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Shop Air Coolers Online at Best Prices in Dubai, UAE

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Shop For Air Coolers & Air Conditioners Online At The Best Prices In Dubai, UAE 


Summers can now be cooler and tolerable with suitable air coolers. Here's a guide to help you get the best ones in the UAE through Sharaf DG!   


Top Five Features to Look for Before Buying Air Coolers  


1. Room size  

The bigger the room, the larger should your air cooler be. Select the air cooler accordingly so that your cooler satisfies your requirements.   


2. Tank capacity & auto-fill function  

All the air coolers function with the help of a water reservoir and evaporative cooling. You must choose air coolers with large tank capacities and auto-fill features so you don't have to fill them daily.   


3. Dust filter   

Dust filters are the central part of the air coolers since the functioning of these depends on the filters too. It would help if you got air coolers with HEPA filters that are easy to clean.   


4. Design   

Many preferred something other than air coolers as their designs wouldn't go well with the room aesthetics. But, at present, tower fans have many pretty designs from which you can choose the one for your home.   


5. Anti-mosquito feature  

High-end air coolers have mosquito nets that prevent mosquitoes from moving into the cooler. You can either opt for the models with this feature or another model.    



Highlighting The Best-Selling Air Coolers in Dubai, UAE  


  • Midea Air Cooler AC100-18B  

It's always wise to choose a Midea air cooler, as many models from this company are silent. Many like noiseless air coolers, who have children and elderly at home. It consumes less power and is hence highly energy efficient. It also has a HEPA filter, which takes out 99% of the dust and pollutants in your room. It's portable, so you can use it anywhere you like. This AC Midea air cooler has the perfect height, just enough and short, to supply air evenly across your room.   


  • Super General Air Curtain SGCTN120H  

Many in the UAE generally prefer Super General air coolers for their innovative technology, which meets their requirements. For example, the Super General air curtain functions like a good air cooler, and your room gets instantly chilled, and it's one of the best models for summer.   


  • Sonashi Air Cooler SAC-203  

Honeycomb pads are the most efficient and effective cooling pad technology for air coolers. These pads are easy to maintain and clean and are affordable, too, in the long run. The fans in this Sonashi air cooler are powerful yet quiet. Even with its powerful performance, the air cooler is energy efficient. Though it weighs 11 kg, you can easily use it in any room of interest.   


  • Crownline Air Cooler AC 225  

Many prefer Crownline air coolers, as their models can be cleaned easily. This model has an automatic horizontal swing, vertical manual blade, and three-wing speed, all desirable factors in an air cooler. It's an affordable option when you think other models are priced high, and it's the best for summers and houses with several family members.  

  • Sanford Portable Air Cooler SF8104PACBS  

This Sanford air cooler uses an evaporative mechanism, which reduces the temperature of the surroundings by evaporating water. This mechanism cools your room in a more natural way than standard air coolers do. In addition to this, the air cooler also has honeycomb pads to make its functioning more effective.   


  • Kenstar Air Cooler DX – CW0121  

This Kenstar air cooler uses a thermally re-engineered plastic body that's powerful and does not damage even after an extended period. This model is apt for large spaces like the living room or when you are having a party on your balcony or the lawn. Dry climate areas can benefit a lot from this air cooler, that's affordable.   

Buy the best air cooler from Sharaf DG to make your summers cooler!   



Frequently Asked Questions  


What are the different types of coolers?   

Window, tower, desert, and personal coolers are the different types. You can fix a model based on the space and price. Personal and window air coolers can be used for your home, as these are economical and energy efficient.   


Which air cooler is the best fan or blower?   

Air coolers with blowers are usually for personal use and are only found in smaller models. If you are buying it for your home, choosing the one with the blower is better. Apart from this, buy a model which can be controlled easily.   


Is air cooler better than AC?   

Air coolers are great for summers, and AC works better in all weather conditions. If you want your home cooler only during summer, you can purchase an air cooler or go for AC.   


Does the air cooler cool the room like AC?   

Air coolers are better than most AC models, as air coolers cool the fresh air in your room and do not make your room dry like AC. Hence, an air cooler is a better option here.   


Can we use an air cooler without water?   

You can use an air cooler with a water reservoir, so many prefer AC to an air cooler. However, you can always go for an air cooler if you don't have water scarcity.   


How much temperature can the air cooler reduce?   

Any effective air cooler can cool between 15 – 40 F on a sunny day, depending on your model. Choose the best air cooler that reduces the maximum temperature. 




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