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Shop Split Air Conditioners from Top Brands in Dubai, UAE

When living in UAE, buying an effective Air Conditioner to beat the scorching heat is not a luxury but a necessity. For every room in your luxe modern home, you need a modern Split AC that fits your needs and gives you the advantage of convenient setups, low energy bills, ducted central air system, refrigerant lines, and comfortable cooling.

Here we will discuss different kinds of Split ACs from Top Brands in Dubai, UAE!

What Capacities Are Available for Split Air Conditioners?

Here are the different capacities available for Split ACs:

Split AC Capacity



1 Ton

This mini split AC is enough for a room of 150 sq. ft. This can extract 210 KJ of energy through the heat in the air-conditioned space.

It provides sufficient cooling with a lower energy consumption bill.

1.5 Ton

This is enough for a room of 200 sq. ft.

Runs more efficiently, consumes less power, and is great for bedrooms.

2 Ton

Great for larger rooms of 240 plus sq. ft. of space.

For an extremely hot and humid place like UAE, a 2 Ton AC serves the best purpose for master bedroom space.

2.5 Ton

This is great for homes with a capacity between 1201 to 1,500 square feet.

It comes with fast cooling and energy saving. Its dual inverter compressor saves more energy, and the air is expelled faster.

3 Ton

This is great for homes ranging between 1500-1800 square feet. 

It provides ambient cooling even at a temperature of 55 Degrees Celsius. As compared to a 2 Ton AC, it gives a 50% increase in necessary airflow.

5 Ton

Provides a high cooling capacity for more than 1800 sq. ft. of space.

These ACs come with Convertible 7 in 1 Cooling Modes and 100 percent copper coils.

Revealing The Best-Selling Split Air Conditioners In Dubai, UAE

LG Split Air Conditioner 2 Ton I27TCP

This LG Split AC provides the utmost comfortable sleep environment, resistant to corrosion, comes with a Dual Protection Filter, and prevents forming of bacteria & mold on the heat exchanger. The 2 Ton LG AC price is AED 2668 at Sharaf DG, along with other lucrative offers. You can also find such offers in the LG AC 1.5 ton price.

Super General Split Air Conditioner 3 Ton SGS370HE

This majestic machine has an elevated aura, extensive utilization, energy-efficient design, powerful performance, friendly technology, and low sounds. It is available for AED 3821 at Sharaf DG at 15% off.

Samsung Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton AR18TVFCCWK/GU

The best features of this Samsung AC are dehumidification, fast cooling, inverter compressor, easy filter plus (anti-bacterial), and WiFi embedded. Available at 13% off at Sharaf DG, the Samsung split AC 1.5-ton price is AED 2499. 

Hisense Split Air Conditioner 2.5 Ton AS30CT4SDKVQ

Hisense is one of the smartest brands in split ACs, which comes with a smart button. Simply press that, and the air conditioner will automatically adjust to the best mode depending on the room temperature. Available at 14% off, this machine is available for AED 2414.

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner 2 Ton RASS24CPA

This Hitachi AC has a safe and efficient DC Power System, Nano Titanium WASABI Air Purifying Filter, cooling operation proved at 55°C, Intelligent Fuzzy Logic, Lambda Heat Exchanger, super wide horizontal louver, and auto airflow direction control. This AC is for AED 2344 at Sharaf DG.

Panasonic split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton CSCUUV18WKF5

Panasonic AC comes with Turbo Cooling, a 4-way swing, auto restart, Gold Fin Condenser, and self-diagnosis. At Sharaf DG, this machine is available at a 35% discount and costs AED 1548.

Frequently Asked Questions – Split Air Conditioner (AC)

Which brand of split AC is best?

Ans. Some of the best brands in Split ACs are LG, Daikin AC, Super General, Samsung, Hisense, Hitachi, and Panasonic.

What is the difference between AC and split AC?

Ans. An AC is different from a Split AC based on tonnage, mounting ability, and capacity. Split ACs are also designed for larger spaces and are available for more than 2 tons. Split ACs can be mounted on high walls, while window ACs are for smaller rooms.

What are the advantages of split AC?

Ans. Split ACs are easy to install, come with a lower cost, and have better cooling capabilities. No windows are required for proper circulation; these ACs are quieter than window air conditioners. Maintenance is low, and Split ACs look good because of their effective design.

Which is better, inverter or split AC?

Ans. Inverter ACs are energy efficient and can save up to 30% of your energy bills. Non-inverter ACs automatically switch on and off to maintain the desired temperature.

Does split AC need ventilation?

Ans. Split ACs use the connection between indoor and outdoor components, which vents the hot air from inside; thus, an external exhaust converts the heat into energy which is further used to vent the air.

What are the two types of split AC?

Ans. The two types of Split ACs are ducted and ductless, and both have their features and uses.

Is split AC better than central AC?

Ans. A central AC is best for large spaces, is easy to install, and has a much better cooling capacity. Split ACs need an expert installer and are more suitable for households.

How much area can a 1.5-ton split AC cool?

Ans. A 1.5-ton split AC is ideal for an area measuring approximately 150-160 sq ft.

What is the capacity of a split Air Conditioner?

Ans. To calculate the basic capacity of a split Air Conditioner, simply find out the measurement of your room and divide it by 600 to get the answer.

Is 1.5-ton AC enough for 250 square feet?

Ans. Experts say 100 sq. ft. space cools well with a 1-ton AC. 1.5-ton AC is enough for 180 sq. ft area, while for any space that is 240 sq. ft or more, you must go for a 2-ton AC.

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