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Importance of Regular AC Service and Maintenance Checklist

Winter’s almost over, and summer is knocking on your door. To stay cool during the sweltering summer months, you need to ensure your ACs are in perfect working condition.

While AC service companies can help you with AC maintenance, the next section details how to maintain your air conditioner with an AC maintenance checklist to ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

Highlighting the Key Checklist Points to Maintain Your AC This Summer

Clean the Air Filters

While most AC maintenance tasks can be conducted annually, the air filter needs to be replaced every 1 to 2 months.

Clean the Air Conditioner’s Coil

Inspect the condenser and evaporator coils and look for any signs of damage. Cracks or holes in the coil can cause leaks and damage your AC performance. For outdoor units, using a garden hose is a great solution. For stubborn dirt or heavy build-up, go for an AC coil cleaner solution. 

Since there is not much space around the evaporator coil, be careful while cleaning it. If the filters are changed regularly, you might not need to clean the evaporator coil at all. 

Straighten the Coil Fins

The condenser and evaporator coils have fins that cool your AC. Use a fin comb to restore your broken or bent coil fins since this causes an increase in electricity consumption. Restoring your fins also improves AC efficiency.

Remove Debris from the AC Unit

Clear any debris and standing water from the drain pan. You can use a rag or a flexible drain brush for this. This will unclog your drain line. A wet or dry vacuum can also be used for cleaning the debris. 

Understand How Your AC Unit Works

Some basic maintenance issues can be addressed without engaging an AC technician. By inspecting and observing how your AC works, you can do DIY maintenance and ensure your AC works efficiently. Simple things like changing filters to keep your AC clean helps it function better. 

Also, check for loose screws or parts since these cause air leaks and high humidity. The case and panels of your AC should not be loose or damaged. The surface on which the AC is mounted must be secure and sturdy. 

Lubricate the Blower and Condenser Fans

Since the condenser fan motor is exposed to dirt, debris, and rain, you need to lubricate it regularly. This keeps the condenser fan motor in optimal working condition. Make sure you do this if you hear a high-pitched screeching sound from the motor. 

The blower is a centrifugal fan that spreads air evenly throughout the room and is an important part of your AC. Keep the fan dust-free and place the motor in a fixed position. Check the fan belt for wear and tear, and replace it if required. You can replace the belts every year or so. 

Check the Thermostat for Proper Operation

The thermostat’s temperature reading should be tested using a portable temperature sensor for accuracy. The dampers and valves should function properly. Follow the thermostat schedule when switching the AC on or off. For advanced issues, call an HVAC professional.  

Inspect and Clean the Drain Line and Drain Pan

A dirty drain may not affect the performance of your AC directly but can create a mess around the AC if not cleaned. Check your drain pan and line for signs of slime since this can cause clogging and overflowing of the drain pan. These pans are normally dry, and if there is water in them, they block the drain line.

A rag can be used to clean the stagnant water in the drain pan. A flexible drain brush can be used to clean the inside of the drain line. 

Unclog the Rear Drain

When the rear drain is clogged, the water is trapped inside the AC and comes out of any opening it can find. Instead of cooling the room, it increases the humidity within. Water accumulation inside the AC can be avoided by unclogging the rear drain.

Key Points to Explain the Need of Annual AC Maintenance

Saving Money on Repairs

With annual AC maintenance, problems can be detected at an early stage. Major technical issues and excessive repair costs can be avoided. 

Saving Money on Energy Costs

When your AC functions at the highest efficiency, it consumes less electricity, lowering your energy bills. 

To Extend the Life of Your AC System

Your AC will have a longer operating life with regular maintenance since breakdowns are avoided. 

Recommended by Experts

The Energy Department provides standard maintenance guidelines and recommends that they be followed. You can trust these recommendations since they come from experts. 

More Convenient

When you schedule AC maintenance at regular intervals, you suffer less since no emergency calls need to be made. In addition, you might not find a technician if you have an emergency during the busy summer seasons. 

Required by Warranty Considerations

If you don’t get your AC serviced regularly under an AMC contract, you might not get free replacement of spare parts even if your AC is within the warranty period. 

Helps in Cleaning

Regular maintenance ensures that dirt or debris accumulation in your AC is minimized, so cleaning can be done faster and with more efficiency. 

For Year-Round Comfort

With regularly scheduled maintenance, you face fewer problems with the performance of your AC and get stress-free cooling all year round. 

Revealing the Basic Points to be Considered While Choosing an AC Service Company

Right Training and Tools

The latest ACs have BLDC motors and dual inverters, and there are multiple models to choose from. You need specialists in specific AC models to repair your AC, so check their credentials before calling them.

Safety Precautions

Given the pandemic, every technician should follow Government regulations and wear the proper safety equipment. Don’t forget to ask basic questions regarding vaccination before you let them in. 

Experience and Expertise  

A technician from a reputed and experienced company can provide better service than a novice, so check the experience of the company and technician. 


Don’t forget to verify customer testimonials online beforehand. Customer handling indicates the professionalism of a company, so how the technician treats customers can help you make a decision. Their politeness, transparency, and professional approach to work should be assessed. 


Don’t forget proximity. A company with a service center closes to your home would provide faster service since they would require less time to reach your home. 

Quality of Spare Parts

Make sure that the parts used are genuine, even if they are expensive. Saving a small amount in terms of spare parts can lead to bigger problems with counterfeits later. 

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