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Buy Philips Appliances at Best Prices in Dubai, UAE

When buying home appliances, everyone wants the best and most affordable products, and Philips is one brand that has been here for a long time. To buy the best Philips products for your home, here is a guide from Sharaf DG.

Philips Home Appliances in Dubai, UAE

Explore a range of Philips home appliances that are created just for you! We list a few good home appliances from Philips here:

Air fryers

Air fryers suddenly became a rage in late 2020, even though it was not new to the market. The Phillips air fryers handle it well, from baking juicy chicken to flavourful cupcakes. Besides the one from Philips, you may wonder which air fryer is great for quick and oil-free cooking? All the Philips air fryers have a ‘starfish’ design at the bottom of the basket that ensures the maximum circulation of air. Another standout feature is it dries out all the fat before food is on your plate.

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are a godsend when cleaning the hard floors, nooks and corners of your home. Philips vacuum cleaners like Speed Pro, Power Pro Expert, and SpeedPro Max Aqua+ are compelling. These vacs are unique with a 360-degree suction brush, HEPA filter and digital power blade engine.


Philips has several powerful steam and normal irons for everyday use to look sharp with neatly pressed clothes for your meetings.

Water dispensers

Water dispensers are the best to drink water free from impurities, as they have both cold and hot features to choose from.

Lamps & lights

Lamps and lights are the underrated things to elevate the appearance of your room. Try Philips bulbs for your home next time!

Food processors

Among all the home appliances, your food processors must be on top of their game! And a food processor is an integral part of every kitchen. Philips food processors are known to last long and are silent workers too!

Air purifiers

The pollution does not seem to reduce in the upcoming days. So, it would help if you had Philips air purifiers at home.


For your weekend movie/series marathon, OLED TVs from Philips are top-class with crystal clear picture quality.

Philips Personal Care Appliances in UAE

Discover a wide range of Philips appliances for personal care on Sharaf DG. Here are a few best personal devices.

Hair dryers

Philips hair dryers quick with less heat are the best bet for someone who is always in a hurry.

Hair straighteners

If you want the perfect curly, straight or beach waves hair, do not forget to keep Philips straighteners handy!


Want to have a subtle and crisp stubble for your casual outings? Philips trimmer blades give you a great feel and appearance.


Bid goodbye to shavers that leave your skin with bumps and cuts. With Philips travel-friendly electric shavers, say hello to softer shaves and skin.

Hair stylers

Who does not love fuzz-free hair to hang out with? It is now possible to style your hair how you want with Philips 5-in-1 airstyler at your home!


If you think waxing is not for you, epilators are here to save your day! Philips has some of the best epilators, like Satinelle and 8000 series, that give a super smooth look to your arms and legs.


Nothing could go wrong with a clean and precise shave with Philips blades! For a stunning look for all your special occasions, purchase a set immediately.

Revealing the Bestselling Philips Products in UAE 2022

If you plan to invest in Philips products, here are a few suggestions from Sharaf DG.

Philips Spectre 4.1 Liters electric air fryer (Rapid Air Technology)

This Philips air fryer is a go-to for health-conscious people. It has eight preset cooking modes. You can fry chicken, fish, and vegetables and bake cakes too! The basket inside has a non-stick coating, so you will find it easy to clean. The air fryer works better when compared to ovens. You can cook for a family of four to five in this air fryer.

Philips HP8302/06 hair straightener

Its 210-degree setting yields the perfect salon-style hair! It is very compact and ergonomic and fits in your bag easily. The Philips hair straightener uses ceramic plates which effortlessly glide through your hair. It heats up in 60 seconds, and the swivel cord does not let your equipment get tangled. For on-the-go salon-style hair, try this selfie hair straightener from Philips.

Philips air fryer HD9200/91

If you have a family of three and do not cook much, you can choose this air fryer. It is very compact, and it fits anywhere in your kitchen effortlessly. It is so easy to cook and clean this air fryer.

Philips steam generator iron PSG702836

This iron from Philips has an automatic off feature when not in use. Try this for a powerful and easy press with a safety lock to carry around easily!

Philips air purifier GFE AC2889/90

The GFE air purifier keeps allergens at bay and fights against bacteria and viruses. It has HEPA 3 and honeycomb carbon filters to reduce odours and three different modes for viruses, allergens and bacteria. The cleaner also has very user-friendly options, making great use of it!

Philips multi-grooming kit MG7715/13

The multi-grooming kit from Philips is an excellent choice for your complete body shaving. The battery life is up to two hours, and can also work a five-minute quick charge. The handle has a premium look in silver and is very easy to handle and clean. The blades are incredibly sharp, and the motor does not make much noise while used. Try this Philips grooming kit soon for a quick, bright, clean shave!

Philips portable wireless Bluetooth speaker

This is one of the best moderately priced micro-Bluetooth speakers in the market. Get ready to be surprised to listen to its powerful and immersive sounds, despite its small size. It is the best for watching movies on laptops and is acceptable for casual listening. You can carry it anywhere you go, as it is super light! When you are out with your friends on a trip or want to enjoy your Saturday nights, this Philips portable speaker comes in handy.

Enjoy shopping for Philips products from Sharaf DG!

Frequently asked questions

What are Philips products?

Phillips has many products like home appliances, kitchen appliances and personal electronic gadgets.

Is Philips a good brand?

Philips has been in the market for more than a century. You can buy all the home appliances from Philips.

How extended is Philips’s warranty?

It depends on your product, but the standard warranty is two years.

Does Philips still make TVs?

OLED TVs are the best from Philips, as they are priced at affordable costs and offer the latest technology.

What is Philips famous for?

Phillips is an excellent brand for electrical and personal appliances, which are known to last longer.

Which is the best Philips air fryer?

HD9650 XXL is the best Philips air fryer, as it has space for six meals and reduces fat by around 90% in your food.

Is Philips a good brand for hair straighteners?

Philips hair straightener is good because it produces less damage to your hair than other brands.

Which is the best Philips steam iron?

Philips GC1905 is the best iron from Philips.

Which is the best Philips food processor?

The best Philips food processor has to be the Philips Viva HL776 since it has excellent blades for grating and mincing.

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