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Get Your Home Ready With The Best Offers On Electronics This Eid – Sharaf DG

The festival of Eid is among the most reverend and holy celebrations, embraced with the highest faith and perseverance of the fervent Muslim community in UAE. This particular celebration is spiritual as it marks the day when Muslims thank Allah for giving them strength and determination. Muslims keep their fasts and follow the commands of Allah during Ramadan.

On this auspicious day, Muslims offer charity to people in need, which marks the end of a month filled with happiness and blessings from friends and family. This time also marks private visits or formal get-togethers where people often look to revamp their home by bringing a brand new television, dishwasher, refrigerator, gas stove, etc. Eid discount 2024 running during this special time at Sharaf DG is the best time to pick your hands on the best quality home appliances. 

What Can You Grab For Your Home This Eid Sale 2024?

Listed below are the top electronic categories where you can get the best Eid discount offer in 2024:


  • Refrigerator: 


Being a necessity and an integral aspect of everyone’s daily life, refrigerators help in maintaining fresh food and drinks cool. You can grab these devices in different dimensions, styles, colors, and features based on your choices. At Sharaf DG, you can find a fridge that suits all tastes from traditional to modern.

Apart from maintaining fresh food and cool eateries, some refrigerators come with outstanding features that include ice and water dispensers, advanced technology, and energy-saving features. So bring home a high-quality refrigerator from the Eid offers 2024 running at Sharaf DG.

Buy Top Picks: Haier French Door Refrigerator 433 Liters, Electrolux French Door Refrigerator 562 Liters, Candy Top Mount Refrigerator Gross 800L, Bompani Top Mount Refrigerator 240 Liters, Egnrl Side By Side Inverter Refrigerator Freezer ‎650 Liters, Krome Side By Side Refrigerator 600 Liters

Refrigerator Sale | Eid Offer 2024


  • Televisions


Being an unavoidable electronic entertainment device, almost everyone has one at their home nowadays. This is one device that is loved by people of all ages and yet a house feels empty without one. This is when you probably thought of buying a TV or may be switching to an upgraded technology. 

With the advent of new ways to watch television, you can find newer versions of all-rounder televisions including smart TV’s Android TV, and LCD upgraded with LED TV. With the televisions getting better, you can grab a variety of top-quality display options, built-in features, and screens of all dimensions.

Buy Top Picks: Philips 7400 Series 4K UHD Google Smart 65 inch LED Ambilight Television, LG 4K 75 inch UR78 series TV, Hisense PRO MiniLED 4K Smart  65 inch Television, JVC 4K UHD Edgeless 70 inch Smart Television, Sony Bravia XR Class HDR 77 inch Google Television 


  • Vacuum Cleaner


Next on the list of Eid discount 2024 are the home essential vacuum cleaners. Returning to a fresh and dust-free home is everything that we expect after having a long day. Following a busy schedule in this age, it’s difficult to mop and dust down all surfaces every single day. This is where vacuum cleaners can help you save time and energy spent on this. With the most recent tech advancements, you can now acquire these smart devices that automate the cleaning of your office or house at specific times.

These sleek devices are equipped with several useful features, and some new models are connected to home automation systems, or operated by remote control via your phone. Take a look at the top vacuum cleaners available from major brands such as Karcher, Xiaomi, Dyson, etc. 

Buy Top Picks: Black and Decker 18V Floor Extension Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Karcher Vacuum Cleaner, Electrolux Drum Vacuum Cleaner, Dyson Gen5detect Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Midea Robot 3 Vacuum Cleaner Black, Eufy X9 Pro Robovac Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Black, Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Plus White

Home Appliances Offers | Sharaf Dg Eid Offer


  • Dishwasher


During this Sharaf DG EID Offer 2024, don’t miss on our extensive range of dishwashers. Washing dishes by yourself can be an exhausting task, especially after having a very hard day. With the high-quality dishwashing machines, you don’t have to worry about washing work as these devices can assist you well for these chores. 

You can now focus on preparing delicious dishes and serving them well to your guests.  Various models come with distinct features that include offering sparkling clean dishes in a matter of minutes and using less energy and water. Dishwashers are increasingly becoming a necessity in this day and age particularly for those in the work people who are usually out of time.

Buy Top Picks: Electrolux Free Standing Dishwasher, Midea Freestanding Dishwasher WQP14, Siemens iQ700 Freestanding Dishwasher, LG QuadWash Dishwasher with EasyRack Plus, Westpoint Freestanding Dishwasher, Evvoli Freestanding Dishwasher


  • Coffee Machine


During the festival season, when guests are at home, coffee makers can be very helpful appliances. With distinct capacities of each model, you can prepare the desired cups of coffee, making it easier to serve guests within a short time. Now prepare your favorite sip anytime of the day with the top-quality coffee machines.

With a fully automated or semi-automatic coffee machine, you’ll enjoy a delicious coffee every time when compared with traditional methods. Unlike traditional methods, switching to modern machines, you can grind coffee to suit your requirements. With a vast range of coffee machine categories at Sharaf DG, you can expect the high-end brands like Philips, Delonghi, Teka, Bosch, etc. at this online marketplace.

Buy Top Picks: DeLonghi Citiz Coffee Maker EN167.W, Sencor Coffee Maker, Philips Daily Collection Coffee Maker, Black and Decker Coffee Maker, Delonghi Espresso Maker, Braun Coffee Maker, TEKA Coffee Maker, Bosch Coffee Maker, Electrolux Espresso Maker 

Celebrate The Best Shopping Experience

Since Eid is the festive time with all the happiness and positivity around, people love shopping for their loved ones and bringing new items to their home. This is the time of the year when major platforms hold a festive sale especially for their customers to grab the best deals. One such online marketplace is Sharaf DG, where you can expect high-quality electronic products all at discounted prices. 

With the products that we listed above, you can also grab huge discounts on air conditioners, hair dryers, washing machines, air fryers, microwave, gas stoves and much more! So, don’t waste time and catch the best eid offers 2024 today!

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