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Buy Huawei Nova 12i and 12s at Sharaf DG


Buy Huawei Nova 12i and 12s at Sharaf DG

Huawei presented a dazzling Nova series collection to us at the close of March 2024 in the shape of the Huawei Nova 12i and Huawei Nova 12s. With the addition of its new launches to the Huawei Nova series, the experts aim at the entry-level segment. Like many smartphones, both models have impressive features but distinctive styles. Your personal preferences may influence the phone's appearance and could be different. 

When you look at the body of the Huawei Nova 12 series of smartphones, design and comfort are the top priorities. Each phone is carefully developed to give you a blend of comfortable ergonomics and a sleek appearance. The goal is to create a range of smartphones with a combination of technological advancements and modern smartphones in terms of exterior design and price. Grab the best Huawei Nova 12s offers in Dubai only at Sharaf DG.


Key Features of the Huawei Nova 12i

Listed below are the best Huawei Nova 12i features in Dubai that you can experience while picking up this stunning device:

Vibrant Colour

Quite simple yet extremely soothing to the eyes, the Huawei Nova 12i comes in colors like emerald green and obsidian black. The green version showcases a shimmer on the rear, which Huawei refers to as the aurora borealis. This is a fancy name for a shiny object connected to celestial phenomena, also known as the northern lights. The sterling silver orbital star ring surrounds the camera, along with the silver Huawei brand name at the rear bottom.


Excellent display quality

Developed with a smooth and cool dimming feature display, the Nova 12i is logical considering the length of time our eyes remain focused on our devices' screens. The buyers can expect a screen of size 6.7- inches with a high-quality resolution in contrast to the previous models.


Unique Features Loaded

The smartphone lets its users install EMUI 14-powered themes that come with a live view feature. The users can set the process of application in various floating windows. This means that it can multitask with a reasonable speed, which is what it does. It is worth noting that the EMUI operating system comes with an app-tracking system that lets owners keep track of user activities on other sites and apps. 


Capture Quality 

The phone certainly has the most unique camera module. However, using a 108 MP main lens and a 2 MP depth lens gives you superior video and photos. If you want to shoot in daylight, it is possible to use the camera app natively and let it manage the colors, saturation, and white balance. It comes with a variety of camera modes that allow you to capture unforgettable moments effortlessly.


Comfortable to hold

Browsing social media, watching videos, or playing for hours becomes an experience with its lightweight and comfortable dimensions. The Huawei Nova 12i offers an unwinding experience that lets users use their device without feeling uncomfortable.


Huawei Nova 12i and 12s Comparison



Nova 12s

Nova 12i


1084 x 2412 pixels

1080 x 2388 pixels

Screen Type




168 g

199 g


6.7 inches

6.7 inches

Rear Camera

50 MP + 8 MP Dual

108 MP + 2 MP Dual

Front Camera

60 MP

8 MP


4500 mAh

5000 mAh


8 GB

8 GB


256 GB

256 GB

64 Bits



Fingerprint Sensor

Yes, in display

Yes, in display

Face Unlock






Fast Charging



Reverse Charging




Black, White, Gold, and Green

Green, Black


Key Features of the Huawei Nova 12s

Listed below are the best features that you can experience while picking up the Huawei Nova 12s:


A New Era of Mobile Photography

We have the Huawei Nova 12s designed as a powerful camera, thanks to its sophisticated camera system and top-quality design. The smartphone comes loaded with high-end camera features and premium design elements. With its impressive display, great performance, and innovative features, it's the perfect choice for photographers and creators.


Distinctive Appearance

Making use of natural materials to make every phone unique, the Huawei Nova 12s sets itself apart with its innovative symmetrical design and intricate design, which draws you into the advanced camera module.


Lightweight Device

When it comes to the physicality of this new launch, the ergonomic design will provide a pleasant user experience even during lengthy sessions. Nova 12s have slim profiles and lightweight constructions, making them perfect for one-handed operation and easy mobility. The manufacturers achieved the ideal weights and dimensions by focusing on an equilibrium between convenience and function.


Significance of Colors Available In Huawei Nova 12i and 12s

The colors offered by the Huawei Nova 12 series include Gold, Green, White, and Black. Each has its distinct personality and caters to various preferences and tastes.


  • This elegant and timeless option
  • favorite for those who like a minimalist style
  • A great choice for professionals or anyone who likes sleek and minimalist design.


  • Elegant and radiant
  • gold brings a touch of glamor to the phone which makes it a great option for those who like to be different from the rest.
  • a symbol of confidence and style that reflects a sense of elegance and refinement.


  • Fresh and vibrant
  • Green symbolizes harmony, growth, and vitality. 
  • It appeals to people who are nature lovers and who enjoy a dash of color to enhance their lives. 
  • Green phones exude a feeling of enthusiasm and excitement.


  • Timeless and clean
  • symbolizes simplicity, purity, and modernity..
  • color that goes with every design or fashion
  • a preferred option for people who like an elegant and minimalist style. 
  • White phones convey a sense of class.

The final decision on the color will depend on your style and preferences. If you like the classic elegance of black, elegant appeal in gold, vibrant radiance of green, or timeless simplicity in white. There's a selection within the Huawei Nova 12 series to match your personality and lifestyle. Buy the Huawei Nova 12i best price in Dubai at Sharaf DG.

Frequently Asked Question - Huawei Nova 12i

Ques. What is the camera quality of the Huawei Nova 12i?

Ans. 108 MP + 2 MP Dual

Ques. What colors are available in Huawei Nova 12s?

Ans. Buy Huawei Nova Dubai in Black, White, Gold, and Green colors.

Ques. What are the top reasons to buy Huawei Nova 12s?

Ans. The top reason is that the Huawei Nova 12s features Dubai and its completely stunning display and sleek design.

Ques. What is the weight of HUAWEI nova 12i?

Ans. 199g.

Ques. Is this device lightweight?

Ans. The device comes with slim profiles and lightweight constructions.

Ques. How to grab Huawei Nova 12i and 12s at discounted rates in Dubai?

Ans. You will love to buy high-end smartphones in Dubai like Huawei Nova 12i and 12s at Sharaf DG at discounted prices.

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