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Buy Android tablets at the best prices at Sharaf DG, UAE

The demand for tablets increased globally, with online schooling during the pandemic. Choosing the right tablet can be confusing, with various brands and models released every year. Here is a guide to help you decide on your next tab purchase.

Highlighting the top 6 brands of Android tablets in Dubai, UAE


If you want to increase productivity in your daily routine and are often on the go, then Samsung tablets help you customize your work schedule. All the tablets of Samsung, flagship, mid-range and basic models, with improved specs and software, offer what the brand claims to do.


Huawei tablets are known for a battery that lasts 10 hours, even after a heavy workload on the device. The brand’s tablets are great for entertainment, and music and video are excellent for listening to and watching. All Huawei tablets are equipped with Android OS V4 software, from which you can easily download apps from the Google Play store.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface is everyone’s go-to tablet, to get the ultimate Windows experience. Amazing display, excellent user interface, powerful software performance, and good battery life make the Microsoft Surface, a great tablet to work on.


While the Android tablet often floods with various models, and you need clarification about what to buy, Xiaomi is the brand to look for, for their cheaper tablets. Xiaomi tablets are often considered affordable iPads, that don’t compromise on quality. A good user interface, great Windows/Android experience and suitable accessories make a compelling case to invest in Xiaomi tablets.


Lenovo tablets changed the tablets market in 2020 with their foldable ThinkPad X1 Fold. The top reasons you should invest in Lenovo tablets are splendid OLED display, good battery performance, and affordable models. If you want a big, bright display with excellent colors, look for a Lenovo tablet!

Amazon Fire

It would be best if you bought Amazon Fire tablets because of the fantastic Alexa experience, compact design, it’s kids-friendly approach, and to top it all, these are budget-friendly tablets. You can use this with just one hand, which is rare when handling tablets!

Revealing the 7 top-selling Android tablets in Dubai, UAE

Lenovo M10 Plus Gen 3 TB-128XU

Lenovo M10 is an excellent choice for streaming music and playing videos, with its 2K resolution and Dolby Atmos support. The display is sharp with a 60Hz refresh rate, and you will enjoy watching Netflix and other platforms. Powered by Mediatek Helios G80, the daily performance is good, and you can also enjoy playing light games once in a while. A budget tablet, M10’s battery stands for 11 hours, with constant browsing and streaming. Hence, give Lenovo M10 a try!

Huawei MatePad Pro

With a Kirin 990 chipset, Huawei has tried to give as many apps and features as possible, available on premium models only in budget tablets. The Harman Kardon speakers are an excellent addition to music and movies. The display is perfect, in which the film fits precisely what you need to be, and it is the right choice for reading. The battery lasting two days, even after heavy usage, is when you realize that MatePad Pro is what you need!

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

Lenovo P11 Pro, being a mid-range tablet, strikes as an attractive and robust make. The MediaTek Kompanio 1300T and Arm Mali-G77 GPU make the tablet extremely powerful for hard-core gaming. It delivers a smooth Android experience for daily use, as the battery lasts eight hours. The display is sharp, so you will love using P11 Pro!

Huawei MatePad T10

Though MatePad T10 has thick bezels, it feels light while holding it for watching videos. The performance is decent and comes highly recommended for students. The Kirin 2.0 GHz processor makes the tablet perform for more than six hours. If you are into reading for a long time, then MatePad T10 is for you.

Microsoft Surface Duo

Surface Duo has a foldable dual screen. It’s the size of your passport, with an AMOLED display. The Snapdragon 855 chip makes the tablet fast for daily use. The cameras are suitable for simple clicking, and you can use Surface Duo for pure entertainment.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 Pro

Mi Pad 5 Pro works great for work and entertainment, as it has a 2K resolution, a 120 Hz refresh rate, and stereo audio. Charging it becomes easy, as it hits 100% in about 70-80 minutes. The 870 chipset also sets an excellent ground for gaming and productivity, which is suitable for a budget tablet.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9

Features to love about Surface Pro 9 are suitable hardware, neat colors and a display with 120 Hz and dynamic refresh rate. The intel i5 core works to improve power efficiency, and graphics look better while gaming. Surface Pro 9 is an excellent choice for on-the-go work and gaming if you do not want a laptop.

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Frequently asked questions 

What is the best Android tablet at the moment?

Ans. Lenovo Yoga Tab 13, Amazon Fire 10 HD, and Samsung Galaxy S8 are the best Android tablets. Their powerful performance, premium-quality build, and epic battery life are a few reasons why they top everyone's list. Another factor is that these models are worth every penny you invest in them.  

Which Android tablet is like an iPad?

Ans. Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra, Microsoft Surface Pro 9, and Amazon Fire 9 are some of the best alternatives for an iPad. With iPads, multitasking became extremely easy. With these tablets, productivity can be increased with multiple split-screen options.

Which brand is best for tablets?

Ans. Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi are the best brands for tablets, as they have the best user interface, are priced reasonably and are worth the amount paid. iPad 2021 (9th gen), iPad mini (6th gen), and iPad Air (6th gen) are the best tablets from Apple. The best Samsung tablets include Galaxy A8, Galaxy A7 Lite, and Galaxy S8. Pad 5 and Pad 5 Pro are the best from Xiaomi.

What is the difference between an Android tablet and an iPad?

Ans. An iPad is Apple's version of a tablet. While iPads restricts from using websites with less security, Android tablets offer a versatile user experience and are available at lower prices than most iPads. iPads do not allow one to play flash videos and games. Though iPads are meant for productivity, they often do not support multitasking.

What's the latest Samsung tablet in 2022?

Ans. The S8 is the new series that Samsung released this year, known for its great front cameras and robust build. The other features that make the S8 significant include a bright display, excellent cameras for a tablet, fantastic sound quality and a decent replacement for a laptop.

Can a Surface Pro replace a laptop?

Ans. Surface Pro serves a 2-in-1 purpose. One can use it as a tablet and a laptop, according to their convenience. Microsoft tries to combine portability in a tablet, which would also serve as an excellent laptop. Since it offers premium benefits, Surface Pro comes at a hefty price.

Is Xiaomi Pad worth buying?

Ans. Yes, Xiaomi Pad is worth its price. These tablets, placed in the mid-range budget list, offer excellent features like sharper colors with high sharpness, promises an immersive experience with Dolby Atmos and quad speakers, and powerful performance with the Snapdragon 860 processor, the same as the high-end models.

Is Lenovo Tab P11 suitable for students?

Ans. Lenovo P11 is an entry-level, budget-friendly tablet model that can be useful for daily use and school and college students. They may have to use the tablet all day long, and the battery of P11 powers through the entire day. The aluminum body makes it lightweight, and the audio is decent with Dolby Atmos. It also promises superior performance with Snapdragon 662 processor.

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