Microsoft launches the Windows Phone 8


This phone is set to challenge the existing leaders in the Smartphone market – Apple and Samsung. Here’s our quick overview:

The most personal smartphone

The new software is more personalized and user-friendly. The most noticeable feature—the heart of the phone—is the Live Tiles. You can prioritize and pin your favourite apps, contacts or whatever other information you like. It makes it really easy to see what a contact is up to on all social platforms in one place. Live Apps are another bonus as they deliver updates directly to your home screen even when it’s locked. For instance, a news item from CNN or a new deal by Groupon, will flash right on your home screen. The lock screen has easier access and can be updated with new content from live apps.

Unique Features

The new Kid’s Corner feature lets your kids browse your phone without any worries. You can pre-select apps, music, videos etc that will be featured here so only these will be accessible to your kids, while the rest of the phone remains locked. Though you can still receive calls, new messages and emails will not appear till the phone is switched back to normal.

You can also create Rooms and add people with whom you can share to-do-lists, calendars, messages and photos. The best part is that it isn’t just restricted to Windows phones. Even an iOS user can access the shared content except for the calendar, which needs a Microsoft account.

Another amazing feature is Data Sense that allows users to browse the internet without spending extra bucks on the data package. The software automatically compresses web pages by 50%, finds free hotspots, and automatically adjusts settings when users approach their data limit.

Beautiful Design

All the Windows 8 phones are absolutely stunning with their large screens, beautiful displays and bright colours. The phones don’t just look good themselves, but make everything around look good too. The camera is advanced enough to allow almost professional photography.

Stay Connected

A premium Skype experience is another unique feature of Windows 8. Skype calls work just like regular calls because it’s always on. Dial a skype contact directly from their contact card and receive incoming calls just like regular calls.

The Windows 8 Phone merges all your data seamlessly. Thanks to SkyDrive Cloud which has 7 GB of free storage, syncing across PC’s (with Windows 8) and even your Xbox 360 is a breeze. The phone definitely seems to be in the run for the top phones in the coming year and it seems like a good investment, especially if you’re a Microsoft loyalist. As Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says, “If you are one of the hundreds of millions of people who will use Windows 8 in the next year, there is no better phone for you than a Windows Phone.

Are you going to be the first few buyers as soon as it comes to the UAE?