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Explore A Range of Washing machines at the Best Prices in Dubai, UAE

Washing machines are no longer luxury equipment; rather, it is a basic household necessity that cleans your garments and keeps them fresh. Using a washing machine saves you time and effort and expands your clothes' lifecycle.

Considering the hot climate of UAE, laundry machines are an essential household appliance that can fit into small spaces, give you the benefit of instant washing and drying, and are quite an energy-saver.

You can reduce your household expenses using the best washing machine with a high-quality washer and dryer that takes good care of your clothes.

Here we will discuss some of the different types of washing machines available in UAE and the best brands you can trust!

Discover a Range of Washing machine Types Available in the UAE


Meaning and Importance


Top load

You load clothes through the top of the machine, which is normally covered with a hinged door.

You get benefits like faster cycle times, energy efficiency, and a large load capacity. Plus, you don’t have to bend over and can use this portable washing machine comfortably.

Front load

These machines come with horizontally mounted inner baskets and outer tubs and normally come with a transparent side-opening door.

These automatic washing machines provide better energy efficiency, better cleaning, reliability, and lesser damage.

Built- In

This fits into the Kitchen unit and cannot be used freestanding

Integrated washing machines are quieter and are concealed behind a door. They are also less likely to shake or rattle.

Washer Dryer

This machine comes with an inbuilt tumble dryer, an excellent option if you want to wash and dry your clothes in the same cycle.

It saves space, time, energy, and effort. You can dry clothes much faster, and it is easy to use.

Revealing the Best-Selling Washing machines in Dubai, UAE

1. LG Front load Washer Washing machine 20Kg Washer & 12Kg DryerTurboWash Steam 6Motion DD

This LG washing machine comes with 1100 RPM, Inverter DD Motor, and a 10-year warranty. At Sharaf DG, you can get it for AED 5299 instead of AED 5713
Review – Carl T (5/5)
“LG is a brand that I have trusted for many years, even for other household appliances. Sharaf DG offers some of the best offers, so I normally order stuff from their online store. No Complaints. I am a happy LG customer.”

2. Samsung Front-load Washer 8 kg WW80TA046AXGU

This Samsung washer and dryer guarantees hygiene steam, spotless clothes, a stain solver, and digital inverter technology. Sharaf DG offers 32% on this one. 
Review – Ahmed B (5/5)
“I have tried a front load washer for the first time, and I don’t think I can ever go back to the top load again. Great energy saving, great functionality, and awesome looks.”

3. Super General Top Load Fully automatic Washer 6 kg SGW621

Available with a 1-year guarantee, this top load machine works gently on your laundry and is great for a compact family. Sharaf DG offers 18% off on this one, making it available for AED 588.
Review – Wasim R (5/5)
“Super General is a brand that has been trusted for ages. I recently bought an Air conditioner and washing machine for my new house in Dubai and so far, so good, actually the best. For me, nothing works better than Super General!”

4. Panasonic 12kg Washer & 8kg Dryer NAS128M2L

This machine has LED illumination around the knob, Inverter Motor for energy saving, a quick & delay program, a child lock, and a wide drum inlet. This washing machine's price is AED 2761, but you can purchase it for AED 2575 from Sharaf DG.
Review –  Feroza N G (5/5)
“Panasonic washer and dryer is what you need if you have a large family, especially kids to cater to. It doesn’t let me feel the pain of washing so many clothes and helps me with about ten daily rounds.”

5. Whirlpool 8kg Washer & 6kg Dryer FWDG86148W

This Whirlpool washing machine has a 6th SENSE 3Dry technology and uses a gentle 15° cycle to preserve the colours of your fabric. It comes for AED 2499, while at Sharaf DG, you can get it for AED 1983.33
Review – Tarika N (5/5)
“Whirlpool is a brand; you can trust for all household electronics. I bought mine from Sharaf DG at the most affordable price and am very happy.”

6. Hoover Front load washing machine 6 kg HWM-V610-S

It is a great machine for small households, with a compact design and 15 programs, and it ensures the removal of dust mites and pet dander without harming your laundry. At Sharaf DG, you can get it only for AED 799 (Price is AED 899)
Review – Max (5/5)
“I have been using my 6 kg Hoover washing machine for a long time, and to date, I have had no complaints, no repairs, and no lags. Highly recommend this one.”

Frequently Asked Questions - Washing Machine

Does a washing machine need maintenance?

Ans. Your washing machine is a household necessity that eases your effort of washing and drying all clothes in one go. However, you must regularly maintain your washing machine and avoid breakdowns, drain clogs, costly leaks, busted hoses, plumbing disasters, and water damage.

Which brand of washing machine is best?

Ans. It isn't easy to pick one among so many ruling brands of washing machines in the market. But you can trust brands like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Panasonic, Super General, and Hoover when buying washing machines.

What are the three types of washing machines?

Ans. Washing machines can be fully automatic, semi-automatic, or washing machines with dryers. This is further categorised into Top load, Front load, Built-In, Washer Dryer, and Dryer washing machines.

What size washer do I need for a family of 4?

Ans. For a smaller family, you need a compact washing machine, generally one with a 6-7 kg capacity. So, this is a perfect choice for a family of 4.

What is the standard capacity for a washing machine?

Ans. Depending on the family size, washing machines range from 5-6 kg to 13-15 kg. The standard capacity ranges between 3.5 to 5 cubic feet or 6-7 kg load guarantee.

Which brand is best for washing machines?

Ans. Some of the best brands in washing machines are LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Panasonic, Super General, and Hoover.

What is the limit of washing machines?

Ans. An average washing machine has a limit of 6 pounds, while a large load washing machine can reach approximately 11 pounds. You can also go for an extra-large load of about 21 pounds.

How many washing machine loads per day?

Ans. Washing machines can accommodate 10 – 12 loads a day, but it is better to give it a rest for 20-40 minutes in-between, as while running, the machine generates a lot of energy and heat.

What is the working life of washing machines?

The average life of a front-load washing machine ranges between 10-12 years, while for top-load washing machines, it ranges between 14-15 years.

Is it better to buy a washer and dryer together or separately?

Ans. It is a personal choice. However, having a washer and dryer can be time-saving, as you can run both functions simultaneously and wash plus dry your clothes faster.

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