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Shop Portable Air Conditioners This Summer Season at Best Prices

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Shop Portable Air Conditioners At Best Prices In Dubai, UAE

A portable air conditioner, also called a standing AC or a stand-up air conditioner, can be placed anywhere you want, as its distinctive feature is its mobility. Portable ACs are the solution to cooling small spaces. The installation is hassle-free, easy, cost-effective, and mobile. Portable ACs are in huge demand in Dubai, UAE, and come in single-hose or double-hose categories. In the season of Eid and Ramadan, gifting a portable AC to someone who is dear to you is a great idea! Buying one online saves you cost, time, and effort. It also helps you get the best portable air conditioner deal from various brands, types, and deals to your doorstep.

Revealing The Top Brands Of Portable Air Conditioners In UAE

Super General

Super General is a global brand that delivers a wide range of home appliances and electronics at exceptional prices. Its portable AC 1 ton and 1.5 ton are the best solutions for any kind of environment. The Super General portable air conditioner’s super-cooling capabilities are highly appreciated among UAE residents, especially during the year’s hottest days!


Hoover portable ACs are known for their powerful cooling capacity, self-evaporation feature, super-low noise, dehumidification fan mode with two speeds, and sleep mode timer.


Nobel is one brand trusted in UAE and offers generous warranties on its products.
Their cost-friendly portable air conditioners come with after-sales service, a wide oscillation water tank, a rapid humidifier compressor, and the capability to cool your room within minutes.


With Nikai portable ACs, you can take cool air anywhere with you. It comes with an iFeel remote control that boasts electronic controls through a thermostat. It is easy to install and operate, and its sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity.


Bompani portable ACs are meant for the UAE’s hot and dry climate. They come with a thermostat and digital display and control and stimulate Tropical climate with T3. It has a rotary compressor, 3 fan technology, and is extremely lightweight.


A Crownline portable air conditioner is powerful enough to cool a 425 sq. ft. space using its cooling capacity of 12000 BTU within minutes.
It is the perfect solution to air condition areas like studio apartments, commercial spaces, work-from-home spaces, and living rooms.

Highlighting the Popular Portable Air Conditioners in UAE

Super General Portable AC 1.5 Ton SGP184T3

This stylish mini air conditioner has an 18,000 BTU which is perfect for Dubai’s hot summer months.
It has a 3-in-1 mode with 24-hour-timer, No-Drip Technology and Rolling Castors with Auto Swing-Function. At Sharaf DG, it is available for AED 1,469.
Review – Lewis M – 5/5
I recently bought the Super General Portable AC of 1.5 Ton for my office. It is worth every penny I invested in it!

Nobel Floor Standing Air Conditioners White NFA36T3

The Nobel Floor Standing AC comes with 36000 BTU, weigh 50 kg, and has a 3 Ton capacity.
It is T3 Climatic Condition which is great for the UAE heat and promises to cool your rooms within minutes. At Sharaf DG, it is available for AED 4,029.
Review – Ahmed B – 5/5
I have a spacious work-from-home space, and this one cools the entire area. The best part is I can move it near or away from my desk.

Nikai Portable Air Conditioner With Remote 1Ton NPAC12000C

This floor-standing portable AC has electronic controls and uses self-evaporating technology. It offers heat/cool units with electronic controls and an iFEEL remote in five sizes.
All units use R410 refrigerant and come with swing louvers and 3 fan speeds for better air distribution. At Sharaf DG, it is available for AED 964.

Hoover Portable Air Conditioner with Remote 1 Ton HAP-S12K

This 1-ton mini air conditioner comes with 12000 BTU and is perfect for small commercial and residential spaces. At Sharaf DG, it is available for AED 999.
Review – Joy H – 5/5
We recently bought one for our kids’ bedroom, which was the perfect fit. It can be shifted from one space to another and is perfect for small rooms.

Crownline Portable Air Conditioner 1 Ton PAC152

With a 12000 BTU/3500W cooling capacity and 480 M3/H air volume, this portable air conditioner has 3 fan speeds and extreme cooling. At Sharaf DG, it is available for AED 1,099.
Review Momina R – 5/5
In this unbearable heat of Dubai, this is one of the best portable ACs, that you can invest in to keep your compact apartments cool and breathable!

Bompani Portable Air Conditioner 1 Ton BO1200

This 1-ton small AC is lightweight and extremely easy to install, carry, and move from one room to another. It is great for rooms, kitchens, and small offices. At Sharaf DG, it is available for AED 1,261.
Review – Jackson R – 5/5
We recently got one for my small office in Dubai, and it works wonderfully well. The cooling was perfect, and the price was well within our budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are portable air conditioners easy to install?

Ans. Portable air conditioners don’t need intricate installation or any kind of breakage. It comes with wheels, so it can be shifted to any room for cooling.

2. Are portable air conditioners energy-efficient in the UAE?

Ans. Investing in an energy-efficient and branded portable AC can save your energy bill by 50%. The other factor to consider is that the outlet or vent of the portable AC should be outdoors through a window. Also, it is the best portable AC for compact rooms, but for a larger room, it’s better to stick to the bigger air conditioners.

3. Can I use a portable air conditioner without venting it outside?

Ans. Yes, you can! These portable air conditioners come with dehumidifiers and are best used in dry climates. These are also called evaporative air conditioners.

4. Can I use a portable air conditioner as a dehumidifier in the UAE?

Ans. UAE generally has a dry climate, so using a portable air conditioner as a dehumidifier is a great solution. It sucks in the warm and humid air and dehumidifies and cools it.

5. Can I use a portable air conditioner in the UAE’s hot climate?

Ans. Portable air conditioners are perfect for UAE’s hot climate, especially if you have compact rooms.

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