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Grab the Best LG OLED TVs Offers at Sharaf DG

Source: Omdia Unit shipments, 2013-2022. Results are not an endorsement of LG Electronics. Any reliance on these results is at the third party’s own risk Visit www.omdia.com for more details.

Shop LG Oled Televisions at Best Prices at Sharaf DG, UAE

Picture this: each pixel on your TV screen emits light, creating perfect blacks, infinite contrast, and unprecedented realism. That's precisely what LG OLED technology offers. With self-lit pixels, every scene comes to life with unparalleled depth and clarity. LG OLED TVs deliver an immersive viewing experience that will leave you in awe.In this blog, we will explore the remarkable features of LG OLED TVs and dive into the breathtaking visual technology behind models like the LG OLED C1, C2, the LG OLED Flex series, and the game-changing LG OLED Evo.

The Top 5 Benefits of Buying LG OLED Televisions

When it comes to television technology, LG OLED sets the standard for excellence. LG OLED TVs offer many advantages that will elevate your home entertainment. Here are the five primary reasons LG's TVs are a cut above the rest.

• Perfect Black, Intense Colour, and Infinite Contrast with Self-Lighting OLED:

LG OLED TVs boast self-lit pixels that emit light, resulting in perfect black levels, intense and accurate colours, and infinite contrast. With OLED technology, each pixel can turn on or off independently, ensuring that dark scenes are genuinely black and bright scenes are vividly vibrant.

• 4K A9 Gen 5 AI Processor with AI Sound & Picture:

Equipped with the powerful 4K A9 Gen 5 AI Processor, LG OLED TVs deliver unrivalled image and sound quality. This advanced processor optimizes every frame, enhancing sharpness, clarity, and colour accuracy. Additionally, AI Sound and AI Pictures intelligently analyze and improve the audio and visual elements.

• WebOS & AI ThinQ™ w/ New Magic Remote:

LG OLED TVs come with WebOS, a user-friendly and intuitive intelligent TV platform offering seamless browsing and content discovery experience. With AI ThinQ™, you can control your TV and connected smart devices using voice commands. In addition, the New Magic Remote adds a touch of magic to your TV interaction, allowing you to navigate effortlessly and control your TV with simple gestures.

• NVIDIA GSYNC & Freesync:

For avid gamers, LG OLED TVs support NVIDIA GSYNC and Freesync technologies, ensuring smooth gameplay with reduced screen tearing and stuttering. Immerse yourself in action with responsive and fluid visuals, taking your gaming experience to new heights.

• Eye Comfort Display:

: LG OLED TVs prioritize eye comfort with features like OLED Eye Comfort Display. This technology reduces blue light emissions while maintaining colour accuracy, providing a more comfortable viewing experience even during extended periods.

The Most Popular LG OLED Televisions In Dubai, UAE

LG OLED TVs are now the TV to have if you live in Dubai. That being said, these are the highly sought-after LG OLED TVs, you should consider if you are looking to transform the way you indulge in movies, shows, and gaming.

1. LG OLED TV 65 Inch A2 series, Cinema Screen Design 4K Cinema HDR webOS22 with ThinQ AI Pixel Dimming OLED65A26LA (2022 Model)

Experience the LG OLED A2 series, where stunning visuals come to life with self-lit OLED 4K technology and the powerful α7 Gen5 AI processor 4K. Enjoy a cinematic viewing experience with the narrow bezel design while Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos deliver immersive audio. Control your entertainment with LG AI ThinQ, webOS Smart TV, and the Magic Remote. Rediscover the true meaning of immersive viewing with the LG OLED 65 Inch A2 series.

2. LG OLED evo TV 65 Inch C2 series, Cinema Screen Design 4K Cinema HDR webOS22 with ThinQ AI Pixel Dimming – OLED65C26LA (2022 Model)

The LG OLED C2 is in a league of its own. With self-lit OLED 4K technology and the Brightness Booster feature, enjoy vibrant and realistic images. The α9 Gen5 AI processor and Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro optimize contrast and detail. The sleek bezel design enhances immersion, while Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos deliver precision and immersive audio. Elevate your home entertainment with the LG OLED evo TV 65 Inch C2 series, where cutting-edge technology and captivating visuals redefine your viewing experience.

3. LG OLED evo TV 65 Inch G2 series, Gallery Design 4K Cinema HDR webOS22 with ThinQ AI Pixel Dimming OLED65G26LA (2022 Model)

Enter the realm of visual brilliance with the LG OLED evo G2 series. This Gallery Edition TV is a masterpiece of art and innovation, featuring self-lit OLED 4K technology and the remarkable Brightness Booster Max for 30% brighter pictures. Powered by the α9 Gen5 AI processor and Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, it delivers vibrant colours and striking detail. In addition, the flush-fit wall mount Gallery design seamlessly integrates with your space, while Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos create a captivating audio-visual experience.

4. LG OLED 4K Smart TV, 65 Inch G1 Series Gallery Design 4K Cinema HDR webOS Smart with ThinQ AI Pixel Dimming (2021 Model)

Experience ultrasharp clarity of content with the remarkable 4K SELF-LIT OLED evo technology, ensuring every detail is brought to life with stunning precision with this LG OLED G1 series TV. Its ultra-slim (19.9 mm) gallery design and built-in flush-fit wall mount seamlessly blend with your living space, adding a touch of elegance to your home. Prepare to be transported to the heart of the action with exceptional cinema and sports performance enhanced by Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos. Seamlessly control your TV and connected devices with LG AI ThinQ and navigate the webOS Smart TV platform effortlessly. The Pointing and Wheel Control Magic Remote puts the power of smart LG technology right at your fingertips.

5. LG OLED 2022 TV 65 Inch CS Series, narrow bezel Design 4K (2022 Model)

Immerse yourself in true brilliance and clarity of content with the LG CS series OLED TV which delivers unparalleled picture quality. Perfect Colour ensures 100% colour fidelity, while the Eye Comfort Display enhances your viewing experience with optimal comfort. Powered by the α9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K, this TV offers AI 4K upscaling, bringing new life to your favourite content. For seamless connectivity, navigate effortlessly with ThinQ AI webOS Smart TV, controlled by the NFC Magic Remote. Enjoy a true cinema experience with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos. Elevate your gaming with unlimited possibilities, including GSYNC, AMD FreeSync Premium, LG VRR, HGiG HDMI 2.1, and Game Optimiser.

At Sharaf DG, we understand that finding the perfect TV is not just about cutting-edge technology; it's also about getting the best value for your money. That's why we offer the best prices on LG OLED TVs, ensuring you can bring home the ultimate entertainment experience without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is OLED better than 4K?

Ans. OLED and 4K are not directly comparable as they refer to different aspects of a TV. OLED refers to the display technology, while 4K refers to the resolution. However, OLED TVs often offer exceptional picture quality, including vibrant colours and deep blacks.

2. Is Sony OLED or LG OLED better?

Ans. Both Sony OLED and LG OLED have their strengths, but LG OLED TVs are widely regarded for their superior picture quality, wider availability, and advanced features.

3.Is OLED better than QLED?

Ans. OLED and QLED are different display technologies. OLED offers deeper blacks and wider viewing angles, while QLED offers brighter highlights. The choice depends on personal preference and specific needs.

4. Why is OLED costly?

Ans. OLED TVs tend to be more expensive due to the intricate manufacturing process involved in producing self-lit pixels and the high demand for OLED panels.

5. What are the features of LG OLED TVs?

Ans. LG OLED TVs boast features like perfect black levels, intense colour reproduction, infinite contrast, AI processors for enhanced picture and sound, webOS smart platform, Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, and gaming technologies like G-SYNC and FreeSync.

6. What is better, LG OLED C1 or A1?

Ans. The LG OLED C1 is generally considered a more advanced model than the A1, offering newer features and improvements in picture quality and processing capabilities.

7. Which is the latest OLED TV from LG?

Ans. The LG X1 Pose 55 is the latest OLED TV from LG.

8. What is the best product, OLED TV?

Ans. The best OLED TV for you depends on your preferences, budget, and desired features.

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