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Grab the Best Offers on Induction Hobs Online in Dubai, UAE

How would you like to cook while saving energy, using more accurate temperature control, without any pollution, and in a safer way?
This is all possible thanks to induction hobs. A rising number of people are using induction hobs instead of traditional gas stoves. This sustainable trend has caught on in the UAE in both homes and restaurants.
While induction tops have several advantages, from lower energy consumption to enhanced safety features, the versatility of these devices makes deciding on the perfect one challenging.
That’s why we’ve brought you this article to help you find the perfect induction stove for your kitchen.

What are the different types of Induction Hobs available in UAE?

Before choosing an induction hob, you need to know the different types. Let’s dive into the different induction cooking hobs available in the UAE.1

Built-In Induction Hob

As the name suggests, a built-in induction hob is built into the kitchen countertop. The top of a built-in induction hob is at the same level as the kitchen countertop, providing a sleek and seamless look. It is also easier to shift pans from one top to the other for faster and more convenient cooking.

Built-In Electric Hob

A built-in electric hob is installed into a kitchen countertop and has multiple heating zones. It requires a power supply as well as professional installation. It has a completely smooth surface, so it’s easier to cook and clean. The heating zone itself does not get hot while it heats the pan and the food.

Built-In Ceramic Hob

A built-in ceramic hob is also installed as part of the kitchen countertop. This type of induction hob has a ceramic covering over the heating zones. This ceramic layer is highly durable and heat-resistant, making it perfect for cooking.

Analog & Digital

These watches are the best of both worlds. An analog and digital watch combines both types of watches. This watch usually has a traditional clock face combined with a smaller digital display. The digital display may be used to tell the time, as a timer, as an alarm, and so on.

Built-In Gas Hob

A built-in gas hob is installed on the kitchen countertop. A gas hob uses gas as the fuel for cooking. It has a metal surface with multiple burners on which different dishes can be cooked. You need a gas supply to be able to use a gas hob.

Gas & Induction Hob

A gas and induction hob combines induction and gas cooking so that you can take advantage of both technologies. There are multiple heating zones which run on either induction or gas. You need both an electricity supply as well as a gas supply.

Highlighting the Best-Selling Induction Hobs in Dubai, UAE

Now that you know the different types of induction hobs, let’s look at a few bestselling models from which you can select the best induction hob.

LG 2023 Built-In Electric Hob with 4 Burners CBEZ2414B

This built-in electric hob has four burners. It has a timer, so you don’t need to watch each burner. There are four separate controls for each burner. It has a hot-surface indicator which lights up if the surface is hot to prevent burns.

Electrolux Built-In Induction Hob LIT30230C

This Electrolux built-in induction hob has two burners – one large and one small. It comes with a timer as well as child safety. It delivers three-step residual heating and has an end-of-program warning signal. It can provide quick and intense heat through PowerBoost.

Bosch Built-In Ceramic Induction Hob PKE611FB2M

This Bosch induction hob has four burners. It has an intuitive and easy control panel to quickly set temperatures and heating modes. It also has an energy consumption display which gives you an idea of the power consumption, and a QuickStart function.

Prestige Induction Hob PR50352

This Prestige induction hob has a single burner, which is not built-in so you can carry it with you. The induction cooker tops can provide instant heat-up as well as fast boiling. It is ideal for a time-conscious cook for quick meals.

Siemens Built-In Hob ET611FE17Q

This Siemens induction hob has four burners. You can control the temperature through a touch slider instead of knobs or dials. It has a timer, so you don’t have to stand and wait for the dish to cook. This Siemens induction cooktop has an electronic display and 17 different power levels.

Overall, an induction hob has several advantages over a gas stove. If you’re trying to make cooking easier and more enjoyable, consider one of the abovementioned models. Sharaf DG provides the best deals and can deliver your order straight to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which induction hob brand is best?

Ans. There are several great induction hob brands. You can choose from LG, Bosch, Siemens, and others.

What is the difference between an induction hob and a normal hob?

Ans. The main difference lies in the way that heat is created. A normal hob will create convection heat, while an induction hob will create induction heat. A normal hob will heat its surface, which will heat the pan, while an induction hob will directly heat the pan.

Do induction hobs use a lot of electricity?

Ans. No, an induction hob is more energy efficient than a gas stove. No, an induction hob is more energy efficient than a gas stove.

Are induction hobs a good idea?

Ans. Yes, induction hobs are a good idea because they are more energy-efficient, provide more precise temperature control, and are safer.

What is the best type of induction hob?

Ans. The best type of induction hob is a built-in ceramic hob because it has a seamless look and is highly durable.

Can you use stainless steel on induction?

Ans. No, you need separate induction-friendly utensils which can be used on an induction hob.

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