Tips for buying a Smart TV (2)

In continuation of our last post about buying a new TV we have two more tips to give away.


  1. Picture quality – Not enough importance can be laid upon this factor while making a decision for purchasing a TV. It comprises of 2 important factors – resolution and processing rate.

Resolution – this tells you how many pixels is the screen made up of.TV with a higher number of pixels have a more detailed picture quality.

Processing rate – This is the factor that improves the experience of watching an action flick, gaming or sports for you. To put it simply, it refers to the speed with which the TV processes the screen change. Needless to say higher processing rate means an overall better experience.

 What is 4K?

A 4K or Ultra high definition TV have 4 times the number of pixels that are present in a standard full HD TV. While the full HD TV has only over 2 million pixels, 4K TV has over 4 million pixels.

These additional pixels improve the clarity, sharpness and brightness of colors on your TV screen. Streaming services such as Netflix also appear better on a 4K TV.

2. Sound

All televisions have their own built-in speakers but in case you want an even better sound system you can add that with the support of sound devices such as a sound bar, soundstage or home cinema system.


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