and dull leaves and flowers add charm to your dining table, apart from the fresh ones, straight from your florist. If you can’t get natural flowers and leaves, Sharaf DG has flower and leaf-shaped lights that can still look graceful for your Ramadan dinner.  

9. Lunar accents   

Since the new moon marks the beginning of the Shawwal, crescent-shaped napkin rings, dome-shaped vessels, and anything with the moon on the table can add a festive vibe to your Ramadan dinner table. 

10. Playful pom-poms   

Pom-poms are for kids and adults these days. While the traditional Ramadan celebrations have gold accents at home, you can have gold and silver pom-poms on your table that goes in between your plates and dishes. If you place warm-toned plates for the Ramadan spread, these gold and silver pom-poms will significantly interest your children to participate actively.       

11. LED lights   

Though candles take you back in time, LED lights are now the norm for festive lighting. You can get candle-shaped and traditional Arabic-style window-designed LED light holders that subtly elevate your Ramadan decorations.  

12. Ramadan-themed serving trays   

Food is always an integral part of Eid. To give a twist to the festival this time, serve your food, like cashew and dates and other Ramadan drinks in trays with moons and stars or mosque carvings.   

For a favorite and evergreen Ramadan celebration with your friends and family this year, shop for colorful and festive decorations on Sharaf DG at the lowest prices!  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some popular colors for Ramadan home decor?   

While green is the traditional color of Ramadan, you can also decorate your rooms with dark violet and purple for curtains, coasters, and other tapestries.   

Can I use LED lights for Ramadan home decor?   

LED is a great option to light up your home during Ramadan, especially if you have a large house. While the LED decorations are new, you can adapt to the latest pieces that make large spaces look good!   

How can I decorate my dining table for Ramadan Iftar gatherings?   

While some delicious food awaits your family at the table, you can decorate your dining area with white covers, coasters, and antique-style Arabic serving plates and vessels, which you can easily find online.   

What are some budget-friendly Ramadan home decor ideas?   

You can hang banners with Arabic script, place a Ramadan wreath on the front door, and balloons in earthly tones are a few budget-friendly home décor ideas.   

What are some traditional home decor items for Ramadan?   

Adding a carpet to your living room, hanging bright Arabic-style lanterns, and lighting candles while eating – bring a festive spirit to your home during Ramadan.   

Are there any online stores that specialize in Ramadan home decor?   

Many online stores have a variety of home décor items for Ramadan. But, to get the trending products on social media, you can head to Sharaf DG!  

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