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Wrist Watches

Shop for Wrist Watches for Men & Women Online at The Best Prices in Dubai 

Watches have been a recognizable status symbol for decades, but they have recently made a comeback in pop culture. The reason is spiking in sales, record-breaking auctions, exciting collaborations, and an overall increase in coverage via social media. For instance, recent appearances of celebs Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski showed them donning watches from the BREDA and Cartier brands, respectively, with even the most casual outfits. Watches for men and women express their personality and inherent style, and women's watches are imbued with a delicacy that makes them valuable and must-have accessories.

Revealing the best brand of wristwatches for men & women 

Do you have a growing interest in horology? We got your back. The leading luxury watch companies available today are listed here.  


Casio is a well-liked watch brand in UAE. This watch company has considerably impacted the market because of its affordability, trendy style, excellent quality, and innovative designs. This company has won over the hearts of many customers and is on its way to becoming one of the top watch brands in Dubai. Casio's most recent release of retro-style watches wonderfully captures the essence of the retro movement in fashion and has caught the attention of the UAE's young audience. Casio's retro launch has been well received by the public, especially given its very reasonable price range and placement on the wrists of some of the notable social media influencers.


Few watch companies in the world can compete with Fossil regarding quality. Fossils are hip, fashionable, and expensive. Fossil is undoubtedly one of the best watch brands, offering a wide variety of gorgeous timepieces for men and women in relaxed, premium and high-end options.


In addition to being a famous brand in the United Arab Emirates, Citizen is a symbol of Japanese culture. Many Emirates recall buying a Citizen watch as their first timepiece, knowing it would last forever. Citizen is available at most upscale stores, shopping centres, standalone flagships, and websites. In addition to being among the remarkable watch brands in Dubai, this one is also among the easiest to find. For most Dubai residents, wearing a traditional, understated Citizen watch is an important milestone and an absolute necessity for any collection.


Diesel, one of the greatest watch brands in Dubai, is best characterized as elegant and stylish. Diesel is one of the most downloaded fashion apps nationwide, making it one of India's most well-known watch brands. Diesel's exquisite design and versatile style are what make it appealing. This brand emulates the qualities that Diesel embodies elegance, confidence, and a relentless drive for success.

Michael Kors

Thanks to its high-end craftsmanship and reasonably priced designer watches, Michael Kors is one of the top watch brands for women in Dubai. These luxury watches are timeless, understated, and fashionable. A Michael Kors on the wrist shows refined fashion awareness, good taste, and an eye for style. For those who want to stand out just enough while maintaining versatility, "MK" is among the notable watch brands in Dubai. Michael Kors is a company with a firm grip on the pulse of fashion thanks to legendary worldwide ambassadors like Anushka Sharma. Give your collection a modern MK watch to give a touch of worldly elegance and significantly raise your style quotient!


Back then, Seiko was popular, and it's still one of the greatest watch brands for Indian guys, especially young men! This brand is adored for its vibrant, playful aesthetic, relaxed feel, and youthful energy. Seiko is at the top of our list of watch styles for men and women because of its supremely high-quality Swiss-made details.

Beverly Hills

Are you looking for a crossover between precious jewellery and a statement timepiece? Look no further than Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills timepieces are luxurious, pricey, and a status symbol. These items have a classic appeal and conjure images of old money and affluent houses. When you purchase a Beverly Hills, watch, you simultaneously invest in jewellery and fashion. It's a wearable piece of jewellery you can carry wherever you go. Timeless and elegant, a Beverly Hills watch says all the right things about its wearer and is probably why this makes it to our list of top best watch brands in Dubai.

Discover the different types of watches available in the UAE   


An analogue men's watch is a no-brainer purchase for those with traditional tastes. Three hands make up an analogue watch: an hour hand, a minute hand, and sporadically a second hand. They feel conventional and are simple to read. The dials of these watches are uncomplicated and professional, and the numerals are shown either numerically or in roman numeral form. Despite its age, many people still wear this classic watch because of its elegant and sophisticated display.


Timekeeping has been revolutionized by regal and fashionable digital timepieces (quite literally). Digital watches no longer have hour hands; the time is displayed by flashing numerals. These men's timepieces run on electricity, making them quick and dependable. Digital watches appear to be in motion constantly. It looks sporty, sturdy, and tech-savvy and has a multi-featured design.


Why should the fun only be on your phone? The newest technology craze is the smartwatch, and these devices feel opulent due to their functionality and design. These watches are simple to use and can record your steps so you can send a critical message. Their status and reputation have increased due to the adoption of smartwatches. When you educate your watch, you appear assured and authoritative. Due to the way they can enrich your personality. Smartwatches make great long-term investments.


The distinctive design of chronograph watches enables the use of two smaller dials. You can use the stopwatch tool to record your lap times. Wear these kinds of watches if you're ready for some friendly rivalry. Chronograph watches are well-known for their distinctive design and multifaceted displays. Choose the men's watch that best suits your needs from the range of clocks that do much more than tell the time.

Highlighting the best-selling wristwatches in Dubai, UAE  

1) Casio G-Shock GA-2100SKE-7ADR Men's Watch

The G-Shock GW-2100 is Casio's "survival watch," designed to work well in extreme circumstances. It is also the most well-known model in Casio's upscale Master of G series and possibly the best tactical watch ever produced.

2) Casio EF-539D-1A5VUDF Edifice Men Watch

Compared to a more traditional, oversized watch made of steel or leather, acetate watches like this one from Casio can feel more relaxed. Choose a white, blue, or pink tortoiseshell instead of the traditional brown one.

3) Beverly Hills Polo Club Women's Multifunction Silver Dial Watch – Bp3169c.230

This watch by Beverly Hills is all about fusing silver and gold, unlike other pieces that subtly combine metals. Where the numerals would typically be, there are crystal decorations to provide some glitter.

4) Casio His & Her Black Dial Two Tone Stainless Steel Band Couple Watch

In addition to complementing your all-black fall outfits, watches with black accents always feel trendy. This Casio watch marries a narrow, elegantly braided strap with the edginess of a colour-blocked display.

5) Michael Kors Parker Chronograph Watch for Ladies MK6140

Michael Kors, with its pave details, is perfect if you want a watch that will stand out at the party. The striking colour palette of gold! The inflated figures on the face! It is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions – Watches for Men & Women

Which wristwatch brand is best for ladies? 

Ans. Cartier is the best watch brand for ladies because of its elegant and graceful designs containing luxurious materials like white gold or diamond. Cartier watches are consistently at the forefront of women's fine jewellery fashion. 

Is Casio made by G-Shock? 

Ans. The Japanese electronics manufacturer Casio produces a series of watches called G-Shock, built to withstand mechanical stress, Shock, and vibration. Gravitational Shock is referred to as G-Shock. 

Which is the no. 1 brand in the watch? 

Ans. Patek Philippe consistently tops the best watch brands worldwide and is a status symbol. Founded in 1839, the Swiss company is the last family-owned independent watch manufacturer in Geneva. 

Which brand of watch is best in Dubai? 

Ans. Rolex is the best brand of watch to buy in Dubai. There is a vintage edition of the watch that you can get if you have an interest in having unique and antique-designed watches. Cosmographic Daytona was launched in 1963 and was specially made to fulfil the needs of all professional racing drivers. 

How many types of watches are there? 

Ans. There are 20 types of watches. But of course, all of them are not independent of each other. Most watches can be categorised into a few classes (such as an automatic + analogue + diver's watch). 

What kind of dial is featured in Fossil watches? 

Ans. Subdials are the mini-dials that sit on the watch face or dial. Also known as auxiliary dials, subdials serve different functions—like tracking lapsed seconds, minutes, and hours, the phases of the moon, and a second-time zone —across mechanical and speciality watches like chronographs, calendars, and GMT watches. 

Are watches water-resistant? 

Ans. No watch is waterproof. The amount of water pressure a watch can withstand has a fixed maximum. The idea behind the term "waterproof" is that a watch can never leak—no moisture will seep through the case and into the movement. 

Do watches come with batteries? 

Ans. Since they are powered by the kinetic energy the wearer creates while moving their arm, automatic watches do not need batteries. These clocks have a revolving weight that, according to the natural inclination of the wrist, winds the watch to provide power. Additionally, they are known as self-winding watches.

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