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F.A.Q – Solutionbar

Can you explain Solution Bar? Please tell us about your service?

Solution Bar is a platform for innovative products to be showcased physically in front of customers. We operate on Retail As A Service model for products by displaying, demoing and selling those products at zero commission in prime locations across Sharaf DG stores.

How does it work?

Showcasing your product is a simple process

  • Sign up the agreement for the required stores and complete onboarding documentation.
  • Send stocks to our single warehouse location, we will handle inter-store logistics from there.
  • Watch as your product goes live within 5-7 working days.
  • Receive a dashboard to track engagements, interactions, sales, customer feedback and other statistics.

Does Solution Bar just have physical retail? Will you try other channels apart from retail?

  • For companies that have signed up at the Solution Bar, we also offer an optional listing on the e-commerce platform.
  • Standard category-based commission applies to sell on the e-commerce platform.
  • The supplier is responsible to send stocks, customs cleared to the Sharaf DG warehouse.

Sharaf DG will arrange delivery and returns to and from customers at no extra cost.

What is the difference between the Solution Bar and the rest of the Sharaf DG retail space?

The Solution Bar is a highlighted/prime space within Sharaf DG stores and is dedicated to displaying and demoing innovative and exciting products. It consists of passionate associates specially dedicated to the solution bar. Rest of the Sharaf DG retail space is designed to stock the widest range of electronics available in the UAE. Solution Bar will solely be dedicated to help innovative startups create themselves a place on the Sharaf DG shelves in the future and be placed with the big names prevalent to the electronics market.

How many people will view my product?

Every month over 1.5 million customers visit our stores to make their purchases and enjoy the exceptional service and ambience that Sharaf DG has become famous for. Additionally, your brand will also be visible on Sharaf DG online portals such as the web and mobile application.

What are the benefits of displaying my product at the Solution Bar?

  • The benefits are many, some are listed for you below-
  • Get associated with the No.1 Electronics retailer of UAE.
  • Your product would be displayed at Sharaf DG which experiences over 1. 5 mn customers visiting the store every month and over 2 million online traffic.
  • A chance to get listed permanently on Sharaf DG shelves.
  • An opportunity of being seen by 90+ nationalities.
  • Passionate sales executives who are solely dedicated towards explaining USP of your product would be appointed.
  • Ease of onboarding
  • 100% of sales proceeds would be sent back to you. We take 0 commission.
  • Data obtained through interactions, demos and surveys are curated and you have access to a customized dashboard where you can keep a tab on these metrics and product performance constantly.

At the end of your tenure at Solution Bar we will also recommend 2 suitable distributors from the region who will help you accomplish your retail goals for the region.

What’s next once we sign the agreement?

Once you sign the agreement and send us a copy, we will send the onboarding steps immediately to kick start the process of getting your products at Solution Bar.

What is the onboarding process and how long does it take?

Onboarding is a simple 5 step process. All you have to do is fill a few forms with details about your product. Onboarding steps will be sent to you once you sign the agreement.

How long will it take for a product to be accessible to end consumers?

It will take up to 7 working days to have your product displayed at the solution bar once you send us the onboarding forms.

When does the subscription period begin?

The start date of your subscription period at the Solution Bar only begins once the product is displayed at the store. The process on onboarding is not included in that period.

How many units should we send across?

You can send as many units as you’d like. However, brands usually begin with shipping smaller quantities and then restock as and when required.

How would we know how many units are remaining so we could schedule next shipment?

You can view information about inventory and sales along with other metrics on your personal dashboard. This can help keep you updated at all times about the requirement of next shipment of units.

Where is the Solution Bar located?

Solution Bar is currently live in Sharaf DG stores in Times Square Centre, Deira City Center, Dubai Mall

What is TRA? Do I require it?

It is a certification issued by Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)-Government of UAE for products that consist of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Any product consisting of these need to obtain TRA certification in order to sell in UAE.

How can I apply for TRA? How much does it cost?

We can assist you in obtaining TRA at cost i.e. at no service charge. It costs approximately USD 190.

How long does it take to obtain TRA? What are the documents I would be required to send to obtain TRA?

It takes about 5 working days to obtain TRA. You just need to send the Technical specification sheet of your product, the declaration of conformity and test reports. In-depth details of these are mentioned in the onboarding forms sent to you.

Would I need to have Solution Bar as an exclusive retailer in the region?

We don’t require any exclusivity from the brand. You can choose to sell anywhere else as well while at Solution Bar.

Is there a minimum contract?

There is no long term binding towards the Solution Bar so you are free to test and try different stores. To be more specific, if you choose Option 1, you can only be with us 1 month if you choose to. If you choose Option 2, the minimum contract period is 3 months in the beginning, and you can choose to renew monthly after that.

How many stores can we choose to be in at the same time?

You can choose to be in any number of stores Solution Bar is available in.

What is the time period for payments to be sent back to my brand?

All sales proceeds will be sent back to the brand within 15 days at the end of every month during your tenure at Solution Bar.

What will engage a walking customer?

The new Sharaf DG design introduced the concept of a solution bar which is situated at prime locations within the store and is fully equipped to show-off by highlighting your products aiming to gain maximum attention from customers. Sharaf DG will open, display and demo a single unit out of the entire inventory received. The brand would be asked how they want the product to be displayed including what content would go on the tablets. The product would be kept up and running at the Solution Bar enabling customers to interact with them seamlessly.

Additionally, presence of expert solution bar sales associates who can locate, demo and educate the customer on the product.

How are the sales executives trained?

There is a form provided in the onboarding where you can fill in details and provide content/material for efficient training of sales executives. We can also hold a call between you and our product expert for a discussion about preferred method of demo.

Do I have to sign up for all Solution Bar enabled stores?

No, you can feel free to sign up for a single store or as many stores as you wish.

Why not margin?

The reason we have a subscription fee allocated and due in advance is cause of the costs we incur prior to setting up any display. This includes the entire display structure, along with the tablet, that is manufactured and the proposed marketing that we allocate to social media, in-store digital screens, in-store radio, digital catalog and email strips going out to 0.4 million people.

Who is the buyer of the product?

The buyer is the end customer as the products are on consignment basis

Can I pay the subscription fee via Credit Card?

Yes, this is possible.

What do I put in invoice value as its on consignment?

Invoice value is typically the landed cost/distributor cost and not the retail price. 5% customs is applicable on invoice value.

How do I decide the retail price of the product?

You have the power to price the product and the entire sales proceeds are sent back to you. We take ZERO commission/margin. All products are subject to VAT and payment gateway charges. You can calculate the right price of your product with the help of our calculator.

What is VAT? Who bears the cost?

As per recent regulations set by the UAE government every product is subject to VAT. This VAT is added to the retail price you decide and is paid by the customer. These proceeds are sent to the government. Further details are mentioned in the agreement.

What is payment gateway?

When a payment is processed a menial payment gateway/transaction fee charge is levied by the banks. This is a fee borne by customers. Details are mentioned on the agreement.

Do you operate on revenue sharing basis?

Solution Bar provides Retail As A Service on a flat fee and does not take any margin/commission.

We will handle marketing for your product as well. We use a combination of online and offline media which includes,

Offline –

  • In store radio
  • In store digital screens
  • Placards
  • Strip ads in print media
  • Ads/Strip ads in catalogues and fliers


  • Presence on website
  • Posts on social media
  • Strip ads in e mails

Do we need to send some marketing content to you?

All you need to send us is a few images and your product USP’S and we have an in-house graphic design team who will design customized marketing material for your brand.

Is there a minimum contract?

There is no long term binding towards the Solution Bar so you are free to test and try different stores. To be more specific, if you choose Option 1, you can only be with us 1 month if you choose to. If you choose Option 2, the minimum contract period is 3 months in the beginning, and you can choose to renew monthly after that.

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