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Shop Bluetooth & Wireless Speakers at Best Price in Dubai, UAE

Buy Wireless Speakers in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi – UAE. Best price on Wireless Speakers, bluetooth speakers, bathroom speakers, bedroom speakers, portable speakers in Dubai.

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Shop for Bluetooth & Wireless speakers at the best price in Dubai, UAE

Thanks to wireless connectivity, the music world has seen an increasing demand for portable Bluetooth speakers. The range of benefits that accompany these speakers are many. Here is a guide on why you should purchase JBL, Marshall, and Bose Bluetooth speakers from Sharaf DG.

What are the features to look for when buying Bluetooth speakers?


Water-resistant speakers are the need of the hour. A few years ago, speakers were not water-proof, and a slight drizzle would destroy them. Thanks to technology, speakers are water-resistant and can be partially immersed in pools as well. 

Audio quality

An old thumb rule for buying good Bluetooth speakers is their audio quality. Most speakers have only one main sound driver, which might not be great for stereo mode. So, look for speakers that have two sound drivers for a powerful, music experience  

Battery life 

Powerful speakers tend to drain the battery faster, say, in one to two hours. What you need to buy is Bluetooth speakers with great sound that will last for at least four to five hours. 

Wired inputs 

Bluetooth speakers are new and handy, but there are times when Bluetooth won’t simply connect. An aux cable might be your savior then, so you can enjoy great music on the go! 


Smaller the size, the greater the impact. Small-sized Bluetooth speakers offer loud music and are easy to carry around wherever you go.  

Bluetooth version 

The Bluetooth version determines the transmission quality and the distance you maintain between the speaker and the phone. The latest Bluetooth version is 5.0, so you can buy speakers with 5.0 or the older version-4.0.  

Revealing the top 10 brands of Bluetooth speakers in the UAE


JBL is known for its speakers' enhanced audio quality, irrespective of price. The sound profile of the brand is neutral so that you can enjoy all kinds of music. No matter where you are, JBL Bluetooth speakers are here to make a statement with their solid build and remarkable battery capacity.   


If JBL stands for sound quality, Bose marks its presence in the industry with outstanding technology. Their patented active equalizer and the use of Reflecting technology in their speakers and other products make the brand unique. Bass lovers will enjoy Bose Bluetooth speakers.   


The brand is founded by the famous British drummer Marshall Emberton who knows what works well for Bluetooth speakers. Though expensive, you can always enjoy their minimalistic design and durability. Another feature that makes the Marshall speakers stand apart is their Stereophonic technology, which carries the sound to every room in the home.  


The Sound Joy speakers from Huawei are the best from the brand yet. The speakers in the Sound Joy lineup are good for bass that provide many features to make your experience smooth. It's a plus if you own a Huawei smartphone, as the speakers work well with the brand's phones.  


Anker is another prominent manufacturer of great Bluetooth speakers that offer a minimum of 24 hours of playback on a single charge. Anker should be yours if you are looking for low-budget speakers with excellent battery life.  


With Boat Bluetooth speakers, you can experience an immersive audio experience. The sound quality and the brand's compact-sized speakers are loved by many.  

Harman Kardon  

Harman Kardon delivers the best audio quality and comes up with thoughtful and stunning speaker designs! Don't be surprised if slender-looking Kardon speakers giving you a powerful sound for your party!  


If sound quality and durability are what you like in Bluetooth speakers, Mi offers the best models, which are affordable for everyone. Most Mi speakers offer separate stereo support and work for up to 13 hours on a single charge!  


LG is not only known for home appliances; they create excellent Bluetooth speakers for all bass lovers. There are plenty of options available for successfully connecting Bluetooth with LG speakers, which is one of the primary reasons why people buy LG Bluetooth speakers.  


Amazon’s Bluetooth speakers come with in-built Alexa, which can pick your commands even in a boisterous environment. The brand’s speakers go a long way in making your outdoor events power-packed with great music.   

Highlighting the best-selling Bluetooth speakers in UAE

JBL FLIP5 waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker black

Flip5 is the perfect successor to Flip4! You will dig the sound quality when hiking, trekking, or on the beach! It has a new recycled plastic build to embrace and respect eco-friendly designs. The battery life of Flip5 is equally good, lasting 12 hours straight! If you are buying a Bluetooth speaker for the first time, Flip5 is a solid buy!  

Bose SoundLink Mini II special edition Bluetooth speaker

The battery runs up to 10 hours on a single charge, with a decent and robust build for a portable speaker. The sound could be smoother, especially when you listen to rock songs when the vocals and instruments are thunderous. Bluetooth speakers at similar prices and quality from other brands must take a point or two from the Bose Mini II model.

JBL Flip 6 Bluetooth speaker black

With Flip6, you can see improvements in clarity and sound precision. The battery life is 12 hours on single-use, which is another robust and zippy model from JBL’s Flip lineup.  

LG XBOOM HiFi System ON9

With XBoom HiFi, the party gets its groove and vibe from its robust sound quality. The colorful lights in the speakers make the party ten times better with loud bass sounds. 

JBL Xtreme 3 Portable speaker black

Despite its bulky build, the Xtreme 3 can easily transport you to the party mood with its loud and clear audio. It has a decent battery life, and the Xtreme 3 is helpful with reverse charging. You can enjoy a stable Bluetooth connection, loud output and aux cable ports while travelling.  

Bose Soundlink Flex Bluetooth speaker (stone blue)

If you want your music to be rugged and loud in the mountains or on beaches, SoundLink Flex is the one for you! With a sturdy metal design, it feels light and pleasantly delivers all kinds of music. You can easily differentiate between the vocals and the instruments; the battery lasts 12 hours. 

You can buy these top Bluetooth speakers at the best prices on Sharaf DG.  

Frequently Asked Questions – Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Which is the best Bluetooth speaker? 

Ans. Sony SRS-XB13, JBL Clip4 and JBL Charge5 are the best Bluetooth speakers.  

What are the benefits of using a portable Bluetooth speaker? 

Ans. Long-lasting battery life, ease of carrying and excellent sound quality are some of the benefits of portable Bluetooth speakers.   

Can I find water-resistant speakers online? 

Ans. You can find water-resistant speakers online and offline at Sharaf DG stores.  

Are Bluetooth speakers ideal for parties? 

Ans. Bluetooth speakers are great for parties, as they give powerful audio output, enough for a crowd.  

Do brands provide microphones with speakers for karaoke?

Ans. Almost all the Bluetooth speakers have microphones, irrespective of their quality and price.  

Which is better, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth speakers? 

Ans. Since Bluetooth speakers are easy to access, connect and carry, you can choose these over Wi-Fi speakers. 

What are the features of Bluetooth speakers? 

The top features of Bluetooth speakers are portability, rechargeable battery, visual effects, and water resistance.  

Which Bluetooth speaker is better, Sony or JBL? 

Ans. Sony has better built, can play stereo content, and has longer-lasting continuous battery life when compared to JBL.  

What is the best Bluetooth speaker for an Android phone? 

Ans. JBL and Boat Bluetooth speakers work well with Android phones, as these are easy to connect to Android phones.  

Which brand is best for Bluetooth speakers?  

Ans. Marshall, Bose, JBL and Boat are the best brands for Bluetooth speakers.

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