Airocide Air Purifier APS200

Model: APS200

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Airocide Air Purifier APS200
Airocide Air Purifier APS200
Airocide Air Purifier APS200
Airocide Air Purifier APS200
Airocide Air Purifier APS200
Airocide Air Purifier APS200
Airocide Air Purifier APS200

The Airocide Air Purifier is a filter-free air purifier that uses NASA-developed nanotechnology to destroy nearly 100% of harmful allergens and VOCs. This attractive unit features an ultra-modern design, multiple air speeds, flexible placement options, and quiet operation. Plus, it's designed to clean any size space.

Reaction Chamber Replacement Kit.

With Airocide, there are no filters to change or electrostatic plates to periodically wipe off. You’ll just replace the Reaction Chambers when the indicator light starts blinking, approximately once a year.

Floor Stand.

Place Airocide technology in its proper place – on a pedestal. For optimal results, Airocide should be placed four to six feet off of the floor. If you have limited room to place the Airocide unit on a dresser or table, the Floor Stand accessory is perfect and gives the flexibility to place the Airocide unit at the proper height for any room.

Wall Mount.

Put your Airocide on display with our wall mount, giving you the flexibility of placement in any room. We recommend hanging anywhere from four to six feet high for optimal performance.

Decorative Sleeve.

Fresh, crisp and clean. Change the look of your Airocide unit by adding this decorative sleeve. Featuring dark wood grain, this sleeve adds a warm touch to the product’s upscale appearance and enhances the look of any décor.

Airocide Cleans the Air 24/7.

Air is constantly moving and constantly getting dirty. Airocide is built to run 24/7 and doing so means it’s always working to protect you. If you want to see a difference in the way you feel, you must constantly clean the air. So, start by putting Airocide in your bedroom, choose your mode and let Airocide do the rest.

Filterless Air Purification Technology.

Our unique design sets us apart from traditional air purifiers, not only in the way we look, but in the way we perform. With Airocide, there are never any dirty filters to change. Instead, simply replace the Reaction Chambers once a year. It’s easy.

Refined Details.

Our beautiful grill, made from anodized aluminum, is formed, punched and polished using an eleven-step process and nine tools, resulting in a lightweight, yet strong grill held in place by magnetic latches.Stylish and decorative dark wood grain sleeve complements any décor and is presently offered free when you order your Airocide today.

An Air Purifier That Is A Work Of Art.

The beautiful architecture of the Airocide air purifier is a refined vision of high-design melding advanced technology with exceptional elegance. We strived to create a sleek and unobtrusive design that would be a seamless addition to any household décor.

Brand Airocide
Type Air Purifier
Capacity 100 square metre
Recommended Room Size Size Truly Doesn’t Matter In This Case
For room Airocide can be used in a room of any size, from the largest estate bedroom or family room, to a cozy den.
Power Wattage 60 Watts
Features Eliminates Mold | Fungi Dust Viruses Bacteria And Voc'S - All Major Allergy Triggers | Remove Common Household Odors | Technology Developed By Nasa And Fda Approved | No Filters To Change Or Blades To Wipe Off Ever | Ever Zero Ozone Emissions