Tramontina Cookware 6pc Set

Model: 65360394

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Key Information
Tramontina Cookware 6pc Set
Tramontina Cookware 6pc Set

Tramontina 65360394 Cookware 6pc Set

Product Features

  • Made of stainless steel, so it does not release any residue in the food, keeping them healthy
  • Highly durable, it retains its original characteristics while preserving the beauty, hygiene and durability of the material
  • The triple bottom (stainless steel + aluminum + stainless steel) distributes heat evenly, providing faster and more uniform cooking saving energy and leaving food warmer for longer
  • With glass lid that can be supported on the edge of the pan, causing the condensed steam in the lid to flow into the pan
  • Distinctive and modern design, with a high gloss finish
  • They can be washed daily in the dishwasher
  • Can be used in stoves: gas, electric, vitroceramic and induction
Brand Tramontina
Type Cookware Set
Features Stainless Steel Material | With Glass Lid | Glass Caps With Steam Outlet and Perfect Fit | Product with Triple Bottom