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A female using a Lenovo Yoga on the table, under moody violet light

Turn inspiration into creation

Elevate your ambitions

Make an impact

A group of young people chatting around Lenovo Yoga on the table, under moody red light
A group of young people chatting around Lenovo Yoga on the table, under moody red light
A group of young people chatting around Lenovo Yoga on the table, under moody red light

Your Yoga

Transform your creative potential with Yoga, a premium, powerful ecosystem of devices. Whether it's the Yoga Pro, Yoga Slim, Yoga Convertible or Yoga AIO, each device offers users to express their creativity in their own way to discover, unleash and amplify their imagination.


A Lenovo Yoga Book 9i unfolded with in book mode and folded, with accessories


Yoga Book 9i

Rewrite everything you thought you knew with the world's first full-sized OLED dual screen laptop. The ultimate tool for creative innovation, the Yoga Book 9i's PureSight OLED dual-screen format gives the modern-day creative unlimited possibilities to bring their vision to life like never before. Dual screens, Multimode+, Unparalleled Portability, and Carbon Neutral Certified, the Yoga Book 9i empowers the user to craft their own story - in their own way.

AI Engine+

The Yoga is now a smarter PC with AI Engine+. With smart AI-tuned performance, your device is now more secure, fluid, lightning fast and crucially, more intuitive. Intelligent Sense gives you secure, immediate access with Windows Hello, sharper resolution and visuals, voice and gesture controls, reduced ambient noise and more. And keep your device more secure and protected than ever with Integrated Security.


Effectively eliminate all distractions and experience optimal call clarity within a 50cm radius with innovative narrow beaming technology. Four integrated noise-cancelling microphones work in tandem to remove all background noise for seamless voice calls. And when multiple people are in the room, switch on the 360-degree voice capture mode for full audio coverage of every voice.

A young person working on the Lenovo Yoga placed on the table, under moody violet light


Unlock your full creative and collaborative potential with Yoga convertible's dynamic modes of use. Embrace the rhythm of your life and switch effortlessly between laptop, stand, tent or tablet mode with the trademark 360-degree Yoga hinge for a smooth, stable rotation, allowing you freedom to play, create and collaborate on your own terms. With the Multimode+ affordedf by Yoga Book - you can enjoy brand new scroll and book modes to unlock even more limitless possibilities.


Sustainable Packaging

We use recycled, renewable, and innovative bio-based materials in our packaging to help reduce our environmental impact.

  • Our entire 2023 Yoga product portfolio packaging is made up of 90% Recycled and Renewable materials.
  • The Yoga Book 9i achieves Plastic-Free Packaging.
  • The plastic packaging cushion on select 2023 Yoga products is replaced with Dry-Pressed Paper Pulp.*
    *Only for 2023 Yoga 6 and 2023 Yoga Slim 71 Carbon
  • All paper we use in 2023 Yoga packaging are FSC-certified.
  • The system bag that ships with the 2023 Yoga 6 is made from Bamboo Fibre and is 100% Bio-Based.
  • 30% Ocean-Bound Plastic is used in the system bags for all 2023 Yoga 7/7i and 2023 Yoga Slim 6/6i.
Sustainable Materials

Incorporating recycled aluminum and post-consumer recycled plastic, the 2023 Yoga Series’ sustainable design helps us to move towards a more environmentally-friendly future.

  • For every 100K 2023 Yoga Pro 9i 14'' we manufacture, we use 4.475 tons of Recycled Aluminum in our products, equivalent to the amount of Recycled Aluminum found in over one million typical 12-ounce beverage cans!*
    * Based on the assumption that a typical 12-ounce aluminum beverage can contains around 33% recycled aluminum and weighs approximately 13 grams.
  • At least 50% Recycled Aluminum is used in the top or bottom cover across the 2023 Yoga portfolio*
    *With the exception of the Yoga Slim 7i Carbon.
  • The Yoga Book 9i's top cover is made of 100% Recycled Aluminum. And the fabric in the Yoga 6’s top cover is made from 100% Recycled Plastic.
  • The power adaptor case is made from 90% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic across the 2023 Yoga portfolio.*
    *With the exception of Yoga Pro 7/7i and Yoga Pro 9/9i.
  • The keyboards are made of at least 50% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic on select 2023 Yoga Products.*
    *Only for 2023 Yoga Pro 7/7i. Yoga Pro 9/9i, and Yoga Slim 7.
  • We use 4.8 tons of Recycled Plastic for every 100k 2023 Yoga 7i 16'' manufactured, and 13.4 tons in packaging.
Smarter Climate Action

We are environmentally conscious through smarter climate action with multiple certifications and the use of FSC-certified Paper in packaging that contributes to reforestation.

  • All 2023 Yoga are EPEAT® Gold registered*
    * EPEAT-registered where applicable - see www.epeat.net for registration status by country.
  • All Yoga Book 9i's are Carbon Neutral Certified*
    *PAS 2060:2014. Product carbon footprint is conducted in accordance with ISO 14067:2018, and certified by TÜV Rheinland''
  • All 2023 Yoga products are ENERGY STAR® certified.
  • All 2023 Yoga PCs support Lenovo C02 Offset Services*
    *Only for 2023 Yoga Pro 7/7i. Yoga Pro 9/9i, and Yoga Slim 7.
  • With the exception of the Yoga Book 9i. Offset estimated emissions across the average lifecycle of your PC. help support vetted climate action projects around the world, and have full transparency of the contribution you are making towards the environment.
  • For every 100k units of the 2023 Yoga Slim 7 14'' manufactured, we use 61.2 tons of FSC-certified Paper for the packaging, contributing to over 1000 trees being replanted or allowed to regenerate naturally.

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A young female with a Lenovo Yoga under her arm, under violet light

Yoga + Windows 11, easier together.

Windows 11 brings you closer to what you love with the powerful performance and ultimate portability of the Yoga portfolio.

Completely reimagined everything simplified - making it easy to connect to what matters most.

Type without keyboards. Sketch on screens. Tap or click. Giving you more ways to work, play, and create.

Save your time and screen space with Snap layout, customized taskbar, multiple desktops, and seamless redocking.

Harness your creative power with our inspired Yoga series, carrying all the latest Windows 11 built-in creator tools - Journal app, Clipchamp, Screen Recorder in Snipping tool, Photos apps etc. Unleash your creativity in the most efficient way.

Footnotes and disclaimers
  1. As of November 30 2022
  2. Based on research conducted internally by Lenovo as of April 7 2022 of all major PC manufacturers shipping more than one million units worldwide annually.
  3. All shipped Yoga Slim 9i are carbon neutral certified to PAS 2060:2014
  4. Product carbon footprint is conducted in accordance with ISO 14067:2018 and certified by TÜV Rheinland
  5. Based on Lenovo internal lab test data, more 70% of the plastic by weight were reduced from Yoga 9i and Yoga Slim 9i via using Korrvu suspension film to replace traditional plastic cushion
  6. EPEAT Silver registered in the US on all 2022 Yoga laptops except Yoga Slim 7 Pro and Slim 7 Carbon series
  7. 30% recycled plastic in power adapters for all 2022 Yoga laptops with the exception of Yoga Slim 9i, Yoga Slim 7i Carbon, Yoga Slim 7 Pro
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