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Nespresso Citiz Coffee Machine, Red C112EUCRNE

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Key Information

Nespresso is a luxury brand, recognized worldwide for the exceptional quality of coffee and the services of the Nespresso Club. The history of the Nespresso brand began more than 30 years ago with a revolutionary technology: the packaging in individual portions, in capsules, of the highest quality coffee, once roasted and ground and the realization of ultra-performing espresso machines of small dimensions, so that coffee lovers can prepare at home, with the greatest ease espresso or lungo, like those prepared by the most skilled barista. The system created by Nespresso has redefined and revolutionized the way millions of people enjoy coffee today. This innovation has shaped the world coffee culture. Thanks to innovation and high quality standards, Nespresso has evolved from being the pioneer of freshly ground coffee in individual portions to the super premium coffee brand appreciated by the most demanding connoisseurs today. Nespresso coffee capsules, available through the Nespresso Club, contain roasted and ground coffee obtained from the best coffee beans in the world, and all Nespresso espresso machines extract coffee under a pressure of 19 bar.

Design inspired by the

fast-paced lifestyle in big cities The CitiZ espresso machine has become emblematic for Nespresso, being appreciated by both design enthusiasts and coffee lovers around the world due to its compact, intuitive design and ease of use.

Design Awards:

Red Dot Product Design Award 2009
Good Design Award – The Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design 2009

Espresso and Lungo The

CitiZ Nespresso Espresso prepares coffee impeccably every time, like an experienced Barista and offers you 2 ways to prepare coffee – espresso and lungo – with a single touch due to the built-in touch interface. The factory settings that we recommend for preparing Nespresso coffee assortments are 40 ml of water for espresso and 110 ml of water for lungo. But you can customize the desired volume of water for the preparation of the two drinks. The buttons are lit. The folding tray, which takes the drops after each preparation, allows the use of various sizes of cups and glasses.

Capsule container used: 9-11 capsules

Fast heating and high pressure The

Nespresso CitiZ espresso machine is equipped with a high pressure pump, which ensures the extraction under pressure of up to 19 bar, so that you can find in the cup the most delicate flavors and a dense, creamy, incomparable cream.
Through the rapid heating system, the water reaches the optimum temperature for making coffee in less than 25 seconds.

Energy saving The

espresso machine switches off automatically to reduce energy consumption after 9 minutes of inactivity. You can extend this interval up to 30 minutes. The espresso machine consumes up to 40% less energy than energy class A models, confirm FEA / CECED standards.

Gift coffee capsule set

Each Nespresso espresso machine contains a gift set with a selection of 14 coffee capsules. Discover the unique aromatic profile of Nespresso coffee as soon as you buy the device!

The ultimate

Nespresso coffee experience applies some of the most rigorous coffee selection standards, making 24 coffee varieties that satisfy the tastes of the most demanding coffee connoisseurs.  

The hermetically sealed aluminum capsules keep intact, until the moment of extraction in the cup, the freshness and delicate aromas of freshly roasted and ground coffee that conquered coffee lovers around the world.

The highest quality

coffee From the coffee cherry to the revealing moment of tasting, Nespresso has perfected in the smallest details all the production stages. Because a single non-compliant coffee bean can affect the quality of an entire batch, we rigorously apply the highest quality standards to the last coffee bean.

Thus, the exceptional taste of Nespresso coffee is not a coincidence: at Nespresso we constantly innovate and develop new technologies and do not compromise at any stage, being consistent with our mission to offer you one of the best coffees in the world, obtained with the highest care for the environment and for the people involved in the process.

What does the capsule contain?

Nespresso coffee capsules contain exclusively roasted and ground coffee, of the highest quality, obtained from the best coffee beans in the world.

Once roasted and ground, the superior selection of Nespresso coffee specific to the recipe of each assortment is packaged in aluminum capsules. In this way, the coffee is protected from the oxidative action of oxygen in the air and light, the capsule keeping intact the freshness and the finest aromatic notes of the coffee for 12 months.

Nespresso capsules, being made of aluminum, can be completely recycled. Aluminum is transformed into other products and coffee grounds into fertilizers and fertilizers. Nespresso implements its own recycling infrastructure in the countries where it is present to ensure the proper functioning of all processes.

The selection of

Nespresso coffee beans selects only Gourmet coffee varieties, from the top quality of world coffee production. We roamed the most remote and wild regions in search of the best coffee beans.

Making coffee

assortments Each Nespresso coffee assortment has a unique, unparalleled recipe, crowning the efforts of our experts to harmonize in the right proportions coffee beans of exceptional varieties, with specific roasting and grinding profiles.

Making Nespresso coffee assortments is reminiscent of making fine perfumes. Like master perfumers, our experts analyze the structure of each coffee bean and identify the aromatic notes that the roasting process reveals, then making the recipe for each coffee assortment in detail, in the smallest details, in a perfect creative process.


Roasting and grinding are essential steps in making exceptional Nespresso assortments because they reveal the aromatic potential of green coffee beans. These, once roasted and ground, can express in the cup up to 900 different aromatic notes, and our experts ensure that you will enjoy one of the best coffees in the world. While improper roasting can destroy even the best coffee, an expert’s technique will reveal and amplify the finest aromatic notes from each coffee bean. For this reason, Nespresso develops specific roasting profiles for each coffee assortment.

Recycling Nespresso capsules Nespresso

capsules, being made of aluminum, can be completely recycled. Aluminum is transformed into other products and coffee grounds into fertilizers and fertilizers, and Nespresso implements its own recycling infrastructure in the countries where it is present to ensure the proper functioning of all processes.

In Romania, the collection of Nespresso coffee capsules can be done starting with February 2018. Details can be obtained through the Nespresso Club.

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