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Shop for Miele home appliances online at best prices in Dubai, UAE

It’s a brand-New Year, and time to invest in long-lasting home appliances. One such German brand which you can rely on is Miele. Read here to know why you should own the Miele appliances this year!  

Discover a variety of Miele home appliances in Dubai


What sets Miele refrigerators apart from other brands is their impressive features. It includes Push2Open doors, which require a gentle touch to open the doors. Their high-end models have MaxLoad hinges, enabling you to open the doors wide and load and unload quickly.  

Washing machine

The increased capacity of washing machines will usually reduce their efficiency and functioning. But that’s not the case with Miele washing machines. Even with higher capacities, Miele washers are great. Most washers from Miele are known for their quiet and noiseless functioning and are also highly energy efficient. 


Miele’s cooking ranges go a long way, with the excellent build quality. All their knobs are made of zinc, which lasts for years, based on how you maintain them. Apart from these, Miele’s cooking range also has a quick and even heating system with unbeatable power. You don’t have to go out for grilling, as their gas stoves have grillers in them to make your work easier.

Coffee machine 

You can perfectly brew beverages the way coffee shops do, with just the push of a button with Miele coffee machines. For your coffee to taste good, it needs to be appropriately ground, and this is precisely what Miele’s machine does. It selects the coffee beans carefully and brews those at the right temperature and the pre-brewing time is also accurate, so your coffee does not taste so acidic.


Miele ovens are a class apart, as they have seamless designs and lock moisture to retain flavors. The brand’s ovens are famous for their wide range of cooking programs and their moisture-plus mode prevents your food from excessive drying. Its air-clean catalyzer ensures to flush the vapor and cooking odor after you take a dish out.   


Irrespective of the model, all Miele dishwashers have hot water technology. You need not worry about the amount of detergent for your dishes, as it quickly determines how much you should use. It cleans the lower basket after it washes your dishes. You can also have only half of your vessels cleaned when you have fewer to wash.  


Miele dryers have various useful sensors like pre-ironing, which minimizes the need to iron your clothes after drying. With the Multilingual option, you can change the language that you prefer. These dryers have enameled fronts, which prevents the machine from corrosion and dust formation.  

Vacuum cleaner 

The dust bags in the Miele vacuum cleaners are the best, as they are made from unique ‘web’ material. The airbags have nine layered filters, which trap the dust particles according to their type in each layer. You can easily customize the vacuum, and the designs are attractive.

Highlighting the bestselling Miele home appliances in UAE

Front Load Washer 9 kg WWG 660 WCS

The drum in this washer is designed in a way that it is gentle on your clothes. The honeycomb design splashes water gently on all the clothes while working. This machine has an automatic detergent loading box, so you can only refill it for up to three months. The 660 WCS has more than 20 wash programs, and the design is clever and aesthetically pleasing. Even if this is one of the basic models, it offers high efficiency. 

Active Freestanding Dishwasher G5000SC

Will you believe it if we say that this dishwasher only requires 6.5 l water for an entire cycle? The G500 is one model that uses less water and electricity than all the Miele dishwashers to date! You can trust this dishwasher for its failproof water damage system, which does wear the equipment as time passes. The G500 has baskets that can easily fit kinds of vessels and glassware.  

Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Blizzard CX1 Blue

The CX1 vac is known for a powerful suction filter that does not leave any particles on your floor. Since it has a self-cleaning filter, the efficiency is excellent, and the cleaner lasts for many years. The dust bags are effortless to lift and clean, so you don’t have to worry about carrying a giant bag.  

Coffee Machine CM6160LOWS

The style of the coffee machine is one of the first things that capture your attention. It’s an excellent value for your money, as it makes fantastic espresso and milk foam. It is easy to clean after every use, and you won’t hear a sound when it grinds the coffee beans. The stainless-steel grinder lasts for a long time, and you don’t have to worry about replacing it even after ten years! Enjoy a cup of hot latte macchiato from a 6160 model!  

Built In Microwave Oven M2240SCOBSW

The M22 oven not only fits any kitchen beautifully but also houses powerful grilling and heating options. From baklava to chili chicken, you can bake and fry all your favorites in no time with less oil!  

Miele has been market leaders in consumer appliances for more than 5 decades. You won’t be disappointed in investing in their products for your home. So, purchase these from Sharaf DG today! 

Frequently Asked Questions – Miele UAE Products 

Is Miele the same as Bosch? 

Even though Bosch and Miele have been here for a long time, Miele appliances are more reliable as they are noise and energy efficient. Almost all the Miele appliances have aluminum and titan parts. Hence, Miele is more reliable than Bosch.   

Are Miele appliances worth it? 

Yes. Miele has been one of the top German brands in the consumer industry for a long time. It’s known for its sturdy build and easy user experience, and worth the price you pay. Their dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, and ovens are the best you can find on the market.  

Is Miele the best appliance brand? 

Reader’s Digest ranked Miele as one of the top reliable brands of 2022. All the Miele appliances rarely break down and do not damage your food, fabric, and dishes, irrespective of their price and model.  

How long do Miele refrigerators last? 

Miele refrigerators last for more than 20 years as they have superior technology that locks moisture and prevents extra cooling from keeping your food fresh. Since they have great hinges, you can quickly load and unload the materials, which is why these models last longer.  

Why are Miele washing machines so good? 

Miele washing machines use only less water when compared to other models. The top reasons to invest in Miele machines are automatic detergent trays, hot water technology, and modes to ensure quick drying, which does not damage your fabric.  

Does Miele make Nespresso? 

Yes, the high-end coffee machines from Miele can prepare Nespresso. Apart from the freestanding models, look for built-in models, which are sturdy in build and can make coffee from capsules easily.  

Why is Miele so popular? 

Regarding home appliances, the two factors that matter a lot are energy efficiency and longevity. With Miele, you get both, as they use advanced technology. Also, Miele is environmentally-friendly, which lures so many customers globally.

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