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Gift Ideas for Everyone on All Occasions – 2022 Edition

The festive season is the right time to express love and care through gifting. A festival gets cheerful and
lively when the whole family comes together and exchanges gifts. Refer to our buying guide if you plan to pick up gifts online.
Enjoy and make the most of this festival time with joy and Sharaf’s gifting season!

Choosing The Best Gift for loved Ones on The Big Day

There is nothing like the festive season, as it always marks something new. Find the perfect gift for you and your family through this guide.


Diwali Gift Ideas

Since Diwali is a festival of lights, bring home the brightness with Sharaf DG’s festive lights and candle stands to celebrate it in its true spirit!



Christmas Gift Ideas

For Christmas, you can gift Misun vases, candle holders, flowers and plants to make Christmas decorations lively!



Secret Santa Gift Ideas2

What’s more fun than Christmas is the games played during this season. One such game is Secret Santa, and gifting perfumes for your Secret Santa in the game is an excellent choice.



Eid Gift Ideas

Since Eid is all about caring and sharing, the perfect gift you can give an individual is anything they wish! Sharaf DG has everything one may desire.


Unique Gifting Ideas for Special Ones

Gifting Ideas for Him

A lot of people believe there’s limited choice when it comes to gifting men, this is clearly not the case. Men have different interests from music,
photography, sports, adventure activities, etc. Getting to know the person’s interests can help you decide on the best gift for him.

Gifting Ideas for Men

Some men are passionate about photography, others take pride in owning the latest tech gadgets. Depending on their interests, you can gift them the D7500 Nikon DSLR camera or the latest Apple iPhone 14Pro Max. Both are great choices to help them click and shoot like a pro!

Gifting Ideas for Boys

Boys from 12 to 15 years will be interested in owning the latest PlayStation and other video game sets. Would you believe that Sharaf DG has the PS4 Fifa Game at only AED 169? Give it to your brother or child, and let their vacation gaming mode be spot on!

Gifting Ideas for Kids

Kids from the age of six to nine love playing outdoors! If your child loves to bask in the sun while playing, you can give him the Jaspo roller skates. For indoor fun, you can always get them a rowing machine, dominoes set and many cool toys to play with at the lowest prices!

Gifting Ideas for Her

Gifting for women is a fun process, as they like so many different things. If you are uncertain about buying the right product, here is your guide!

Gifting Ideas for Women

If your mother, sister or friends have a keen fashion sense, then go for Prada sunglasses, or if they love some high-end products, you can get perfumes from Gucci, Dior or even Versace!

Gifting Ideas for Girls

If they love making memories through photographs, get a Fujifilm instant camera. You can also buy Bowers & Wilkins wireless headphones if they are into rock and pop music!

Gifting Ideas for Kids

For young girls, find Disney perfumes and walkie-talkies on the Sharaf DG website.

Gifting Ideas from a Variety of Categories

Frequently Asked Questions – Gifting Ideas

What is a unique idea for giving a gift?

If you know the preferences of a person, you can easily give them a unique gift according to their personality.

What is thoughtful gifting?

Gifting things that are attractive, serve a functional purpose and add value to a person’s life can be termed as thoughtful gifting. For our loved ones, we always wish for them to feel delighted when they open their gift. You know them, and you know what they need – it’s that thought that you put in choosing that gift that makes a difference. Nothing grand, but something that will make them super happy! Thoughtful gifts are always the best.

What is the best gift to give on Diwali?

Phones, laptops, and headphones are some of the best gifts for Diwali. You use them on a daily basis, and hence are always something that people look forward to having. Gifting electronic items sure mark a memorable experience because that’s usually seen as an upgrade in daily lifestyle.

What can we give for Diwali?

Diwali is known for its lights and special delicacies. To enjoy it at home, give your mother the right microwave oven and air fryer!

Mark your budget and then it’s easy to explore. Budget buys include headphones, Bluetooth speakers, digital cameras. If you plan to spend well, then smartphones, laptops, tablets, and smartwatches are perfect. Home appliances like air fryer, air purifier, food processors are also great options for gifting your dear ones.

Which is the best gift for Christmas?

The best gift for Christmas would be the one your family has wanted for a long time, like an oak wardrobe, a big TV unit or even new furniture!
Gamers love an Xbox or PS5, and the ones into cooking will love a nice home appliance like an oven, blender or cooker. If you have a movie buff in your family, they sure are going to love a nice television with a screen size no less than 49″.

What gifts will make Secret Santa more fun & interesting?

Get your friends headphones, speakers and earphones from their favourite flagship brands.
Sweet and smart, both categories fit well for Secret Santa. Try gifting a nice pair of earphones, phone cover or a nice lamp or a fun game if you have a fixed budget. With higher value gifts, you can always look at gadgets like a mobile or a smartphone. Gadgets do bring the excitement to this special festive activity.

What are good gifts for Eid?

Scented candles, vases, carpets and other home décor items furnished with Islamic patterns can be given during Eid.

While decorative items are good, gifting cooking appliances is another option you can consider. Cooking appliances can start from AED 50 and go up depending on your needs. Try a nice microwave, air fryer or electric grill.

What do guys like to get as gifts?

Play Station, video games, latest mobile phones are the few gifts’ boys look forward to.

Smartphone, Xbox/PS5, tablets are easy picks. If the guy enjoys tv and music, try picking a nice home theatre system or any Bluetooth speaker or headphone. Sunglasses or watches are also known to have takers as they are extremely stylish and functional.

What gift does a girl like most?

Girls like phones or DSLR cameras apart from perfumes, home theatre systems and Bluetooth speakers.
Perfumes, grooming appliances like a hairdryer or a Dyson Hair Styler make for a perfect gift. If she is into photography cameras or a smartphone with good camera features will be perfect.

What are the four things to get kids for Christmas?

A Dominoes set, games like Othello, Shifu Cosmos, Professor Puzzle make for great gifts for children.
RC car, Robot, Electric Scooter, Roller skate, educational tablet, trampoline are other options you can consider.
Electric scooter is a no brainer if the kid loves outdoors. Otherwise give something like an educational tablet or an iPad. Board games can be good too but most kids would look out for something cool.

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