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Top Brands of Sunglasses for Men & Women at Best Price - Sharaf DG UAE

Top Quality & Brand Sunglasses Online at the Best Price in Dubai, UAE

As accessories, sunglasses add to our style statement, but they offer much more than just that. Sunglasses protect our eyes from harmful ultra-violate (UV) rays, shield the eyes from bright sunlight, and protect them from dust and pollution.

Today, many sunglasses are available in the market, offering unique styles, specifications, and features. To help you find the ideal sunglasses for your needs, here is a quick guide that compiles the list of top sunglasses brands and how to pick the best one for you:

Citing the Best Brands of Sunglasses of All Time

If you are looking to buy some of the top quality sunglasses in the market, here are the best sunglasses brands to consider:


Gucci is a well-known luxury fashion brand known for its exceptional and high-quality designs. The sunglasses by this Italian fashion house are exceptionally stylish and one of the most sought-after in the global market.


An Italian icon and fashion brand, Prada's sophisticated eyewear can make a statement thanks to its timeless appeal, distinctive designs, and top-notch build, which oozes class.


Another top Italian fashion house, Versace is known for its bold prints as well as its sharp yet intricate designs and is a brand of global repute. Their sunglasses and accessories have distinctive branding and classy style.


A luxury fashion brand with a legacy of its own, Burberry is known for its classic British designs and patterns. The brand has merged its iconic old-school style with modern compositions in the past few years. Their sunglasses have all the modern features while providing a distinctive contemporary look.

Christian Dior

A French fashion house founded by couturier Christian Dior, the brand has become one of the best-known luxury brands in the world. The sunglasses have Dior's classic and regal look, while their bridge-less Dior So Real aviator design is an innovative new design that has created a trend.


Oakley is a leading sports eyewear brand, and its products - which are a favorite among international athletes - are designed to be durable and classy. The brand has over 800+ patents and innovative lenses, providing a unique sporty yet stylish look.


An Italian fashion brand that primarily sells denim and clothing, Diesel is also known for its unique products such as sunglasses and perfumes. The brand takes elements from the rock-and-roll era, with its sunglasses combining the best of legacy designs with modern features.

Emporio Armani

The Italian brand Emporio Armani offers edgy and affordable apparel and accessories which have a youthful tone and carry the distinct Armani brand known for its uber-cool appeal.

Which Different Styles of Sunglasses are Available?

Today, there are multiple styles and options available in the market, but some of the timeless sunglasses come in styles such as:


The most popular style in sunglasses that Ray-Ban originally developed, aviator sunglasses are classy yet modern and are easily the most recognizable style in the market. They usually have a thin metal frame and are ideal for those with a thin face.


Another hit style introduced by Rayban, the Wayfarer are oversized sunglasses with rounded edges and a square-like appearance. These are ideal for those with a round or oblong face.


The Beatles singer John Lennon popularised round frame sunglasses, which create a vintage vibe and look amazing on any face type.


Ideal for women, Cay-Eye is a sunglasses style popularized in the '50s and is compatible with all face shapes.


Popularized by Prada, Butterfly Sunglasses are perfect for women and provide a modern and youthful yet stylish look.

Brow Line

Browline sunglasses like the Clubmaster have been a recent trend, as they combine a modern look with a timeless design. These are ideal for those with an oval face but can look stylish on all face types.

Retro Square

The retro or vintage-inspired sunglasses use the classic vintage design and come in multiple options like square, keyhole glasses, butterfly, etc.


Sunglasses ideal for long-term use outdoor and explicitly designed for athletes, sports sunglasses are an excellent option for those looking for a tough and durable option.

Keyhole Bridge

Sunglasses where the nose bridge mimics the look of a keyhole, keyhole bridge sunglasses are a timeless choice for the classic vintage look and come in many tints and colors to match modern requirements.


Square sunglasses are ideal for nearly every face type and provide great comfort while being large enough to cover the eyes thoroughly. These make excellent options for long-term sun protection and have a distinct look.

Illustrating Some of the Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

Sunglasses have gone beyond being a fashion accessory, and studies have shown that the eyes can benefit a lot from wearing sunglasses. Some of the key benefits of using sunglasses in the appropriate setting include:

Prevents Eye Conditions

Sunglasses shield the eye from UV rays and harmful light, helping lower the risk of eye conditions like cataracts, macular degeneration, or pterygium.

Helps protect against UV Damage

Excessive exposure to the sun's UV rays can damage your eyes, and sunglasses that offer UVA and UVB radiation protection can help shield the eyes from this damage.

Look younger with Sunglasses

Because sunglasses protect your eyes from excessive sunlight, pollution, and dust, it protects your skin and prevents wrinkles, helping you look younger.

Prevents Migraines

Exposure to bright sunlight can trigger headaches and migraines, which can be minimized by wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Becomes a shield against Harmful Elements

Sunglasses are not just ideal to be worn on a bright summer day but also during activities like biking, skiing, or running. A good pair of sunglasses can protect your eyes from sand, dust, debris, UV radiation, and even prevent snowblindness.

Promotes Healing in case of Infections and operations

If you have recently undergone any eye procedure, wearing sunglasses is recommended to protect the eyes from the sun or any bright light, dust, or heat, enabling them to heal quickly.

Safer Driving

While driving, direct sunlight may affect your vision and lead to accidents. Wearing sunglasses, especially when it's bright outdoors, is ideal for driving and can help you focus on the road.

Some Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Sunglasses for You

When buying sunglasses online, some of the critical factors to look into are:

Check for UV Protection

Always opt for 100% UV blocking sunglasses, which you can check by the features mentioned or as indicated on the label.

Ensure that it blocks light

If you buy sunglasses to be worn in bright light, make sure they block at least 75%-90% visible light to shield your eyes.

The ideal way to determine that the sunglasses are dark enough is to wear them in front of a mirror and check if your eyes are visible through the lens. If they are, the sunglasses are not dark enough.

Choose Bigger Sunglasses

While you may be tempted to buy thin and stylish sunglasses, it is ideal to consider a frame that is large enough for your eyes.

The lens should be large enough to cover your eyes fully while being a good fit and comfortable to wear for long hours in the sun.

Check for lenses quality

When choosing sunglasses, the lens is the most crucial factor. Make sure you check the lens quality and whether it is perfect to view objects in the distance and nearby, without any distortions, curved edges, or flaws.

Look for a perfect lens color

In addition to the lens quality, make sure you opt for colors that are apt for your needs.

While the color does not affect UV protection or light blocking, it is helpful to have one that is ideal for use in sunlight for long hours.

Face Shape

It is tempting to buy the latest and most fashionable sunglasses, but always consider how they will look on you.

Consider your face shape and buy sunglasses accordingly. If you have an oval or oblong face, buy round or wayfarer glasses as they help make your face appear thinner.

Sunglass Frame Material

The sunglasses material has to be sturdy and ideal for your usage.

Sunglasses materials can be flexible, light, sporty, or sturdy depending on the requirement and can come in multiple options like metal, plastic, wooden, or others. So make sure you choose one according to how you plan to use it.

Cost not always a factor

Finally, the cost can be the major factor when opting for sunglasses.

However, it is always ideal to consider the features mentioned here and the UV protection offered, so you get the perfect pair of sunglasses at a reasonable cost.

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