The Battle of the iPhones

5S 1

5c - 1Apple’s latest launches are finally available in the UAE! We help you decide which one’s just right for you:

The obvious

touch id







The most obvious difference is the Touch ID fingerprint scanner that has built into the Home button. The scanner lets you tie security of your iPhone to your unique, personal fingerprint. The scanner can be used to unlock your phone as well in place of your Apple ID.

What’s at the centre?






The iPhone 5S has a A7 processor as compared to the 5C’s A6 which is the same as the one in the 5. The A7 processor boasts of being the first 64-bit processor to be used in a smartphone ever making it twice as fast as the A6.

Smile please!








While both have a 8 MP Camera and 1080p HD video, the iPhone 5S camera has several additional features like the dual-flash for truer-to-life colors, the ability to record slow-motion video at 120 frames/second in 720p HD, and a burst mode that captures up to 10 photos per second.

What about the looks?

The iPhone 5S comes in elegant silver, gold and black whereas the 5C comes in playful green, blue, pink, white and yellow. For the first time, Apple also has colourful cases to go with their phones.

Anything else?

The iPhone 5S also has a motion co-processor. This is a chip that interacts with the iPhone’s physical sensors–the accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope–to provide new feedback and options to apps. This could include much more detailed fitness and exercise apps, and the ability to know whether the user is sitting or standing.


While exact rates vary, the iPhone 5C is definitely cheaper.