Top 5 Technology Hits of 2013

There have been some hits and some missed but overall, 2013 has been an impressive year for technology. Here are the Top 5 Technology Hits of 2013:

Google Glass

Still not on the market, but Google’s long-shrouded pet project has finally hit the test run stage. They now even have spots open where you can register and if you get lucky you can try or buy your own pair. What this means for the future of communication remains to be seen but it definitely is one long leap forward.

iPhone 5S & 5C

It’s not the end of the year without some news from Apple. While they’ve had several announcements this year from the new lineup of iPads to a new OS for Mac, the most significant has to be the iPhone 5S and 5C. The 5C reaches out to a younger and more wallet-conscious audience whereas the 5S continue to enthrall its existing audience with its new features.

Windows Upgrade

Instagram and Vine finally made their presence felt on Windows! Though not big achievements in itself, this upgrade does stand for something larger – Windows is back again making its mark in the cell phone arena amongst Androids and Apples.

Playstation 4 and Xbox One

Gaming has stepped it up to another level with major players introducing features that blur the line between gaming and reality. Satellite connections, Skype calling, augmentation, etc are turning these gaming consoles into lifestyle gadgets and not mere entertainment machines.


With technology getting more compact and concise by the day, smartwatches are the new must-have toys. Pebble and Galaxy Gear are at the top with few competitors below. However, the convenience and efficiency of a smartwatch isn’t enough yet for most users to adopt it.

That sums up the year in technology for us! If we have missed out something even bigger and awesome, please do let us know in the comments below.