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Shop for MacBook Pro Online at The Best Prices in Dubai, UAE

Thanks to Apple and its frontline technological advancements, multitasking has become easier. To improve productivity through a powerful laptop, Apple released its MacBook Pro, that has several benefits. Read on to know why you should own a MacBook Pro for your work and everyday use.  

Highlighting the Top Features of Apple MacBook Pro in Dubai


MacBook Pro is considered the best laptop, particularly for creative and graphic designers and others. This is because of build quality, XDR display, and the entire design which is great for a heavy workload.


The first feature anyone falls in love with in a laptop is its display. MacBook Pro got it right, with its Liquid Retina XDR display. While the display is bright, you won’t feel the colors overpowering while working.  


Apple's latest silicon chip processors offer MacBook Pro an extraordinary battery life that no other laptop can offer yet. The M1 Pro and M1 Max processors dramatically increase the laptop’s speed and output. MacBook Pro can be your option if you are looking for a model with a long-lasting battery!  


Students will find MacBook Pro with 8 GB RAM and 256GB storage sufficient. However, you can always opt for SSD for a more powerful performance from your MacBook Pro. 


MacBook Pro has an underrated advanced camera. It uses a broader aperture to let in more light. Its models have 720 and 1080p cameras, making your appearance crisp and clear. The lens in the latest MacBook Pro has been upgraded, so, be ready to be spellbound by the image quality! With an excellent audio system, video calls with your friends and family can be amazing with MacBook Pro!  

Operating system 

MacBook Pro is powered by macOS Ventura, which makes multitasking easy on this laptop. With the Stage Manager, you can focus more on your ongoing task. Gaming can be fun on MacBook Pro, as it has intense and vibrant graphics with MetaIFX upscaling features. The macOS Ventura takes accessibility to the next level in MacBook Pro. 

Comparison of MacBook Pro Vs MacBook Air


MacBook Pro 13-inch (2020)

MacBook Pro 14-inch

MacBook Pro 16-inch

MacBook Pro 13-inch (2022)

MacBook Air M2

Design (Display)

13.3 inches (2560 x 1600)

14.2 inches (3024 x 1964) min-LED

16.2 inches (3456 x 2234) min-LED

13.3 inches (2560 x 1600)

13.6 inches (2560 x 1664)


720p FaceTime HD camera
 Advanced image signal processor with computational video

1080p FaceTime HD camera
 Advanced image signal processor with computational video

1080p FaceTime HD camera
 Advanced image signal processor with computational video


720p FaceTime HD camera
 Advanced image signal processor with computational video


1080p FaceTime HD camera
 Advanced image signal processor with computational video


Stereo speakers, Dolby Atmos support

Stereo speakers, Dolby Atmos support, 3-mic array

6-speaker array, Dolby Atmos support

6-speaker array, Dolby Atmos support

Stereo speakers, Dolby Atmos support, 3-mic array


14 hours of web browsing and 18 hours on video playback only 

16 hours of web browsing and 20 hours on video playback 

17 hours of video playback and web browsing

14 hours of web browsing and playback 

13 hours of web browsing and playback 


AED 3,999

AED 10,599

AED 9,379

AED 4,999

AED 4,999

MacBook Pro is beneficial for everyone. Each MacBook Pro model caters to different individual needs. MacBook Pro 13-inch, with a powerful M2 chip, can do all the demanding tasks and does not overheat, as the processor tries to keep it cool. At the same time, the MacBook Pro 14-inch has a vibrant display and solid battery life with Intel and AMD chips. MacBook Pro 16-inch is equipped with M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, so you can work for 21 hours straight!  

You wouldn’t find another powerful MacBook or laptop that works well for almost everyone! Purchase it today through Sharaf DG.  

Frequently Asked Questions – Apple MacBook Pro 

What are the benefits of MacBook Pro?

Ans. Multitasking gets easy with MacBook Pro. Its sleek design, vibrant design, unique keyboard for writers, battery life, and the mighty M1 and M2 silicon processors make the MacBook Pro desirable.  You get maximum output, amazing speed, enhanced image quality and an impressive laptop with some amazing features.

What is the price of a MacBook Pro in Dubai? 

Ans. The MacBook Pro 13-inch starts at AED 3,000, the 16-inch at AED 12,000, and the 14-inch at AED 6,000, which you can purchase at offer prices on Sharaf DG. 

What features does a MacBook Pro have? 

Ans. MacBook Pro 13-inch has Magic Keyboard, an upgrade from its previous models, a 720p webcam for improved video calls, and the potent M1 processor.  

Does MacBook Pro have a touch screen?

Ans. No, MacBook Pro does not have a touch screen, though it’s a feature that users demand. The company stated that MacBooks are hardwired for more robust and demanding work.  

Is a MacBook Pro a good laptop?

Ans. Yes, MacBook Pro is one of the most powerful laptops Apple has ever produced. Though it is expensive, MacBook Pro is worth its price. The main reason for its success is its battery and display that reaches 1,000 nits brightness while streaming videos, and its powerful audio support, which is perfect for entertainment.  

Is MacBook Pro useful for students?

Ans. Yes, students will benefit from MacBook Pro. The best model they can invest in is MacBook Pro 16-inch, as it offers powerful performance, and has great battery life. The MacBook Pro also has an excellent display. The other two models are the 14-inch and 13-inch MacBook Pro, for their several ports for easy access, the latest chip, and excellent battery life.

Which one is better MacBook Pro or Air?

Ans. MacBook 13-inch took the world by storm with its M1 chip. MacBook is heavier but has amazing battery life lasting 18 hours on optimal usage. Every MacBook Pro has an advantage for a set of users. For example, the MacBook Pro 14-inch is great for creative professionals, and the MacBook 13-inch is excellent for a robust user experience on a budget. Hence, MacBook Pro is better than MacBook Air.

Why is Mac better than PC?

Ans. Yes, Mac is better than PC because:  

  • MacBooks are not vulnerable to viruses that often trouble your OS 
  • It has the best Retina display in the market when compared to other models  
  • The OS in MacBooks offers a superior user experience

How long does MacBook Pro’s battery last?

Ans. Whether you have Intel-based or the newest silicon-based M1 processors, the battery should last for ten and 17 hours on a single charge. However, the activities and apps you use impact battery life. You extend the battery life by having updated software, avoiding temperatures, and ensuring your MacBook is well-ventilated. Don’t charge it fully when you don’t want to use it for long.  

Does MacBook Pro overheat easily?

Ans. No, MacBook Pro does not overheat. However, it tends to overheat if you open multiple tabs simultaneously and try to multitask. There are a few things that you can follow to avoid this. Don’t work in direct sunlight, minimize multitasking and use the Activity Monitor to know which apps drain your battery faster.

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