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Experience The Perfect Truth View

Immerse yourself in 8K High Frame

Open the era of true picture quality you’ve never seen before. On a vivid frame, the smallest detail is recreated in an incredibly sophisticated way, combined with top-notch resolution, QLED 8K Q900R as it encompasses all senses, turns every footage as genuine. you are witnessing.

33 Million Impressive Pixels

8K breakthrough image technology possesses 4 times higher resolution than 4K UHD TV and 16 times higher than FHD quality. With more than 33 million pixels seamlessly covering the entire TV screen, the Samsung QLED 8K generation delivers a full range of sharp images and reproduces all the brilliant colors never seen before.

Admire Perfect Depth

The QLED TV 8K Q900R optimizes superior resolution to create incredible depth of image and the ability to perfectly display complex details, delivering true 8K frames as you are before your eyes.

The Big Frame Encompasses All Senses

With millions of pixels covered, the Samsung QLED 8K Q900R seamlessly and transparently displays each display scene, captivating you in the pure, pure beauty of life on a magnificent, impressive screen masterpiece.

Perfectly Recreating Each Detail

Admire the pure color never seen. With the ability to analyze and control backlight in each of the projection frames from Direct Full Array 16X technology, QLED conveys impressive details of the most complex images with deep black color, minimizing the phenomenon of light exposure, create incredible depth for the content displayed.

8K HDR Breaker Vividly No Ever

Quantum HDR 32X technology with the ability to optimize HDR contrast range according to each different scene, meticulously reproduce the smallest detail and create the highest image quality according to the manufacturer. Perfect every color of life right in your own space.

Immerse yourself in the Big Screen

Enjoy the full range of life colors on a large, sharp screen. Combined with the perfect display quality, the new generation QLED TV gives you a vivid, realistic viewing experience that is happening before you.

Identity From All Views

Enjoy content that looks great in every location with Ultra Viewing Angle to minimize light leakage, focus and evenly distribute the light on the dashboard to give you the freedom to enjoy mid-range colors. real and homogeneous in every position in space.

Breakthrough Technology With Superior Processor

The advanced Quantum 8K Processor uses special algorithms to handle and improve image quality, automatically adjust the brightness, TV sound to accommodate all room conditions and display content.

Smart Mode

Each room environment is considered unique and has an impact on the sound and brightness levels of different TVs. Smart Mode from the new generation QLED automatically adjusts sound based on display content, giving you a perfect, clear and optimal sound quality under all conditions.

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