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Get Ready for Ramadan Iftar with These Must-have Kitchen Appliances

The right kitchen appliances and tools will help you cook an Iftar meal quickly. If you are a beginner and need a guide to decide what to buy, here's one from Sharaf DG!  

Electric stove 

An electric stove can be used on a daily basis, but gas cooking ranges are faster and more efficient than the latter! You must be quick while preparing for the Iftar meal and have an electric stove with four to five hobs for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously! Afra and WestPoint electric stoves have built-in ovens which you can use for baking with a good temperature range. 

Air fryer 

Eid lunch can't be without fried chicken! If you want less oil for all your fried items and have the crunchiness and crispiness you desire, Tefal, Hamilton, and Ninja Foodie Max are some of the best air fryers on Sharaf, known for fast cooking and having more than eight pre-set modes.   


Date smoothies and fruit juices like apple, strawberry, and pomegranate can help you feel light after a heavy Iftar meal. Dates can stick to the sides and be difficult while cleaning. Sharaf's Philips, Kenwood, and Gratus juicers had flexible jars that could be cleaned easily. Shop for these juicers for your Iftar specials!  

Hand blender  

Tomato puree, beaten eggs, pesto sauce – you might need all these when cooking for an Eid feast. To get these ready and without making a mess, hand blenders can save you! Buy Braun, Philips, and Bosch hand blenders with various jars to help you make whipped cream, puree, and many more! 

Electric cooker  

You want your rice and vegetables to be evenly cooked without getting burnt for Iftar, right? Also, if you want these to be cooked perfectly, on time, and hot till you serve, having electric rice cookers from Krypton and Impex might be helpful, as these are compact and easy to store.  

Cooking range  

Having a cooking range of the right size and finish for your kitchen will help you prepare all the dishes right on time. More than five people will be there for an Eid feast, and the electric and gas range on Sharaf DG will be helpful for your home!  

Induction hob  

Cooking an Iftar meal for many quickly can be difficult with one gas stove! Since induction hobs can heat soon, you can make your sauces and other dishes that take less time to prepare on these. You can purchase Siemens, AEG and Gorenje induction hobs for at least a 10% discount on Sharaf.  

Food processor  

You can make a delicious and extensive Iftar spread only when your vegetables are cut and chopped and other ingredients sliced, right? A food processor that can help you have these ready quickly is all you need right now! To make yummy hummus and grind nuts for your dips and sauces, get a food processor from Kenwood or Philips, available at a discount at Sharaf!   

Microwave oven 

Crispy and caramelized onions will make your dishes yummy! For this, having microwave ovens from Samsung, Kenwood and Philips from Sharaf, with a wide temperature range and more than five pre-set cooking modes, will come in handy for your kitchens!  

Head to our website to buy these kitchen appliances at the best Eid deals so that you can impress your family with yummy recipes during Iftar 2023! 

Frequently Added Questions – Must-have Kitchen Appliances for Ramadan Iftar

What kitchen appliances should I use for Ramadan Iftar?

Ans. An electric cooking range, rice cooker, blender, air fryer, electric grill, food processor, and juicer are a few kitchen appliances you need for an Iftar feast. You can find all these at the best deals on Sharaf, which will be delivered within 24 hours after your purchase.  

What items do I need to prepare for an Iftar meal?

Ans. It would help if you made traditional recipes like haleem, dates dessert, kunefe, and chicken biriyani. Apart from this, you can make the dishes of your choice with the right appliances from our site!  

What is the best way to plan meals for Ramadan Iftar?

Ans. Prepare a list of dishes you and your family love and purchase those ingredients two to three days earlier. Know what dishes you must start preparing the day before so that you can plan accordingly. This is how you plan for your Iftar meal.  

Are there any special discounts available on kitchen appliances for Ramadan Iftar?

Ans. Sharaf DG has the best deals and offers for kitchen appliances for this year's Iftar.  

Are there any tips or advice I should consider when buying kitchen appliances for Ramadan Iftar?

Ans. If you are getting brand new kitchen appliances for Eid 2023, all you have to know is what dishes you are making. If you figure this out, you can easily purchase the right kitchen appliances.

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