Samsung Top Load Fully Automatic Washer 8.5kg WA85J5710SWGU

Model: WA85J5710SWGU

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Samsung Top Load Fully Automatic Washer 8.5kg WA85J5710SWGU
Samsung Top Load Fully Automatic Washer 8.5kg WA85J5710SWGU
Samsung Top Load Fully Automatic Washer 8.5kg WA85J5710SWGU
Samsung Top Load Fully Automatic Washer 8.5kg WA85J5710SWGU

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Samsung WA85J5710SWGU Top Load Fully Automatic Washer 8.5kg

Dedicated sink and water jet
The Samsung WA4500 washing machineâ€s Activ Wash+ system includes a dedicated sink, which provides a convenient and unique space to hand-wash delicate items and pre-wash heavily soiled clothes. Especially as it includes a built-in water jet on the side, which can be started and stopped with the press of a button. And any water leftover can then be used for washing clothes in the drum below.

Wobble Technology: a whole new spin on protecting delicate fabrics
Samsung started from a clean sheet of paper to reimagine how a washer could be gentle on clothes while delivering outstanding cleaning performance. The WA5700J uses innovative Wobble pulsators to generate multi-directional washing flow movement that moves water to all areas of your wash load. Wobble technology sets a new standard in fabric care and protection by reducing friction that causes garment-damaging tangles. It also enhances stain-fighting performance. Now you can experience increased cleaning power and treat your clothes to a higher level of delicate fabric care—all while using less water than “non-wobble” top-loading washers.

Beauty and convenience to enhance your life
The WA5700J is designed to be in harmony with your life. Its seamless round-edge contours and bright chrome accents put a beautiful face on power and efficiency. And thoughtful touches inside and out—including a larger, easier-to-fill detergent compartments, slanted Dual Cluster Control Panel and foldable tempered-glass door to make loading easy—take the work out of washing.

Diamond Drum
The streamlined shape of the Diamond Drum provides a powerful yet gentle washing performance. The diamond embossed drum gently moves clothes along the uniquely designed drum, while smaller water holes prevent fabrics from snagging and being damaged. Get fabric care with deep-clean results.

Keep clothes magically lint-free
The Samsung WA5700J washer has the magic touch when it comes to making lint vanish. Magic Filter gets to the bottom of lint problems, working below the water line to trap lint and debris that conventional washers miss. And no other filter is as easy to clean. Magic Filter even has a convenient indicator light to tell you when to empty it—just like magic.

Air Turbo Drying System
Wet clothes and blankets take a long time to dry, especially when you’re line-drying in a humid climate. During the spin cycle, the Air Turbo Drying System rotates the drum rapidly, while dual air intakes draw in more air to extract more water from your clothes.

Eco Drum Clean
Wash the drum as easily as you clean your clothes by turning the dial to Eco Drum Clean. The eco-friendly cleaning cycle removes detergent residue and dirt buildup—without harsh chemicals. Not sure when to clean the tub? An alarm goes off after every 40 loads to remind you.
Brand Samsung
Color Stainless Steel
Built In / Free Standing Free Standing
Type Top Load Fully Automatic Washer
Loading Type Top Load
Capacity 8.5 kg
Wash Method Stirring type
Spin Speed 700 rpm
Power Supply AC 220-240 V
Frequency 50Hz
Power Consumption 480 Watts
Water Consumption 154 Litres
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1050 x 675 x 610 mm
Features Activ Dualwash | Wobble Technology | Magic Filter
Additional Features 2nd Diamond Drum | Tempered Glass Window | Dual Cluster Inmold Panel
Country of Origin Thailand
Weight 43 KILOGRAM

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