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Enjoy up to 40% off on Home & Kitchen Appliances in UAE

Get up to 40% off on Home & Kitchen Appliances at Sharaf DG UAE

Investing in high-quality electronics is essential to simplify your life and reduce your time on household chores. With up to 70% off on home and kitchen appliances at Sharaf DG, you can get the best brands and smartest appliances at the most affordable rates.

Explore a Range of Top Home Appliances Available in the UAE

Here is an exquisite range of the best home appliances that you can buy at Sharaf DG, UAE:

1. Washing machines

To improve the life and quality of your clothing, you must get washing machines that can save you time, effort, and inconvenience. Wash machines of the best brands like LG washing machine, Super General, Samsung, Hisense, and Toshiba, at the most competitive rates starting from AED 239 to AED 31800, are easily available at Sharaf DG. Some popular options are Front Load, Top Load, or Twin Tub Washers.

2. Fridges & Freezers

The latest fridge and freezer models offer unique functionalities besides simply preserving cooked and uncooked food. The best brands in Refrigerators and Freezers are Super General, Nobel, Hitachi, Hisense, and WestPoint. You can get discounts of up to 70% on these products only at Sharaf DG.

3. Dishwashers

To wash your dishes with impeccable heat, strength, power, and hygiene, you must use a Dishwasher . The best brands are Siemens, Bosch, LG, Hisense, and Midea. The starting range is AED 175, which can go up to AED 6900. You can opt for button-controlled, touch-controlled, or knob-controlled Dishwashers.

4. Vacuum Cleaners

Get rid of dust and allergens using branded vacuum cleaners available at Sharaf DG in various styles like cordless, drum, bagless, or robotic vacuum cleaners.

5. Home Essentials

Other home essentials like irons/ steamers, electric stoves, water purifiers, air conditioners, induction cooktops, cooking ranges, hand blenders, electric cookers, water coolers, Philips steam iron, and more can be purchased from Sharaf DG at a maximum discount of 70% on selected brands and items.

These must-have home accessories will make your life easier and smarter!

Discover A Variety of Top Kitchen Appliances Available in the UAE

Here are some of the best kitchen appliances that are easily available in the UAE at the best rates:

1. Microwaves

Explore a range of Microwaves at Sharaf DG ranging between AED 119 – AED 7299. You can choose from free-standing Grills, Microwave Ovens, and Basic or Built-in Microwaves. The capacity of microwaves can range between 20-30 litres, and the top brands you can rely on are Sharp, Samsung, Teka, LG, and Kenwood.

2. Water Dispensers

Water dispensers help you stay hydrated, and it is very convenient for households and commercial establishments to provide good quality water. Sharaf DG has various brands offering water dispensers, like Philips, Super General, Nobel, Sure, and Nikai. You can buy these machines from AED 17 to AED 13349, in different types like top loading, bottom loading, side-by-side refrigerator, or a water tank cooler. The capacity starts from 2 litres and can go up to 4000 litres.

3. Coffee Machines

Brewing a hot cup of coffee is much more economical and tastier at home than at an expensive coffee place. The best brands of coffee machines are Nespresso, Delonghi, Saachi, SMEG, and Arzum. The price range of coffee machines ranges between AED 14 to AED 11998 at DG Sharaf, with the best deals and offers.

4. Air Fryers

Using an air fryer for weight loss and reducing the ill effects of consuming fried foods is highly recommended. These are safe, practical, energy-saving, and risk-reducing machines. Sharaf DG has the best brands of air fryers, like Philips, Nutricook, Tefal, Kenwood, and Black and Decker. The price range varies between AED 128 – AED 1449 and can come in the form of Buttons, Knob, and Touch Machines.

5. Food Processors & Juicers

These machines help you chop, mix, and process complex foods quickly. They are also great for making delicious fresh fruit juices, smoothies, shakes, salsa, and other recipes. You will find the best offers at Sharaf DG, and the price ranges between AED 108 – AED 4199. Kenwood, Braun, Black and Decker, Philips, and Gratus are the most prominent brands.

6. Kettles & Toasters

Kettles and toasters are basic and necessary home appliances specifically for preparing a quick breakfast. You will find these appliances at the most affordable rates and the best brands at Sharaf DG.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different home appliances?

Ans. Some of the most useful home appliances include washing machines, fridges & freezers, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, home essentials, irons/ steamers, and air conditioners.

What are smart home appliances?

Ans. Smart home appliances are electronic devices connected to your smart home system. These connections are AI-based, and help devices make some decisions on their own as they can interact with other devices. Some key examples of smart home appliances are smart televisions, alarm systems, lighting systems, gas stoves, doorbells, garage doors, and stereos.

Where can I buy home appliances?

Ans. If you live in the UAE, the best place to shop for home appliances is Sharaf DG, where you will find a massive variety at the most affordable rates from the convenience of your own home.

Which brand is the best for kitchen appliances?

Ans. The best brands you can trust for kitchen appliances are Samsung, LG, Super General, Bosch, Siemens, and Hisense.

What types of kitchen appliances are available?

Ans. Every home should have the best kitchen appliances: microwaves, water dispensers, coffee machines, air fryers, food processors & juicers, and kettles, toasters, and more are available for purchase.

Are home appliances energy efficient?

Ans. Home appliances by good brands and available at reliable stores like Sharaf DG come with technologies that reduce the electricity used per product and are less energy intensive. These appliances are eco-friendly as they waste less energy and use fewer resources. Always check the energy label and appliance size before purchasing any home or kitchen product.

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