Forever 52 SN001 Sponger & Applicators

Model: SN001

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Forever 52 SN001 Sponger & Applicators
Forever 52 SN001 Sponger & Applicators
Forever 52 SN001 Sponger & Applicators

Beauty Sponges – SN007

Blend, contour, apply and chisel your make-up to achieve a flawless make-up with easy to handle and use Beauty Sponge from Daily Life Forever52.

The pear-shaped make-up sponge is perfect for easy application and blending of make-up products and offer comfortable grip and helps you to put on the make-up in desirable manner. While the wide base of the sponge can be used to spread the products over a large area, the pointed-tip allows a precision application over areas like nose, upper-lip, around eyes etc.

The soft and feather-touch sponge is safe to use for applying make-up, even on sensitive skins.


Step 1 – Dampen your Daily Life Forever52 Beauty Sponge till it grows in its size.
Step 2 – Squeeze all the excess water from it. This allows the makeup to sit on the top of the sponge rather than getting absorbed, allowing you to make the most of your product.
Step 3 – Dispense the product over Beauty Sponge and apply it in desirable manner. For intense strokes and blending, hold the sponge from mid-section. For milder strokes, hold it from the base.
Brand Forever52
Type Sponge